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JUNE 2023

New Satellite Image Allegedly Shows That Syrian S-300 System Near Masyaf Is Still Inactive

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One of the S-300 long-rang air-defense systems, which were supplied to Syria by Russia, is still inactive, according to a satellite image released by Israel’s ImageSat International (iSi) on November 14.

New Satellite Image Allegedly Shows That Syrian S-300 System Near Masyaf Is Still Inactive

Click to see full-size image, by: ImageSat

Russia supplied Syria with three S-300 systems and several other military equipment, including an advanced command and control system. However, ImageSat was able to locate only one S-300 system near the town of Masyaf in the governorate of Hama.

ImageSat’s new report was not a surprise because the Ministry of Defense of Russia said two weeks ago that Russian military advisers are still training personnel of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) on the use of the S-300 systems. The training on these complicated systems is expected to last for several months.

Russia took the decision to supply Syria with these advanced systems following the downing of the Il-20 intelligence plane on September 17. The systems arrived in Syria two weeks after the incident and since then, Israel has not carried out any airstrike on the war torn country.

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Manuel Flores Escobar

There are one batallion under camouflage…so there will be in another place 2 Batallion more!..surely near Damascus….Russian military staff told 2 weeks ago that S-300 are fully operational in Syria…


If the S300 system is inactive and the Zionist Air Force is staying grounded, just imagine what would happen when they become active.


Israel can not attack right now S-300 system in Syria since Russia forces are there, and ……do you have an idea what will happen if Israel kills directly these Russia personal ? That is the reason that right now Israel will not make any attempt to attack Russia personal working in setting up the S-300 for Syria.


There will be Russians overseeing Syrian crews even when the system becomes operational. Russia will make sure the S300 will work as intended, unlike the T90 incident when the Syrian crew forgot to shut the turret hatch, rendering the Shtora useless.


Camouflage netting added since the last photo, but what will be under the nets tomorrow? Maybe decoys moved in. :) It’s a mobile system for a reason. I would not expect all sets to become active all at the same time. Probable phased in over time.

You can call me Al

I totally agree. At the risk of sounding rude, I thought the article was a waste of space.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Good job Russia and and Syrians. This is probably a dummy decoy system to lure the Israeli F-35i’s into attacking it, when real systems lay in wait to prove the NATO invincible F-35 aircraft wrong. The only way to trick the race of liars, is to trick them right back. (Beat them at their own games) http://ihr.org/


Well, the S-300 have achieved their deterrent effect. The real deployment is only known to Russians, Syrians and Iranians.

Tommy Jensen

Russia and Syria should not make dummy decoys to lure Israel and the United States.

They should be honest and follow all International rules and de-escalation agreements and tell the US Command EVERYTHING they do, to avoid dangerous incidents like the Syrians killing 15 Russians and downing planes…………………………………………..LOL.

This is only a warning for your own sake. Its 100% up to Russia and Syria. Dont be stupid.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

The US and Israel government do not care a bit about international law or any agreement between them and Russia or the rest of the world.

Russia and Syria have a legal cooperation, following international law.

You are only suggesting that Russia and Syria should tell the US and Israeli government everything, because they know nothing.

Concrete Mike

Why dont i see any pantsir around?

Should they be on the same site or scattered around?


This site looks like a parking garage for training, maintenance, and maybe even some deception. Pantsir has a good range, probably best placed on the hills pictured to the west. So yes, I would scatter them all over many possible launching positions. Get those bulldozers working overtime! :)

You can call me Al

Maybe this is a decoy !!!?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’ve been saying all along the S-300 systems aren’t the reason the Israelis aren’t attacking Iranian interests in Syria anymore [or anywhere else either] it’s the Iranian SRBM systems that are scaring the Israelis now. A lot of you must be feeling pretty stupid after reading this article and realizing the S-300 systems haven’t even been operating, which means those S-300’s haven’t been deterring anything at all, except the use of common sense by my fellow commentators. But don’t feel bad, all the stupid LGBTQI journos fell for it too and parroted the same fantasy the Israelis want you to believe. I used to say it as a joke but I no longer laugh when I ask, “are we sure there isn’t an Israeli spy or 2 working for SouthFront, if there isn’t, they have a lot of DUMB journos working for them. AA systems only take out planes, SRBM’s take out cities, no comparison in deterrent levels, AA system threat .01 SRBM threat 100.00.

You can call me Al

You do know that the article and images come from the Israelis dont you ?..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Fair point, but just remember, ISI is a commercially run organization [it sells to anyone], it’s not a part of the Israeli military or government [?]. Who was it that actually requested and paid for the SAT images we’re viewing, was it the Israeli government/military, probably not, they have their own even better satellites, was it ISI themselves, or perhaps even a third party, the article doesn’t specify other than to say “according to satellite image released by Israel’s ImageSat International” which implies ISI did but does’t actually mean they did. Though ISI does very often provide lots of data and images for free when it suites their purpose [Zionist agenda], I’m not so sure that’s the case here, maybe it’s a case of the left hand not knowing what the right one’s doing. I don’t know if you know this or not, but the Israelis don’t depend on satellite images to know whether or not the S-300 are active or not, their radars detect them in an instant when they’re switched on. They’ve known all along the S-300’s haven’t been operating, but they haven’t said a SINGLE thing, until these images, released by whoever, made it known to everyone. Why would the Israeli Gov/military let us know now by releasing sat images, when they could have told us much sooner by releasing more easily obtainable radar evidence, doesn’t make sense to me. They also haven’t been bombing any Iranian targets in Syria for a month now, even though they’ve been threatening to every second or third day, and despite the fact they’ve known all along the S-300’s aren’t up and operational, deterrent what deterrent. Iranian SRBM = deterrent.

