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New Satellite Images Show Mig-29 Warplanes In Libya’s Al-Jufrah Air Base

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On May 3, Israel’s ImageSat International released satellite images showing increasing activities in the al-Jufrah Air Base in central Libya, where Russian warplanes were allegedly deployed.

A single Mig-29 can be seen in the images, parked near a hardened aircraft shelter (HAS). A number of Mig-29s and Su-24s arrived in al-Jufrah and in al-Khadim Air Base, in the country’s eastern region, earlier this month.

ImageSat’s images also revealed that a new radar station was installed in al-Jufrah. Several Mil-8 and Mi-24 helicopters can be also spotted in the images.

The U.S. Africa Command also released images of Mig-29s warplanes in al-Jufrah. The command claimed that 14 Mig-29s and Su-24s are currently deployed in Libya.

The al-Jufrah Air Base is a stronghold of the Libyan National Army (LNA). The base, which is protected by a U.S.-made Hawk air-defense system, is reportedly hosting troops from the UAE. Abu Dhabi is one of the LNA’s main backers and a close ally of Washington.

The U.S. is promoting that Russia is about to intervene in Libya to support the LNA against the Government of National Accord (GNA). Nevertheless, the alleged deployment of Russian warplanes is not a crucial evidence.


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We see everything, not only in Libya but in Syria and Lebanon too.


why are you stating this as a threat? Its widely known that all nations whom have spy sattelites can see whats on the ground.


Indeed I was about to say the same thing. We’re in 2020 and this level of observation tech is commonplace among Israel’s principal regional competitors. Even ISIS and its ragtag paramilitaries have civilian drones that can offer them detailed aerial views of their tactical surroundings. Anyway there are so many things thier command missed and realized the hard way in 2006 so that all seeing eye of theirs better have its due upgrades since… Besides, every single one of their enemies see them just as much, considering the country’s strategic depth is so small in comparison and thus its assets concentrated over smaller territory. Dimona for instance has been surveyed inside-out in several well-publicized instances. The importance is not so much the level of info these days, but what you do with it and how you process it, but there I won’t teach anything new to anyone around by stating the obvious I guess.


Yes we can even do that with mere google map sattelite nowadays


He is teenager and a couch potato “warrior”, last week he was IDF special forces, a few months ago a pilot and now “we” is an satellite intel officer. Also demoted him/herself to a “reservist” yesterday after the previous lies fell apart.


When did I lie? I have never said I am a pilot nor an intel officer. I said I served in a Navy SOF unit and now I am a reserve, waiting to be called when another operation starts. You can say alot of things about me, but I am not a liar.

Analing<>very Hard

do you like it?


I don’t, but it seems you like it very much if you opened an account for that. Enjoy your fetish.


Who is “we” the homo-erotic fantasy brats left home alone with computers?

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

The world also sees everything: The 6 million lies The stolen land The corrupt government The attempt to steal even more land The use of internationally banned defoliants The productions of nuclear weapons The infection of government around the world


I am very much proud in everything you wrote, that means we’re doing well except for the corruption.

Lone Ranger

Good hunting Comrades. CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage :)

Assad must stay

Good keep hitting the torki lorki porkis


Interesting how the US makes a big fuss about a few Russian fighter jets but remains silent about UAE and Egyptian involvement.


Russia needs to prod Egypt to get involved as it is the next target for Erdogan’s Ottoman fantasies as Turkish media now openly slobbering over the glory days of their control of North Africa and even made a soap opera about it. Turkey is bigger paper tiger than the US and its economy is overstretched and even restlessness in the military over growing costs and casualties. The Syrian refugees that have been forced into dying in Libya will desert or flee to Europe if sustained pressure is brought to bear on them.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

That “New radar” position indicates some sort of NAVAID, perhaps ILS. Surveiliance radars normally dont sit inbetween runways.

Saying that the MiG-23 is Russian is false, single-engined military aircrafts where deemed “unsafe” and “Unreliable” decades ago, and therefore Russia do not operate single-engined military aircrafts.

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