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New Satellite Images Reveals Target Of Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria

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New Satellite Images Reveals Target Of Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria

IMAGE: An Israeli F-35I takes off from Uvda airbase during Blue Flag 2019

On February 17, the Aurora Intel Twitter account shared satellite images revealing the target of the recent Israeli strikes on Syria.

The strikes, which took place early on February 15, destroyed a large warehouse located between the Damascus-Beirut highway and the suburb of Qudssaya south of the Syrian capital. It remains unclear if the warehouse was the only target of the strikes.

Several sources claimed that the targeted warehouse was the property of the Syrian Arab Army 4th Division. This is yet to be verified.

During the Israeli aerial attack, the Syrian Air Defense Force intercepted a number of hostile missiles, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency.

The Israeli military attacks Syria on a regular basis. On February 3, a series of Israeli strikes hit the country’s southern region. Damascus International Airport was the main target.

Israel hopes that its repeated attacks on Syria will drive Iranian forces out of the country. This is yet to happen. In fact, Tel Aviv hostile actions have brought Damascus and Tehran closer than ever.


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So … DESPITE … the brave Syrian Air Defense shooting SO MANY Israeli missiles out of the sky …


Mission Accomplished

Denial … from the usual suspects about to arrive … eh?

The Future is About to Land …

Rhodium 10

There are thousands of warehouse as you can see in Google earth…..that image dont proof nothing…and it is a fake photoshop as usual in Aurora Intel.

Tommy Jensen

As long as you guys believe, its sufficient and cheaper.



Adults + pros,trust the pilots,not cia failed economic profits,nuff fkn said!


Denial … weren’t you saying they were made out of cardboard at one point?

Now it’s fake photoshop …

Yossi knows … eh?

Tommy Jensen

Next time Israel do this again, we are willing to give Assad the S-300.

Albert Pike

Next time for sure…

Adam Prisbit

haha! funny jokes. S300 cannot detect an f35 let alone cruise missile or popeye. just a display piece. s200 is even more effective than s300! look how easy Azerbaijan using bayraktar drone DESTROY 4 S-300 launcher and its radar like easy peasy lemon squeez!

J Ramirez

Did you know copper wire was invented by two Jews fighting over a penney ;}

Rhodium 10

They dont destroy any S-300 complex!…we didnt see clear image of S-300 complex deployed and destroyed….they hit an old Soviet radar not the S-300 radar!…they posted image of a S-300 launcher hided but could be an AZ S-300…by the way TB2 was unable to hunt the Tor M 2 system which had shot down 2 TB2 and 10 Harop in Martuni…they only could destroy that AD system whe was hided in a Grain!…Turkish propagande are not reliable since we can see many TB2 shot down in google searching “Turkish drones shot down”…AZ propagande also told that it was like a military parade to take Shusha…but 2.893 AZ soldiers killed is a huge numbers and not a military parade….

Adam Prisbit

lol lookup CLASH REPORT you skunk of man! proof video CLEARLY s300 tor-m2k Krug Kub-sa11 ALL DESTROYED in armenia karabak by Azeri/Turk drones!

Rhodium 10

They destroyed only a single TOR M2 when was hided in a grain because they tried to do it when was operative using drones and failed…that System ( the only TorM deployed in NK)…shot down 2 TB2 and 10 Harop as the SA-8 Osa failed in NK war because is an old system with limited range and without multiple digital channels to track the target!…

Adam Prisbit

Clash report ! watch it everything u say is false
osa-8 is not old actually very new 1990 technology DESIGNED for DRONES haha hehehehehe

Rhodium 10

You can see many photos of Turkish drones shot down searching in google

Adam Prisbit

IDF F-35 Adir – MISSON ACCOMLISHED! Good job brave pilots!

J Ramirez

Do you know who is the world most famous Jewish cook?
Adolf Hitler ;}

Blas de Lezo

How do you fit 15 Yews in Volkswagen Beetle?
2 in the front, 3 in the back, the rest go in the ashtray.



Willing Conscience (The Truths

It must’ve been a 4th division warehouse because there were no civilian buildings nearby, if it was Hezbollah’s warehouse it would’ve been hidden right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.


Another silly air strike that will change absolutely nothing in the region except to earn Israel even greater contempt than it already has from its past acts of Zio-Supremacism.

These types of strikes only provide an illusion of effect. For there to be any decisive change on the ground, Israel must put boots on the ground. And this Israel is terrified to do because the snowflake Israeli public will not tolerate the endless stream of body bags and limbless torsos of its grievously wounded Sephardic foot soldiers who are expected to do the killing but will actually do most of the dying and populating of its veterans hospitals.


The Farney Fontenoy

I can only hope the Syrians are learning from this & building underground facilities, but will Vlad Putinstein allow them???

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