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New Photos Show Aftermath Of Recent Israeli Airstrikes On Syria’s Hama

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On June 24, Syrian pro-government news outlets shared photos showing the aftermath of the recent Israeli airstrikes on the central governorate of Hama.

The airstrikes, which took place in the early morning, targeted the following positions in the eastern and southeastern Hama countryside:

  • The onion factory near the town of al-Salamiyah;
  • The cultural center in the town of Sabburah;
  • The forage factory near the town of Aqarib;
  • A military position near the town of Ithriyah.

The airstrikes on Hama were the second wave of a large attack by the Israeli Air Force. The first wave targeted military positions in eastern al-Suwayda, eastern Homs and western Deir Ezzor.

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army acknowledged that two service members were killed and two others were injured in the Israeli airstrikes. The newly released photos also confirm that heavy material damage was inflicted on the targeted sites.

The Israel attack, which targeted positions in four different Syrian governorates, was among the largest this year. The attack reportedly targeted positions hosting Iranian troops. This was likely another attempt to pressure Iran into pulling its troops out from Syria.


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Ithriyah ? Now we know for sure who is ISIS: Israel Striking and Infiltration Service. Look nice, doesn’t it ?
With this we see that Israelis are Natzi folks.

Rhodium 10

Accord some pro israeli sources (like Syrialivemap)…there was an Explosion in Golan heights before IAF airstrikes…


None of the hundreds of strikes have achieved the stated goal of removing Iran from Syria so they fail


So when do we see the photos of damage in Israel from the retaliatory strikes?


Well, Israel has Russia permission to attack Syria wherever and whenever Israel want.

Free man

The Russians are informed in advance about the Israeli bombings of the Iranian forces.
Apparently, both sides have a common interest in hurting the Iranians.
If the Russians thought these bombings were endangering Syria, they would have stopped them.


Sorry, but the evidences do not reflex exactly your point.

Rhodium 10

Hundred of Israeli attacks have changed nothing!,,,Iran have 2 bases Al Kiswa near Damascus and Al Bukamal and none of them have damage because are armored subs Bunkers( you can see in google earth)!..therefore israel need to invade or Risk to fly over Damascus to drop antibunker bomb which lead that IAF jets can be shot down and pilots be lynched

Pave Way IV

Iran expects that their troops and positions in Syria are subject to occasional Israeli air strikes. They also understand Russia’s response is dictated by the risk of inflaming the situation if they were to take out Israeli aircraft (because the U.S. would go full-retard). Iran doesn’t cry because ‘Russia won’t protect us in Syria’. Iranians simply accept it as reasonable considering the complex diplomatic situation today. They still consider Russia their ally. They don’t need diplomatic relations reduced to the level of teenage girls gossiping about who is reallyfriends with whom and what other girls are to be shunned. That would be more the U.S. Pompeo-style of simpleton thinking.

Free man

I think the Israelis are only doing what the Russians allow them to do.
I also think that there is cooperation between Assad and Israel, mediated by the Russians. Proof of this is the return of the Israeli soldier’s body to Israel and Syrian prisoners to Syria.


Like we say everytime to the SAA – if you help Iran and Hezbollah against us then you will be targeted too.

Free man

Unfortunately, the Syrians cannot refuse the Iranian.
I think the Israeli interest is to avoid any harm to the SAA. Syrians and Israelis will continue to be neighbors after the Iranians withdraw from Syria.


You’re right, I hope Assad tells them to leave we don’t need a war with Syria. I know most Iranians are regular people like me, it is their leadership that started the war against us to this day. I hope it will end soon.

Rhodium 10

Israel fear Iran!..IAF will never attack Iran for 2 reason..1º Iran have Nukes like NK..2º Iran hace accurate missile&Drones& Cruise missile…


We won’t? time will tell. Keep under-estimating us, it’s good.

Rhodium 10

Israel attacks palestinen, lebanon ( both lack of air defense) and Syria ( which are under civil war) but attack Iran is other thing..no even USA have attacked Iran territory!

Free man

I think Israel will not attack Iran. I also think Netanyahu is taking advantage of the Iranian argument to advance his political interests.
On the other hand, it is very unwise to threaten to destroy a nuclear state, a country made up of people, 75 years earlier, others have tried to exterminate. A threat of extermination is a real concept for Israel.

Lone Ranger

Looks like empty warehouses.


Did you miss the secondary explosions Ranger?

Lone Ranger

Secondary explosions of secondary airstrikes…?


No, the video SF published which shows it.

Rhodium 10

there thousands of warehouse in Syria..many of them are ammo depot full of projectile, gas cylinders,, ammonium nitrate,,etc confiscated from ISIS&FSA,, even in summer many of them explode!..so nothing special have happened!..surely just one Delilah misile cost 10 less than all that warehouse!..sadly 2 soldiers have been killed but its less than any frequently terrorist attack!..SAA cannot retaliate because terrorist on ground and IAF on air is what US&Zionist wants!…thats why Israel dont launch attacks vs Hezbollah assets in lebanon and only vs SAA!..you can see in google earth IRGC base in Al Kiswa with no damage in spite of 30 airstrikes along these years!


Please do it Ali, we would enjoy roasting you.


just one thing to do – wipe the thieving murdering and lying jews in palestine off the face of earth – no reason to allow them these repeated attacks on neighbours. they are better six feet under pushing up benign daisies and lilies and other beauties to the well being of mankind, to which they have added nothing of value.


they are really going for starvation kills openly. seems they are looking to create a global shortage or at least a major price hike


Zionists doing what they do best, making themselves a nuisance.

Limited air campaigns like this achieve little but to harden the resolve of the ones being bombed.

cechas vodobenikov

Israelis bomb onion factories—uncivilized fascists….when the US empire collapses and their economy resembles that of Zimbabwe, the Israeli economy will devolve into matzo soup…will they explode their own nation with their nukes?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Iran’s going to have to leave Syria whether they want to or not.

“Seyed Hamid Hosseini pointed to the recent agreement between Iran and Iraq and said “It was agreed that Iran to purchase its needed items and that the Iraqi bank would pay for them from Iran’s financial resources in this country.
Iran will be using its resources in Iraq to buy non-sanctioned and basic commodities so that the country’s bank does not get into trouble,” he confirmed
The Iranian official stressed the “Oil-for-Food program was intended to allow the embargoed country to sell oil on the world market in exchange for food, but the United States has done worse than Iran and seeks to reduce Iran’s oil exports to zero.”


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