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New Satellite Images Prove Israel Targeted Syrian District Where Civilians Were Killed


On July 10, Israeli defense observer Observer IL released new satellite images proving that Israeli warplanes targeted a position in the Syrian district of Sahnaya, where several civilians were killed, during the July 1 aerial attack.

The images show the aftermath of a large explosion in an urban area in the northwestern outskirt of Sahnaya, which is located west of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The explosion completely wiped out a warehouse and severely damaged many buildings around it.

Local sources from Shaniya released a short video claiming to show the aftermath of the Israeli airstrike. Observer IL’s images confirmed that the video was taken in the area where the airstrike took place.

Warplanes of the Israeli Air Force targeted several targets in the outskirts of Damascus and Homs in the early hours of July 1. Back then, six civilians were killed in Sahnaya, including an infant and a little girl. This was the first time an Israeli attack kills Syrian civilians since 2011.

It remains uncertain if the civilians were killed in the airstrike on the warehouse northwest of Sahnaya. However, all the available information is hinting in this direction.

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  • Saddam Hussein

    No surprises there, the Israeli regime sees Arabs and all other goyims as animals. For them killing innocent civilians is just like hunting wildlife.

  • gustavo

    So, what ? Who is going to punish Israel for doing that ? Syria is even afraid to shooting down Israel planes outside Syria borders.

    • bla

      look Einstein , Israel has USA and certain EU countries military support. Maybe you are coming off a coma ? , and did not realize Syria is at war on several fronts, that is why the coward Israeli shit, attacks them. The USA does the same , they only attack countries who cannot defend themselves, see why they don´t attack Iran ? because Iran can defend themselves.

      • occupybacon

        Russian junk is useless, one single S-300 fired at an Israeli plane, Bibi shots down every single Russian plane flying in Syria. Putin shits his pants every time Bibi calls him to ask where are Iranians hiding….or he kills Russians instead.

        • Concrete Mike

          Your also usless, usless projections fromna useless shitstain.

          You have mossad cock in your mouth i cant understand you!

          • occupybacon

            You little pervert just forgot we are typing here, admit it you couldn’t refrain indulging with sexual fantasy about sucking the Mossad cock! You know Israelis fuck Russians in Syria if Putin doesn’t give Bibi the positions of the Iranians, right?

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Nothing new here. Killing unarmed civilians is the only time Israel’s military feels brave. When it comes to murdering civilians, be it in the streets or on their beds, only a few countries really feel good about their acts of terrorism; Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK, US and France. It’s no wonder they’re such good allies, they share the same values as the Saudis and Israel whether it’s murdering Yemenis, Palestinians, Syrians etc. etc.

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    this can’t be! Rocket Nose Wohlstein said Pissrael acts in the name of God and has divinity and holiness running through their veins!

    • Concrete Mike

      And the smartest stealh smart planes with gps guidance, gps bombs and all!

      100% targets hit!

      Worry not fornthe syrian children as they are untermetch according to that malignant growth attached to you.

  • klove and light
  • bla

    the women and baby killers at it again ? , no worries nothing is forever in this life. Israeli scum will get what they deserve sooner or later, I just wish I am still alive to witness their destruction.

  • J Ramirez

    what else can you expect from a terrorist nation?

  • Ace

    Israel has carte blanche to assassinate and bomb. All financed by the US to the tune of billions of dollars. The US and Israel love war.

  • Xoli Xoli

    It is historically proven killing of human beings are core principles and pride for Israelis existance.Moses,David Saul and many more Israelis were killers. Israelis even killed Jesus the God and refused to accepted that he is the MESSIAH.