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New Satellite Images Reveal Targets Of Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria


On September 3, Israel’s ImageSat International released satellite images revealing the targets of the recent Israeli strikes on Syria.

According to the images, the August 31 strikes which targeted positions in around the capital, Damascus, and in Daraa destroyed a headquarters and a warehouse used by Iranian forces near the Damascus International Airport. The same area was the target of an Israeli attack last February.

Syrian pro-government sources revealed that the August 31 strikes had also destroyed at least four air-defense systems of the Syrian military.

ImageSat’s images revealed that the September 2 airstrikes on the T4 Air Base in central Syria damaged the main runway and an apron. As a result, the air base was temporary placed out of service.

Just like the Damascus International Airport, the T-4 Air Base is hosting Iranian forces, which maintain a large logistical center there.

The August 31 strikes were launched from northern Israel. However, the September 2 airstrikes were launched from the border line between Syria and Jordan, according to some reports.

The repeated Israeli attacks on Syria appear to be a part of a strategy meant to pressure Iran into withdrawing from the war-torn country. So far, this strategy has been nothing but a failure.




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