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New Photos Reveal PMU’s Heavy Losses In Recent U.S. Strikes On Iraq


On March 14, Iraqi sources shared photos revealing the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) heavy losses in the recent U.S. strikes.

The photos document the destruction in the PMU’s 46th Brigade headquarters in the area of Jurf Sakhar south of the capital, Baghdad. Dozens of vehicles, multiple rocket launchers (MRLs) and howitzers were damaged or completely destroyed in the U.S. attack.

The 46th Brigade headquarters was one of five positions targeted by the U.S. early on March 13. The other positions were bases of the Iraqi military’s 19th Commandos Division, Babylon’s Police Regiments and an under construction airport near the holy Shiite city of Karbala.

Three soldiers of the Iraqi military and two policemen were killed in the strikes. A civilian was also killed in Karbala’s airport.

The U.S. strikes were a response to an attack on coalition troops in Camp Taji on March 11. The attack claimed the lives of three coalition service members and injured others.

Earlier today, a new rocket attack struck Camp Taji, injuring three coalition personnel. The U.S. may response to the attack with a new wave of strikes on Iraqi military positions in the upcoming few days.

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