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New Round Of Civil War In Syria

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New Round Of Civil War In Syria

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New Round Of Civil War In Syria
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New Round Of Civil War In Syria

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Late on January 20, ISIS cells attacked the al-Sinaa prison, which is run by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), to free hundreds of their comrades. However, they ended up capturing the prison and nearby areas in the southern part of al-Hasakah city.

In 6 days, fierce clashes between ISIS militants and the SDF supported by their allies continue.

On the morning of January 24, the Kurds issued an ultimatum to ISIS to surrender. After the terrorists refused, the SDF attempted to carry out the final assault of the prison.

Despite the SDF claims spread by the media loyal to US-led forces, the assault failed. Only one building was captured, and civilian settlements in nearby areas were still under ISIS control.

Forces of the U.S.-led coalition, including the US Air Force and the British Air Force, with heavy weapons and warplanes are also deployed in al-Hasakah. However, this was not enough to suppress the militants.

The SDF announced the surrender of 250 more ISIS members on January 25, bringing their total number to 550 members.

Meanwhile, the death toll has risen up to about 200 casualties from the both sides. The total number of refugees exceeds 45 thousand people.

ISIS militants reject any surrender. They demanded a safe corridor to the Syrian Desert in return for the release of the hostages. The militants are suffering a lack of water, food and medicines.

The SDF has reportedly managed to exchange several hostages for food.

In an attempt of a breakthrough or in order to get new weapons, supplies and medicines from the Kurds, ISIS militants attacked a gas station not far from the prison last night. At least five SDF fighters were reportedly killed in the clashes.

The situation remains tense for a week now. The SDF and US-led coalition are deploying new reinforcements, likely preparing for another assault.

The Kurds are yet to declare the number of ISIS militants who managed to escape to the Syrian desert. Where the terrorist threat is steadily growing too.

On January 24, ISIS attacked a military column of the 4th corps of the SAA near the town of Palmyra. 8 soldiers were killed and 16 others were wounded.

Meanwhile, the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) are transferring forces to the Homs desert.

On January 23, a flight of MiG-29 fighters and 3 Mi-8 helicopters were deployed to the T-4 airbase to patrol the Palmyra – Abu Kemal and Palmyra – Deir Ezzor roads.

On January 25, Russian fighter jets with support of Syrian helicopters have executed 40 airstrikes on ISIS positions in the Syrian desert.

With its recent actions, ISIS has demonstrated that it is too early to write off this terrorist organization. The deplorable socio-economic situation in the region allows the terrorists to effectively carry out recruitment campaigns among Sunni youth. In case of an armed conflict in Europe, which will inevitably distract forces, both of the Russian Federation and the Western coalition from the region, the ISIS threat will grow significantly. Syria is not able to effectively resist the militants by its own means. The Kurdish formations have once again confirmed their limited combat capabilities.

On a tactical level, this benefits the Anglo-Saxon bloc, Turkey and Israel. The clashes in the al-Sinaa prison and the attacks in the Palmyra area are the beginning of a new round of the civil war in Syria.

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Chris Gr

The ideology of SDF is not really well liked in the world but it is kind of rising. Most of the powers support SDF in order to stop Turkey.


what in the world is the anglo-saxon bloc?


AUKUS without New Zealand that is anglo-saxon too.

jens holm

Even You wrote 5 days ago the explanation for the Anglo-Saxons is very simple.

When the Romans left teh part we know know as UK many parts were plundered down to the nones and the Romans killed many many og the citicens, because parts still tryed to to resist then.

By that a lot from Nordthern Germanny and Southern Denmark(Denmark did not exist) emmigrated to the eastern parts of UK. The were settlers, farmers and not hostile as the Romans. By that they took over more and more and in language and culturee as well.

The reasons for their emmigration was forced by Slaves tasking over moving west and north. By that many Angels and saxons saw no other choise.

And as we see they became rather succesfull. By that many close to them in culture and language intgrated and assimilated to them.

Thats what that group grew and became dominant as it is today.

So after Spain and Portugal for good reasons decklined and collapsed Anglos was many did a lot of invensions and by that became rulers of the world even they were no majority.

By that USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand became dominians and later on independent states instaed of many tribes or very small states. So Anglo Saxons are language, culture, thinking and has been frontrunners for expansion – in its worst and best.

Even they are not as dominant as they were We use the language, bacuse it has adpted so many things from aorund the world. Adam Smidt also invented the Kapitalisme, which today is dominant by its incitaments for increased production.

Even the Chinese expansion is super Kapitalistic and quite succesfull.


Brits and their colonies of course… plus their vassals.

Last edited 1 year ago by Info
jens holm

We are less vasals then what you prefare and most likely has a higher living standard as well.

I dont think You are allowed or able to understand Our systems. You even deny to understand them even we are open and you can see them every day in detailed explanations, writings, pictures and youtubes.

It makes no sense if You wish we should decline or collapse to our low level. It makes sens You instead copied Our best sides, You could use, and raise Your own people better in stead.

Dont blame us and we. I have educated to be a productive citicen and worked all my life being rewarded by that. If You work the best You can, You eat. If You live in systems which cant do that, dont blame us for it, jews. LGBTs and women included.


“The situation remains tense for a week now. The SDF and US-led coalition are deploying new reinforcements, likely preparing for another assault.” Even so, they try to full us that they can fight against Russia.

jens holm

I see many might have escaped. Thats the local change.

maybee You prefare some of those attack Palmyra, Sukna and T4. I dont.

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