You can call me Al

Very good points there “Willing”. Cheers.

Emanual Macron

S-300 = sad joke. Even if the Russians manned it they can’t stop the Israhellis, when you have retarded Syrians trying to interpret Russian while operating it they stand no chance. Is good comedy


But they have stopped the Israelis haven’t they, and without a shot being fired. Lets be honest, the Israelis are too cowardly to even test the S300 effectiveness.


even before the stationing of S-300, Israeli planes didn’t dare to enter Syrian air space. Now even southern Lebanon seems out of bounds…

Jens Holm

You need facts. Russia allowed to attack all hesbollah and Iranian targets incl.they were helped by Assads – BUT from outside Syria only.

It was no matter of dare. They were allowed.

Russia partly by Assads also has limited Iranians and Hebollas in 20 or 30 km to Israel.

Now Russai seemes to have limited Israel a litle more, so more people here should think, that Russian diplomacy and pressure is much more important then any s-300 deployed in plastic or for real.

As private person I also well allow me ro think, that Israel has tested the Syrian/Russian defence system and by that has made countersolutions. Of course they are not seen or showed.

As I recall it USA a month ago has removed their Scudd missiles. To me as a private indacte, that israel or for that matter Jordan now has something much better – in secret deployed. Manuípulative thinking . maybee.


You will see.


Actually by taking about a month to attack Syria gave the Iranians and Syrians +Hezbolla time to replenish their assenal.they are now in the State they were before the attacks.

H Eccles

“Is good comedy”

Really?? you sound like you’re an Israeli trying to comfort yourself by imagining an scenario that in truth is very unlikely. I mean what if one of you illegal-sqatter-scum flies into Syrian airspace only to find that the S300 is manned by well trained Syrians of sound mind and health.. who have no need for the russians to be around at all. Yeah, exactly.. that would be funny.

Jens Holm

You have no idea about facts as well as military realisme. Very stupid again and again to read bout how Israel are much lower even in milatry skills.

You are nonsense by name and should learn by reflexions of his. But You dont. You deny to improve Yourself and becomes an easy target. Nr 1 is to know Your enemy. You dont.


If you actually read the news instead of inventing it, you would know that, Iranian troops will be manning the S300s, not Syrians.


It takes a couple of minutes to put the launchers into position. Don’t get suckered by B grade Israeli propaganda. Bibi should hitch a ride to Damascus in an F15, if this is true.

You can call me Al

Bingo. Spot on.


After the ‘Turquzabad’ thing I dont have much faith in israeli intelligence

You can call me Al

Never heard of that before, but here it is – https://en.mehrnews.com/news/138186/How-did-Netanyahu-bring-fame-to-Turquzabad

You can have this oldie to give you laugh as well – https://en.mehrnews.com/news/138161/How-Trump-became-laughing-stock-at-UN


Whether the S-300 are operational or not, the good news is that the Zionists are shitting their socks and are now conducting their illegal warfare completely via the MSM, social media and the internet.

Their fear of losing one of their billions of expensive showpieces, let alone a well-trained pilot for years, is greater than the bluff that comes to mind from their stinking mouth.

This photo proves nothing at all, only that there is a tent camp somewhere in the wasteland that uses camouflage nets. It might as well be scouts on some kind of holiday camp. I’m already frightened, because nowadays they are fully qualified LGBTQI. Hold your horses, and trousers … !!!

H Eccles

“New Satellite Image Shows That Syrian S-300 System IS Still Inactive”

cool… now send in some IDF scum to test it out..

You can call me Al

Apparently when it is active, they shine torches into the sky and set up flares, so the Israelis will know.

Note that the above nonsense was brought to you by Israel’s ImageSat International (iSi).

Aen RaBeon

Satellites can now be shot down , can they not ?


Hmm, if the Russians are still training the Syrians, that means that its Russians who are still manning it when active. That could explain why the Israelis have not attacked them yet, they don’t want to kill any more Russians. Once the Syrians take over there is a chance that Israeli attacks will happen again.

John Whitehot

The Pic in itself doesn’t say much. The interpretation is no more than their opinion.


It looks like this:


art poirot

Just had a thought.. In Vietnam the Soviets supplied the North with Sam’s. They were operated by Soviet soldiers and slowly the Vietnamese started being phased in as more and more of them completed their training. I wonder if this is the same situation repeating itself in Syria. If so, I would assume that the Russians also informed the that Syrias s300s manned by Russians and attacking them would be… Well, not smart.

Israel would probably not have to much issue with such a situation as any operation to attack them requires to time train and prepare anyways(that’s why they went to Greece). An attack, or an attempt might come.. Just months later when they’re sure it’s only Syrians inside the control room.


or it’s just a dummy..


You have to hand it to the Russians, they have been very careful no to escalate tensions, the Russians have played a very steady incremental game, they move their pieces very slowly and incrementally, if they tried to deploy these air defense systems when they first came in, they might’ve provoked a reaction. almost all territories have been liberated, and with the idlib dmz, now instead of running for their victory they took a big step towards it. they used the shooting down of their plane very cleverly to deploy their air defense systems, game on !..

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