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JUNE 2023

New Round Of ‘Mysterious Explosions’ Hits Military Positions Near Baghdad. Reports Speculate About Israeli Strikes

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Several explosions hit a position held by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (an official part of the country’s armed forces) near the Balad air base north of Baghdad on August 20, Reuters reported citing an Iraqi military official and a source in the PMU.

“Balad base hosts U.S. forces and contractors and is located about 80 km (50 miles) north of Baghdad. A PMF [PMU] group that is backed by Iran is stationed nearby.

The military official said the intended target of the blasts was the group’s position near the base. The paramilitary source said his group’s weapons depot was specifically targeted by an aerial bombardment.

The U.S.-led coalition could not immediately be reached for comment. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Witnesses said the explosions caused stored rockets to fly into nearby orchards and into Balad base itself.”

The August 20 incident was the most recent in a series of strange explosions that hit PMU positions in the area. A previous such development took place on August 12, when a massive explosion was reported at a PMU weapons depot in southern Baghdad.

After the August 12 incident multiple reports surfaced speculating that it was caused by an Israeli strike.

On August 19, Israeli Prime Minister gave mainstream media outlets a reason to speculate that Israel may have been behind the August 20 explosion in Baghdad.

“Iran has no immunity, anywhere,” he told reporters during a briefing in his Kyiv hotel, responding to a question about recent incidents on military installations in Iraq.

Even if Israel is not behind these incidents, Israeli politicians will exploit it to promote Israeli capabilities to ‘deter’ Iran across the region. It should be noted that the US-Israeli propaganda narrative argues that a notable part of the Iraqi military – the PMU – is just ‘Iranian proxies’.


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Only way to stop those mysterious explosions is to kick out the US and coalition from Iraq.

You can call me Al

Actually I thought it would be nuke Israel.


Yeah well that too; poor israel being subjected to centuries of abuse and the only humane solution is to put them out of their misery.


poor Israel ? They are human trash, they deserve to die for the benefit of the entire human race, regardless of religion, creed or sexual preference. Israel ZIOnist state and its supporters are simply the enemies of humanity.


Ever heard of sarcasm? Notice that I don’t use uppercase for israel, it is a form of disrespect.


sorry , did not notice at the time, cheers.


No problem. One can’t express your feelings with only punctuations and words so I deliberately don’t use upper case to emphasise a word. I usually apply it to what I consider trash and not worth of respect like trump, jews, israel, saudi etc.. Cheers to you too.

AM Hants

Confused. Thought Israel had only been around since 1947, when the foundations were laid?

However, do not know how that translates, when dealing with sarcastic humour haha. Yep, poor Israel.

Ceasar Polar

That will end all wars in the region and the world.

You can call me Al

God bless the elimination of Israel.

Ceasar Polar

The root of all evil on earth. After that we can start hunting the Rothschild and their entire system of minions globally. But this time it needs to be done by the 99%.


From Iraqi land remove forces of West, buy Pantsir-S2 and S-400. There are also Israelis in the forces of West which have dual nationality.

Ceasar Polar

Iranian Khorad 3 or 15, with some new Bavaar system will do, and then add some pantsir S2, S400/S400, TOR system to the mix. Protect Iraki weapon ammunition, much needed against zionazi regimes in the region.

klove and light

true but easier said than done…alone the US embassy is more like a small Country in a Country..with About 16,000 US personal working there….. include to that number About 20,000 US soldiers in iraq.. and add to that number 15,000 US mercenaries…. and the most important leverage the USA has over iraq, is the Kurdistan Region which is more or less a Country of itself within iraq with constant Problems concearing oil revenues beiing shared and kurdish parlamentarians Blocking any Resolution in iraqi Parlament to make US Forces leave……..if you now look at syria, eastern syria.. it is the same Modus oprandi….. divide and conquer..Partition…. if u remember , in iraq they achieved their Goal with the no fly Zone installed for several years….the reason why IDF is now used to attack PMU, because they are officialy part of the iraqi army, and the US cannot attack them directly themselves without going officialy to war against iraq again… in short.. the development of PMU was a big fucking surprise for the US, and hence check mated in that Country…..they are now trying to blow up the PMU muniton storage facilities and at the same time regrouping and rearming ISIS at their base in al assad base (as mentioned over and over again by PMU commenaders) to attack PMU head on again………and if you watch the bullshit Mainstream media CNN,fox,bbc lately, their Goal becomes clear once again….just today, Pentagon published Reports that ISIS is coming back and the US has to stay in iraq and syria for their “Mission” to fight ISIS!!!!


Start by poisoning the water supply, then the food then release some biological agents but make sure the locals are immunized and use the pretence of flu shots, sabotage etc. Many ways of getting them out; you just have to be imaginative and think out of the box.

