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New Satellite Images Shows Aftermath Of Recent Israeli Attack On Syria’s Lattakia Port

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New Satellite Images Shows Aftermath Of Recent Israeli Attack On Syria's Lattakia Port

The “Adir” jets first flight in Israel Pictured: “Adir” jet and F-16I “Sufa”. Photo by: Maj. Ofer

Planet Laps PBC has released satellite images showing the aftermath of the December 28 Israeli attack on the port of Lattakia on the Syrian coast.

The images, which were taken on December 29, show limited destruction at the port where some fires are still burning. The target of the attack, which was carried out by two F-16 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force, was apparently four stacks of shipping containers which were stored in the port’s main shipping yard.

Some observers speculated that the target was a shipment of Iranian weapons or missile components. However, photos from the strike scene showed nothing but ordinary goods.

In a recent briefing, Oleg Zhuravlev, Deputy Head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, revealed that Syria didn’t activate its air defenses to stop the Israeli attack on the port because an aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces was landing at the nearby Hmeimim Air Base at the time.

The Israeli attack didn’t result in material losses only. According to Syrian pro-government sources, two people were killed. At least one of the victims was a service member.

This was the second Israeli attack on Lattakia port since the outbreak of the war in Syria. The first attack, which took place on December 7, targeted several containers which were also stored in the port’s main shipping yard. The containers were destroyed in the attack. However, no casualties were reported.

As in most cases, the Israeli military didn’t confirm its responsibility for the attack. Meanwhile, the Israeli media is yet to reveal the nature of the target that was destroyed at Lattakia port.


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Peter Wallace

Syria didn’t activate its air defences because a Russian plane was landing at the airbase. WHAT !!!. So if one of your planes is close by you turn off all air defenses ???. That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. Israel attacks Syria with impunity. Syria is too weak to strike back. Russia will not get involved against Israel or stop Israel from attacking Syria so Israel does as it pleases without retribution. Turkey controls Idlib and part of the north . Might as well hand the rest over to Erdogan as he won’t let Israel get away with this b..sh it

Chris Gr

Funny thing is that Israel had once alliance with Iran but never with Syria.


Yea with an American puppet, notice how right after the revolution it stopped, and Assad was never one.

Chris Gr

Wrong, Israel helped Iran against Iraq.

Michel LeBlanc

Thats a simpleton projection ofnthe iran contra affair.

Go back to your cave un educated morron.

jens holm

Thats right. Chris has no context for it at all.

Peter Wallace

That was when the US had the Shah’s balls in their vice. Syria was always Israel’s No 1 target which is why the bulk of their attacks during the six day war were against Syria and the taking of the Golan Heights. Sadat had done a deal with Israel before the war to capitulate quickly which is why he was assassinated by his own troops years later. Source for that came from the Russian Embassy in Cairo .

jens holm

I see something else. After less then 2 years as new country the syrians attacked the brittish zone where Israel was a new state instead of minding theirown business.

That has made no sense. Syria was created by including Northern non Syrian areas wirth a lot of Kurds, Turkmen and others.

Those problems there are still not solved aftere so many years. Israel and them are used as spendable scapegoats to keep in power ever since. Maps show it well today.

They by that also lost Golan in 1967 and was no learners with permanent loosing it in 1973.

Now its big parts of the border areas to Turkey, where Assads sold Afrin by being too stubbern fpor nothing.

Thats what I see. Assads are blimps full of hot air. Well I dont like the Israeli attitudes better, but not friends should not play but be seperated by fences. We see both has nasty friends.

None in Israel will ever accept, they should go somewhere else. I agree in that. But they behave badly too.

Chris Gr

I will say it again. Assad is in this situation because the regime was allied to the power that lost Cold War. If the Soviets had won Cold War then Assad would have taken parts of Turkey.

jens holm

Thats a bad reason of several only.

The reasisn are very visible today beinbg the same. Its keot in dark by itself by no vital changes, which cant even be debated.

I disagree a lot about Syria could defeat Turkey and the popel living there. You even has two layers there. They would have met two layers: The Kurdish and the Turkish one. None can defeat them -apart from a Russian invasion might do it.

But Nato with USA would never alllow that.

Your focus often is too much on weapons only. Its very visible today as well. And will people accept the price living as well armed bums. I dont think so.

I allow me to add Syria actually has lost any kind of war and economics since it started. One few improvemenets has been made. Its very visible.

And its strange. People in Syria could make their needed improvements by copying the best parts of the devellopments in Israel by radio and TV and today also by Internet and telefone.

But they and You tell Yourself that everything from fx Israel and West is Haram and not worth anything. You also again and again hope We will decline or chrash to Your low level, so we by that are equal.

We just simply dont had that culture.

Russia never could win the cold war. Its production didnt improve. Everything was made into tanks and nukes with no needed investmenets for the rest.

Peter Wallace

Many Israeli imports behave badly. That is an understatement jams. After what they suffered under the Germans they turn around and use the Warsaw ghetto as a blueprint for the Gaza. They co operated with South Africa to make the bomb and learnt how to implement apartheid. The Germans stole their property so they stole the land and property of the Palestinians. They are supposed to send water into the Gaza but divert it to Jews lawns instead forcing the people to catch rain water to survive. The are among the most despicable a.. holes on the planet. All you can say is ” they behave badly” . Yes many of them certainly do behave ” badly” jams , very fukin badly and then that stupid fukwit Lyin- Dyin has the termacity to come on here and blow a load of sh.it a nd run and hide like the coward terrorist he is.

jens holm

It wasnt only the Germans. About 5 millions emmigrated mainly to USA. So many were killed by Progroms as well.

