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JUNE 2020

New Rocket Attack On Hmeimim Airbase Kills, Injures Six Civilians


New Rocket Attack On Hmeimim Airbase Kills, Injures Six Civilians

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Militants stationed in the key town of Kabani in northern Lattakia launched on August 8 several rockets at the Russian Hmeimim airbase, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced.

“Terrorists launched four rockets at the airbase, they exploded in a town located 2km northeast of Hmeimim airbase, as a result two civilians were killed and four others were wounded,” a statement by the ministry reads.

The ministry emphasized that the attack didn’t cause any damage to the Hmeimim airbase, which was not apparently hit.

No group claimed responsibility for the rocket attack, so far. However, the town of Kabani is known to be controlled by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which makes the terrorist group the main suspect.

Few hours earlier, five civilians, including two children, were injured in a rocket attack on the towns of al-Haffah and al-Qardahah in Lattakia’s countryside.

Syrian and Russian warplanes are responding to these rocket attacks by conducting dozens of airstrikes on militants’’ positions in Greater Idlib.

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  • Tudor Miron
    • Redadmiral

      Excellent from 2.45, Sorry Miron, I don’t have any Russian so I could not understand the intro

  • Redadmiral

    Rats know how to cut their own throats. Expect RuAF and SAA to target Kabani headchoppers and to take complete control of the area within next day or two.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    HTS would be just about out of rockets, and that’s only if they had any to start with, but the Turkmen rebels that Erdogan supports does have them, and they have them because Turkey keeps giving them to the Turkmen rebels.
    This is even more reason for the Russians to start escalating hostilities against this area, do the same thing here that’s been done in Hama, around the clock bombing, start getting rid of all those stockpiles of old bombs and put them to good use.