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New Rocket Attack From Gaza Provokes Series Of Israeli Strikes


New Rocket Attack From Gaza Provokes Series Of Israeli Strikes

An explosion during an Israeli air strike on Gaza, August 8, 2018. IMAGE: Reuters

Late on September 6, unknown Palestinian fighters fired 5 rockets from the Gaza Strip at nearby Israeli settlements, according to the Israeli military.

“Earlier tonight, 5 rockets were fired from Gaza to Israel … In response, we just struck a number of Hamas targets in northern Gaza,” the Israeli military wrote on Twitter.

The Shehab Agency confirmed that several positions of the Hamas Movements were struck by Israeli warplanes and artillery. The targeted positions are located in the areas of Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahia and Shejaiya north and east of Gaza.

The rocket attack was apparently a response to the killing of two Palestinian teenagers earlier on the same day. The two victims, 17-year old Ali Sami Ali al-Ashqar and 14-year old Khaled Abu Bakr Mohammed Al-Rubai, were reportedly killed by the Israeli military while participating in protests near the separation line.

Both the Hamas Movement and the Islamic Jihad Movement condemned the killing of the teenagers. However, neither of them claimed responsibility for the rocket attack.

The situation in the Gaza Strip is not expected to escalate any further. Several similar attacks took place last month with both sides avoiding any large-scale military confrontation.

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