Bill Wilson

Turkey already has poisoned Iraq’s water supply by reducing the flow in the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

Brother Ma

Typical stupid Yankers pushing the Iraqis more and more into the arms of Iran. Hahah. I love it!


Murder in Mesopotamia! :)

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, it is the Americunt occupation arseholes sabotaging Iraqi military and PMU weapons depots.


Israel getting desperate as they see the writing on the walls around them …. they will not come out of the current turmoil well, and the more aggression they unleash on the resistance countries around them the worse that outcome will be …. Karma is a b!tch.

Lazy Gamer

if it is not Israel, then they must love painting a big bullseye to their cities. The proper thing to do is deny the action. They already are in conflict with iran, syria, and lebanon. They want to make more enemies? lol

klove and light

the reason for iraq prime Minister to not allow ANY flights, even USA airforce, in iraq anymore , was the bombardment of PMU weapons storage facility by IDF F- 35, in which the Israelis used a similar Modus Operandi as in syria months ago when the where “hiding” behind a russian plane which eventually got shot down by SAA air defense……in the case of PMU bombing, Israel used American US airforce TRANSPONDER CODES to mimic US planes, that is the reason why they could fly over syria and iraqi airspace without getting shot at…


The Iraqi statement was that UNAUTHORIZED flights would not be allowed. So unfortunately, CENTCOM is still allowed to fly. :(


Are they approving US flights into Syria, or launching attacks on Syria from Iraq airspace?

Codenamed 'Gordon'

But CENTCOM is not allowed to fly over Southern Syria. In my opinion IDF did fly via Jordan.

Bill Wilson

CENTCOM is required to notify Damascus first if they find a need to fly west of the Euphrates. They did that several times in the past to bomb ISIS convoys, troop concentrations and headquarters as soon as those were discovered. Assad always gave the go-ahead then grumbled about it in the press to save face with his supporters.

Ceasar Polar

Can’t for Irak and the PMU to get their hands on some iranian khorad 3 and khorad 15 and start cleaning their skies from zionazis cowards that hit and run from US iraki bases.

Icarus Tanović

Seem that that is gonna be happening very soon.

Xoli Xoli

Close Lebanese airspace and supply Hamas with manpads ti down all retuning Israel planes.Let Iraq proxies launch few bunker busting bombs at USA base.Make NATO unsafe if Israel sabotaged.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Russian news agency Avia.Pro stated that reported showed Israeli stealth bombers flew undetected over Syria and Iraq during July attack: report BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:20 P.M.) – The Israeli F-35 stealth bomber allegedly flew undetected over Syria and Iraq during their attack on a Hashd Al-Sha’abi base in the Salaheddine Governorate last month, the Russian aviation website Avia.Pro reported.

Citing information provided by Iraqi intelligence, Avia.Pro reported that the main reason they were undetected by the Iraqi and Syrian air defenses was due to the F-35’s technological capabilities, which allegedly allowed them to be disguised as American warplanes.

“Experts note that in this way, the Israeli military may well confuse the Russian and Syrian air defense systems, the S-400 and S-300, providing protection of airspace over the ATS. However, it is important to note that such information remains without comment from the Israeli Ministry of Defense,” Avia.Pro stated.

“Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that a few days earlier the Israeli media reported that Russian electronic warfare systems prevented Israel’s F-35s from flying over Syria, which indicates that similar attempts have already been made,” they added.

Israel has yet to comment on the allegations that their warplanes were responsible for the bombing of the Hashd Al-Sha’abi base in Iraq’s Salaheddine Governorate.

However, since then, the Iraqi government has warned that its military will down any unauthorized aircraft that enters their airspace.

SOURCE in English: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/israeli-stealth-bombers-flew-undetected-over-syria-and-iraq-during-july-attack-report/

SOURCE in Russian: http://avia.pro/news/stalo-izvestno-kak-izrailskie-f-35-obmanyvayut-c-300-i-s-400


Formally warn the Israelis to desist or suffer consequences and id they continue, drop 40 or 50 missiles on a military base or the nuclear reactor site.


Terrorism is never going away in Iraq until the so called government there finally and completely gets rid of the U.S. presence there. Example the increase of U.S. troop presence in the southern Sahara region of Africa under AFRICOM, has in the last couple of years increased terrorism and chaos. Wherever the U.S. lay is boots on the ground these terror groups always mysteriously appear, or reappear conveniently after supposedly beating them to justify the continued presence. It shows how much in league are Jihadis with the West.

