New Satellite Images Prove Israel Targeted Syrian District Where Civilians Were Killed


On July 10, Israeli defense observer Observer IL released new satellite images proving that Israeli warplanes targeted a position in the Syrian district of Sahnaya, where several civilians were killed, during the July 1 aerial attack.

The images show the aftermath of a large explosion in an urban area in the northwestern outskirt of Sahnaya, which is located west of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The explosion completely wiped out a warehouse and severely damaged many buildings around it.

Local sources from Shaniya released a short video claiming to show the aftermath of the Israeli airstrike. Observer IL’s images confirmed that the video was taken in the area where the airstrike took place.

Warplanes of the Israeli Air Force targeted several targets in the outskirts of Damascus and Homs in the early hours of July 1. Back then, six civilians were killed in Sahnaya, including an infant and a little girl. This was the first time an Israeli attack kills Syrian civilians since 2011.

It remains uncertain if the civilians were killed in the airstrike on the warehouse northwest of Sahnaya. However, all the available information is hinting in this direction.

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