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New “Resistance” Movement In Eastern Syria. What Is It?


On April 4, a group calling itself the “Popular Resistance in al-Hasakah” released its first official statement, in which it vowed to fight the US-led coalition and the Turkish Army. The group claimed that all of its members are Arab from the northeastern governorate of al-Hasakah, and supporters of the Damascus government.

New “Resistance” Movement In Eastern Syria. What Is It?

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SouthFront was not able to verify the statement or find any accounts linked to the new group on social media. However, the statement was published by several credible sources on Facebook.

A similar group, under the name the “Popular Resistance in Eastern Syria”, was formed few months ago in the city of Raqqa. Recently, the movement claimed carrying out several military operations against US-led coalition and the Kurdish Dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Popular Resistance in Eastern Syria even released a video, on April 3, which supposedly showed one of its cells in Raqqa governorate shelling a base of the US-led coalition with mortars. However, the video was not verified.

Syrian pro-government activists believe that these “resistance movements” are more of a “public relations groups” as they are yet to carry out any serious attacks. Despite of this, the existence of such movements proves that many Arabs in eastern Syria are against the US deployment in the country and the Kurdish administration, that’s now controlling most of the Arab areas in the governorates of al-Hasakah and Raqqa.

It’s interesting to note that the appearence of such groups have contributed to the circulating rumors and speculations about fresh US casualties in Syria. Media activists and blogs, which spread these rumors, claimed the local “resistance” groups had beeen behind a series of deadly attacks against US forces. However, no evidence was provided:



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