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New Portable Russian Radar Can Sense Terrorists Through Walls

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The Russian Stenovizor PO-900 new portable radar, is capable to detect living objects from behind multi-layer construction barriers and several walls.

New Portable Russian Radar Can Sense Terrorists Through Walls

The PO-400 radar (Photo: YouTube / Logis-Geotech)

The newest Russian portable radar, developed by the Logis-Geotech group of companies and named Stenovizor PO-900, is capable to detect living objects from behind several walls and multi-layer construction barriers by sensing their heartbeat and breathing, the Sputnik news agency reported, citing head of engineering reconnaissance of Logis-Geotech, Igor Vedeneev.

According to Vedeneev, the Stenovizor PO-900 is a portable device, intended for personal wear and use by soldiers of the Special Forces. The weight of the new radar is less than 800 grams, while its maximum detection range is 11 meters through a 40 cm brick wall.

“The detection modes include movement and breathing, as well as ‘geo-radar’ which are scanning modes for building structures, soils and other materials,” Vedeneev said.

The device is also capable to scan mines, caches and explosives.

The Stenovizor PO-900 looks like an ordinary radio without an antenna, equipped with a color screen, which displays results of radar reconnaissance.

As Vedeneev noted, the new radar is not a prototype.

“It is a range of serial devices, which are produced in large quantities. They are exported abroad and they have good recommendations. In the future, we plan to expand the network of foreign offices and increase the amount of supply to new countries,” the head of engineering reconnaissance said.

The unique device will be handed over to the Russian Interior Ministry, the federal service of troops of the National Guard and other security agencies, which will receive a possibility to locate terrorists not only in buildings, but also in underground tunnels and bunkers. According to experts, the Stenovizor PO-900 will be very useful during battles and counter-terrorist operations in urban areas, as it allows to accurately determine the number of intruders hiding in the building during the assault.

Vedeneev pointed out that there are analogues of the radar in the UK, the US and Israel. But the main advantage of the Stenovizor PO-900 is its capability to detect through several multi-layered walls.

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During the Lebanon war Israel already used some kind of detection that saw through walls. It would be interesting to know how things have advanced.


Put a demonstration and sales video on Youtube.


These should also have a civilian application, for locating people trapped in rubble, whether from a man-made disaster, or a natural one. Think of being able to find victims of earthquakes, tornadoes or massive floods.

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