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New Round Of Inter-Afghan Talks Began In Doha As Taliban Captures More Strategic Areas (Video 18+)

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New Round Of Inter-Afghan Talks Began In Doha As Taliban Captures More Strategic Areas (Video 18+)

Source: Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera

A new round of inter-Afghan talks began in the Qatari capital Doha amid the advance of Taliban militants  all over Afghanistan.

The negotiations are held behind closed doors. The delegations should discuss the establishment of transitional government, the exchange of prisoners and a ceasefire agreement.

The delegation of the Afghan government includes senior politicians for the first time since the first official meeting in September 2020.Head of the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah, Yunus Qanooni, Karim Khalili, Mohammad Mohaqiq, Salam Rahimi, Abdul Rashid Dostum, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi, Enayatullah Baligh and Fatima Gailani reportedly came to Doha.

Former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai refused to join the official delegation at the last moment.

The delegation of the Taliban is headed by the head of the political office of this movement in Qatar, Mullah Baradar Akhund.

Prior to the official meeting, Afghan government negotiator claimed that the Taliban have offered a three-month ceasefire in exchange for the release of thousands of fighters held in prisons. However, the spokesman for the Afghan government’s negotiating team in Doha Nader Nadery said it was a “big demand”.

“The Taliban has offered a plan for a three-month ceasefire, but in exchange they have asked for the release of 7,000 of their prisoners and the removal of their leaders from the UN blacklist,” he told reporters in Kabul.

On its part, a spokesman for the Taliban claimed that he was not aware of this suggestion, highlighting that the parties were going to discuss the possibility of a ceasefire over the forthcoming Eid al-Adha holiday.

The last prisoners’ release took place in 2020 as a move that helped launch peace talks in Qatar. The Afghan government liberated almost 5,000 Taliban prisoners. The measures were agreed as part of the Taliban-US agreement, which also called for the withdrawal of US forces from the country.

Unfortunately, the ongoing negotiations have not led to any significant agreement yet. The two sides have been meeting for months in Doha but the talks have not prevented the Taliban’s offensive in almost all strategic areas in Afghanistan.

The movement has recently captured border crossings with Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Now, the main battlefield seems to be the southern border crossing with Pakistan.

Spin Boldak was captured by Taliban on July 14. Afghan forces reportedly launched an operation to retake the key  border crossing later on July 16. According to the numerous videos and local reports, the border crossing is still under the Taliban’s control.

A highway through this border crossing is leading to Pakistan’s city of Karachi and the port on the Arabian Sea. This rout has been used for billion-dollar heroin trade from Afghanistan.

On July 17, Tolo news reported that a  Reuters photojournalist was killed in clashes in Spin Boldak district. The Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui was covering the situation in Kandahar.

New Round Of Inter-Afghan Talks Began In Doha As Taliban Captures More Strategic Areas (Video 18+)

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The Shekh Ali district of Parwan province, 70 km north of Kabul, was liberated from Taliban’s control, the press center of the Afghanistan Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on July 17.

Despite some less significant success in several areas, like Chakhansur district in Nimruz province or Kohmard in Bamyan province, Kabul loses control over strategically important cities.

On July 17, Taliban attacked Sare Pol city, the center of Sare Pol province. Heavy fighting is taking place between the army and the popular mobilization with the Taliban.

Sheberghan city, the center of Jowzjan province, was also under attack of Taliban. Militants have entered the suburbs of the city, and heavy fighting is on-going there.

Amid the impotence of Kabul forces to stop Taliban militants, it seems possible that the ongoing negotiations between the official delegations may soon result in any ceasefire agreement, likely unfavorable for the government representatives.


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i find it weird that pakistan does create this kind of problems for itself all over its borders it just shows how foolish the pakistani intelligence and military are they basically thought they controlled taliban and now they get their butts kicked all over the place this is utter foolishness on their part and its unneccessary violence they create by their stupidity so they better retreat behind their own borders and stop the meddling


pakistan will have to explain itself soon and it will be in no position to play any games in future anymore its very simple either pakistan gets aligned to the islamic revolution or they are done and nothing but puppets soon to be wrecked by nobody but their own idiocy

Last edited 8 days ago by farbat

Screw the Shiite Cult “islamic Revolution” – You are 10% of the Muslim world because no-one else believes the BS your Priests in Qom are preaching.Well done Pakistan for righting your historic wrongs. You betrayed Taliban in 2001 and paid a heavy price. Now you know who the real rulers of Afghanistan are. Anyone who can defeat multiple superpowers + their lackey european armies deserves to rule the world. Lets make sure the Taliban win is total and brutal. Afghan “government” is a 100% puppet regime which no proud patriot can ever accept. Wipe them out and RULE. Perhaps you can help Taliban become the 2nd Nuclear Powered Islamic Nation. Go ISI Go Taliban. Qom must Bow to Taliban and reform their fake “Islamic” beliefs.

Religion divide people. No to religion

Fuck talibans fuck Muslim religion

Ashok Varma

Pakistan has just sent 10,000 of its Frontier Force in civilian clothes as Taliban and Afghan government has accused Pakistan for providing air support to them. Indian and western media has shown wounded Taliban being treated in Pakistani military hospitals.


Way to go Pakistan! May the taliban Victory be swift and Complete. ANA walked with the Opressors, Slaughter them


Taliban knows very well they cannot come to power by election. if they want to come to power they have the overhaul the military’s power against AFgan army and its people . And Qatar and US is giving full support to this Taliban logistically and military’s. But one thing Taliban is ignoring is that this is not 2001. AFghan people knows if Taliban come to power they will kill all those who fought against them. Taliban has 2 face and 2 tongue. And Afghan Civilian fighters will not give up arms to taliban. this civil war will continue bcuz only 30% of afghan su[port taliban others they hate taliban so this war will not end soon specially people from north and west they dont want Taliban to take over their area.


” Taliban has 2 face and 2 tongue. “Really? You forget Taliban are not Shiite Cult scum who practice religiously sanctioned lying called taqiyya. It is Shiite cultists who are two faced and two tongue – Go to Hell sons of the Jewish liar Abdullah Ibn Sabah

Afghan Sage

The Taliban are a bunch of sell outs controlled by the un Islamic secular Pakistani army and intelligence. They have no place in the hearts of the people and no they are not winning, in fact they are dying like rats everywhere in Afghanistan and their bodies are decomposing with the filthy stinch along with the Paki army soldiers that are dying like flies in Afghanistan.

Before talking about ANA, you should look in the mirror. It was the pimp Pakistani army that gave US and its NATO allies air ports to bomb Afghanistan and topple the Taliban in the first place. It was Pakistan that gave them ground routes so they could invade Afghanistan all for what??? $$$ Yes for dollars. Pakistan even sold the arabs and their families to US so you people talking about Islam and Islamic systems makes vomit. The un-Islamic government that Pakistan is, is a traitor to Islam and the Ummah. They brain wash Taliban and use them as cannon fodder for their agenda while in Pakistan Jahad is 10x more necessary.

The hypocrisy of you people is beyond comprehension. Nobody could rule Afghanistan so Pakistan dreaming to do that will end up a nightmare. Pakistan’s British masters couldn’t do shit and were humiliated, the British colony will take that dream to grave.

Religion divide people. No to religion

Fuck talibans
Democracy is the future.


Demands of Three months ceasefire for release of 7k prisoners that may be used as soldiers?

Don’t they means 3 years?

Or they design it to fail?

L du Plessis

The undefeated Taliban walks tall 💪 the US leopard crawls out of Afghanistan. 😂

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