Im so tired listening to the everlasting conflicts in the ME. I have heard the same from before I was born(I was born after 1948).

We have Our own problems here too. We try to solve them, but we certainly dont use them same methods because we have tools to try to avaid it.

I still wonder why some 2 billion muslims all the way from Geb Al Tarek to the Philipines cant accept a litlle dot named Israel.


When muslims are incommers here and they are not wanted, needed and even hard convicted criminals, almost all of them cant go home to their own country unless its where their tribes are and not the country parts, where there are peace.

We even try to pay them home and thats drowned in corruption demanding for more money making us to victims.

You forget we have millions of unwanted muslims here. We even pay the Turks to have more then tents for 7 million Syrians there. In Syria we send in a lot of food for internal refugees by UN and UNICEF.

At the same time Assads and Russians put fields in fire with loitering munision. Should I support people putting very needed food on fire???

They attacked Israel or was in war with them 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. Smaller conflicts too. Assads even invaded lebanon themself.

Where are the united arabs? Those people not even libertated themself. Israel did. The saudis did.

Peter Wallace

The Saudis didn’t liberate themselves. Oil was found and the US of A told them give our companies the rights to develop your oil and we will protect you from all enemies . So the Saudis who lived in mud huts with no electricity and used goats to keep warm ay night were liberated by the wealth that the US of A generated from their oil otherwise they would still be in their mud huts lighting candles and goats still keep them warm at night so that hasn’t changed.


Nothing funny or surprising, Iran/Persia was controlled by CIA/Mi6 (the 1953 Iranian coup d’état).

jens holm

The Shah was made Shah by USA.

Peter Wallace

The Shah was always the Shah but it was the US that had Mosaddegh killed so they could control the petroleum and put the Shah in as the boss.

jens holm

Thats how it unfortunatly was.

But You forget he nationalized the foreign owned oil industry in stead of getting much more money from it.

None invest billions in dollars and pounds and next accept they are confiscated.

Peter Wallace

It was nationalised because the foreign companies were taking all the oil and making a fortune while giving a few pennies in return. He took the oil back to look after the people just as your government does jams.


They didn’t turn off anything, they just didn’t fire their missiles. Perfectly logical – you don’t fire missiles on hostile planes hiding behind a friendly plane. Otherwise more likely you will hit the first plane (transports cannot even maneuver) then jets behind. Nothing difficult to understand. Legally speaking, Israelis did not attack Russian plane so Russians cannot attack them either. Hiding behind another plane is cowardly and dirty tactics, but still it’s not a direct act of aggression, at least not against Russians.

Last edited 19 days ago by gonzalo

I believe those Israeli jets launched the attack from outside Syrian airspace,they don’t overfly Syria since they lost a plane some time ago.in other words they are cowards.

jens holm

If Erdogan took over, it would not be needed:(

Lone Ranger

Looks like minimal damage.
A few containers got toasted.

jens holm

I agree. Its hard to see what they hit. I think its important whats what in them. They were not bombarded for nothing.

Michel LeBlanc

Yes just for show.

jens holm

Ha ha – A kind of happy new year for the Assads or what.

Lance Ripplinger

Well this changes things a bit. Syria didn’t activate their defenses, because of Russian aircraft activity in the area? What about the Russian radars at the airbase though. Wouldn’t they have seen the Israeli F-16’s? This whole thing sounds like a mess. If Israel timed the attack to coincide with hiding behind a Russian plane, then the Russians haven’t learned anything. Wouldn’t the Israeli’s also need to know the flight plan of the Russian aircraft ahead of time, to plan this whole thing?


As I said on this other article: very likely Russians did tell/order Syrians not to activate air defenses in order not to shoot down Russian plane. Also very likely that Israelis attacking Latakia only to see Russian air defenses response time, so they can send this data to Americans. Last time American spy plane was also in vicinity. Americans probably notified Israelis about Russian transport plane exact route and ETA. It was all well planed and coordinated.

jens holm

Im sure USA as well as Israel already know the responses for the whole region.

jens holm

They do Mrs and Mrs 3 times BAH BAH. They even has their own satelites or at least one.

Peter Wallace

Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark.


“Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark.”

– jens holm’s mouth 😀

Last edited 19 days ago by lol
jens holm

I try to hide stockfishchess.org is me too.

jens holm

Shakespeare had to find a random very important random castle.

Kronborg Castle is world heritage. Pictures show its very beautilfull. Its mission was to tax all incommers and outcommer to the Baltic sea. So somehow that tax was very rotten.

Sure something is rotten here too. We try to clean better. We fx has 50% electricity covered by fresh windturbines:)

jens holm

There is no mess. It a Russia-Israel agreement no matter what the spokesman says.

The mistake is You have not learned this has been an agreement for decades and a routine. There is no change. Russia still dont love Iranian and Hesbolah influence in Syria.

jens holm

There we go again. 2 times Bah bah are no learnes even not accepting facts which maybe started in 1948. Thats slow learning.

haifa will be a ruin

haifa port will look worse than this but first there has to punishment for america these days starting with a new year of humiliation and fleeing for american forces

Last edited 19 days ago by haifa will be a ruin
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