MeMad Max

Cant tell me this shit isn’t US approved…. Congrats dumbasses: you just pushed another country into the russian spear of influence…

Icarus Tanović

Seem that mascerade that we witnessing from 2001 onwards is comin to an end. Now it is more that clear who benefits from spreading of Wahhabism, from creation of some ‘Arab springs’. In the midst of Israeli-Lebanon war in 2006, g.w.Bush tells and informs Blair, but in open microphone this’just got Syria stop doing this shit’. Now, we all know what’s going on.


doubt’t it was aerial attacks, more likely infiltration on the ground by jewish special forces dressed up in uniforms from Iraq. should be able to stop those if they start looking for the infiltrators rather than looking into the night sky trying to see those f35s that never arrives. would be fun to see some jewish special forces, captured on the ground and hanged publicly for the world to see.

Saso Mange

Israel can’t even be compared to Iran. Their territory is about 20k square km (including occupied land) and they have about 8 mil people. How could anyone think of Israel as some power?

Crazy world full of stupid people.

Ceasar Polar

They do have a superior air force. However, you dont win wars with air force alone! You need ground forces. And for that, they have a diaper army, not suited for real armed conflict.


This is another desperate attempt by the Zionists to sow discords among Iraqis… Now the victory of the resistance is clear, and the enemies are very very desperate. Soon they will flee the ME and part peace will be restored.. This will surely backfire soon….Iraq is in talk with Iran to integrate their air defense systems… Let’s wait and see.. Death to the imperialist and their Zionist Masters… ISIS will never return again to Iraq…. As long as the PMU exists..


Yup, and ugh…. undetected, yeah, right, that is an flat out lie, what actually happens is that nobody is alowed to shoot the scums of this earths planes, and that incl what the Russians is doing, I dont belive this stealth nonsense for an split second, and Iraq cant do jack shit, Syria is ruled by the pussyfooting Putin whom is again betraying the very same people they claim is their alies, yeah, and that, morons is the problem, nothing else, anything else is well pissing, get it. They know, perfectly well, but dont do anything, the Joohohos have charte blanche to do whatever they want and they do it to. Curious days indeed, when one starts to scap the surface of our so called ancient history.

And this sideline is for an FlatBrit, hehe, Poenicans, or phony cans, are de facto Khazarian Jews, if you take an look t their images, their statues, their faces, you see it instantly, its about facial bone structures, and Khazars/Jews have an distict face, aka not partivulare the hoocked nose, thats Turko-Mongols, but the Khazarians, witch do day have incorporated the Trukp-Mongols as well, I could give you examples but leaves it there, the second fact is Bahometh, or Baal, the cananitian war lord, called Yahve, not what people think at all, God is their fake name, Baal is the correct one, and yess, they did chaild sacrifying, to human sacrifying, remember the counteless craves in europea and the leavnte where the victims where beheaded, that was their gift to their God, Yahve. And they originate in the whats to day, Turkie. But spreaded them self thru their sea faring abilitys, and thats why they hate white people, and we had the same sea faring kings/tribes, thousands of years before the ugh…… “vikings”, and Finns in special, even in Norway, Finnish was forbidden all the way upto the 70s, and Norway ended their racial eugenic policys against Us and others as the Romani, in the 80s, and the fake naitives aka the North Sami scamers was even protesting that lifting of the bann of Finnish, my father was one of the first to get an job, for been a Finn, and the montain nomkeys looked at us for been Mongols, an narrative coming from the 1800 based upon an French mans 4 head sculs, and the following decades of pure eugenics and stil they talk about that. They know jack shit, I wrote about Khazars years before anyone of you knew anything, few where we, and then even the rats admittied this, and there isnt an single bloody pottery confirming the present scam called Jews, even in the second scam, ISISrael. Absolutelly nada, and even they have admitted it, aka self hating jews, hehe, dunka, dunka. The Rome is my next target. and ancient Greeks, another invented fairy tale. But the real deal is all the bullshit about ancient Egypt, do you have any idea of how deep the rabbit hole goes, do you, I know you dont know jack shit. Period. Have an nice day.


Bill Wilson

I wouldn’t be surprised if the explosions were caused by subgrade Iranian-made munitions becoming too unstable for handling or cooking off from the high Summer temperatures. The IRG sold weapons and munitions to the arms dealers supplying the militants and ISIS in Syria who quickly discovered that none of them wanted to buy any of that junk unless it was dirt cheap. Their main complaints were that the guns would come apart and jam when firing, the bullets were unpowered and half of the mortar bombs were duds since it was anyone’s guess if they’d leave the tube, go the expected distance or detonate upon impact. The dealers got stuck with stores of that crap since the militants and ISIS were willing to pay more for better and reliable merchandise. They finally were able to unload that junk on them once their funding began drying up with a good portion going unused due to their contents degrading while in storage. The SAA had a series of explosions at captured weapon stores so began blowing up the junk where they find it to avoid further incidents like that. The Iranian units have the same problem which may be due to old stock whose shelflife had expired long ago.


your theory about old and unstable munition doesn’t hold water. more than likely infiltration by jewish special forces on the ground and nothing else.

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