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JULY 2022

New Satellite Images Reveal More Details About Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria

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New Satellite Images Reveal More Details About Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria

File image.

On June 12, Aurora Intel shared new satellite images revealing more details about the targets of the June 8 Israeli strikes on Syria.

The satellite images revealed that the Israeli strikes wiped out two warehouses located in the western countryside of Homs, to the east of a former chemical weapons site in Shinshar. The site was attacked by the US, France and the UK in 2018 in response to an allegedly chemical attack.

Previous satellite images revealed that the strikes destroyed much of a large storage facility of the Syrian Arab Army in the same region.

The Israeli strikes claimed the lives of more than seven Syrian service members, including a senior officer in the country’s top military research and development center.

More details about the large-scale strikes will likely surface in the upcoming days. The strikes were not limited to Homs, a number of targets near the capital Damascus were also hit, according to local sources.

The strikes were the most recent in a series of Israeli attacks meant to push Iranian forces out from Syria. So far, Tel Aviv’s military campaign has been a failure.


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Dancing khazars of 9/11

(Aurora Intel) some of you might have seen what they share and do…they are pro-Zion, most likely they are 3 Zion…more reasons to not be-lieve south front anymore.

Dancing khazars of 9/11

Red flag one they say “Bringing you world events as they happen, focusing on the Middle East Region” Zion 101.


“Dancing Khazars of 9/11” I love it!

I have mentioned the dancing Jews of 9/11 to many. Of course, my fellow Americans think I’m crazy.

One time this guy, thinking me nuts, like the rest do, asked me to prove it. So I showed him the photos, police reports, and the Dancing Jews spinning their lies on Israeli TV. He was not happy, mumbled something about “hate” and “antisemitism,” and has never spoken to me since. Orwell, it seems, missed a slogan the Jews would rely upon when they came to power: “Truth is hate.”

“First they call you nuts, then, when you prove correct, insane.”

A Clown like you

Both of you have smart and funny names, also don’t talk to normal people, most likely they don’t care. That where we are now…people don’t care anymore, you see how MSM say BS left and right and people believe it, ofc if they look into the matter they would fight against MSM but again people just don’t care anymore, Americans are some “stupid” people I have to say, no matter what you say they ignore…it is funny Arabs do that as well, but Arabs are more bold-ish type of people so that is understandable from them, I would say.


To”push iranian forces out from Syria” is also what Russia wants because Russia doesn’t see Zionist-State as antagonist, simply put it Russia is not anti-Zionist,


I am shocked to see South Front regurgitate Israeli “Talking Points” about these air-strikes that murdered at least 7 Syrian Army personnel, probably more. Where are the S-300 Air Defences supplied to Syria almost 2 yrs ago that appear to have disappeared from the face of the earth? Has Russia prohibited Syria from deploying these S-300 Batteries? Where are the Iranian personnel supposedly targeted by these IAF ‘strikes? Do they even exist? Far more worrying is the SF characterization of these air-strikes as targeting what is described as 2 Warehouses situate “to the east of a former chemical weapons site in Shinshar. The site was attacked by the US, France and the UK in 2018 in response to an allegedly chemical attack” South Front well knows that no such Chemical Weapons site exists at Shinshar. Moreover, South Front well knows that the Air-strikes of April 2018 were conducted in response to what we now know was a “false flag” – unless, of course, South Front is taking the side of the wholly discredited Chemical Weapons Watchdog whose disgraceful behaviour over the course of the past 3 years has been deconstructed by, amongst others, Aaron Mate who addressed the United Nations on this specific issue. Far better if South Front were to publish the Questions & Statements made by the 2 Irish MEP’s, Mick Wallace and Clare Daly, to the European Parliament, both of whom excoriated the head of the Chemical Weapons watchdog while the remaining 700+ MEP’s kept their heads down. This is an appallingly lopsided report that might as well have been written by a representative of Mossad or Mi6 of CIA and I suggest that in future, South Front refrain from regurgitating British Foreign Office and US State Department ‘talking points’ and Israeli Propaganda. When will South Front ask the very pertinent question of what has happened to the S-300 Batteries supplied to Syria by Russia? Now that is something probably worth reading. I am both disgusted and appalled that South Front editorial bias has degenerated to such an extent in its efforts to keep within the biaises of our crippled mass media in both Europe and N America.


What to believe? Seven dead, but no information on the number and type of aircraft and munitions used by the enemy, nor on tactics or engagement by air defense. Well, if I were Syria why would I publish this information?

Lone Ranger

Disney makes better CGI than that. Did mossad run out of shekels? Oy vey…

Christian J. Chuba

The caption should read, ‘Israeli military satellites that targeted Syria, deliver damage assessment’, to highlight Israel’s ‘peaceful use of space’ vs all of the hysterical fears over Iran’s possible use of satellites.

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