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JUNE 2021

New Russian Weapon Tested in Syria (Video)

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The Russian Krasnopol guided shells have been for the first time used by Syrian military against terrorists.

New Russian Weapon Tested in Syria (Video)

Photo: YouTube / TulaKirill

Syrian military have for the first time used the Russian Krasnopol guided shells against terrorists, the Defence information website reported on Wednesday.

Syria has become a shooting ground for the majority of Russian precision-guided weapon systems. Only artillery remained the exception until this day. Recently, the Syrian army has for the first time used the Krasnopol 152 mm guided shells against terrorists.

An advantage of these shells is the possibility to use old cannons, in particular, the D-20 Soviet howitzer that was developed in 1950s. The aim is illuminated by a laser range finder-designator, which is a part of the supply package. At the end of the flight, the Krasnopol’s target seeking device orientates on the laser spot and controls the extendable aerodynamic control surfaces. The probability of an exact hitting a target is 90%.

The engagement range of the Krasnopol modern modifications is 30 kilometers. The shells are produced both for Russian 152 mm caliber and for NATO’s 155 mm standard. India and China buy the last variant, as well as Beijing produces the shells under the license. There is a kind of the Krasnopol with a satellite-guided’s system – it is used for the Koalitsiya-SV newest Russian howitzer.

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English Communist Party


These shells will be useful when Israel starts the next war to try and steal the rest of the Golan Heights from the people. Excellent work by the real democracies to field such noble defensive weapons against terrorist states and actors.


Assad is a butcher and murderer of his own people and Russia helps him with these murders and atrocities.

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