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New Photo Of Russia’s Tactical Combat UAV Korsar Sparks Rumors About Its Usage In Syria

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New Photo Of Russia's Tactical Combat UAV Korsar Sparks Rumors About Its Usage In Syria


A new photo of the Russian tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Korsar has sparked rumors of its combat usage in the Syrian conflict.

Two Korsar tactical UAVs were shown during the trial run of the May 9 military parade in Moscow on April 26. The May 9 (known as Victory Day in Russia) military parade at Red Square will mark the 73th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The Korsar is developed by the Russian research and development company Lutch, part of JSC Vega Radio Engineering Corporation. According to the Russian media: the UCAV has a combat radius of 200 km and a weight of 200 kg. The UAV can conduct both reconnaissance and strike missions.

It can carry various guided and ungided missiles, including Ataka anti-tank guided missiles, as well as multi-purpose rocket-propelled grenades. The Ataka missile can be used against armoured and unarmoured targets as well as buildings and bunkers within the range of up to 6 km.

A photo of one of the showcased UAVs can be seen above. This photo has immidiately sparked rumors that this Korsar (tail number #23) has particiapted in the Russian military operation in Syria. This UAV has 10 red starts. In general, a red start marks 10 combat sorties carried out by aircraft. Thus, this UAV has allegedly conducted at least 100 combat sorties.

According to some media activists, this may explain repeated reports about some strange “missile strikes” on militant targets in the Syrian provinces of Latakia, Aleppo and Idlib. These “mysterious” missile strikes have been often attributed ot unidentified aircraft or even to the Russian Navy (repeated unconfirmed reports about Kalibr missile strikes on various targets).

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Bjorn Metaal

The tiger forces are moving towards northern Homs to clear the Rastan pocket.


Why wouldn’t Russia send those into Syria, we got Reaper drones doing the exact same thing.

Prince Teutonic

Because they are probably still in prototype phase not serial built like Reapers…


Good point.

Angelalala MFC

They will be using Syria as a testing ground.


…well you might have to build Reapers cheap in China,….looking at the numbers of those lost since a couple years due to “malfunctions”,…and the Russians shooting them down more and more frequently over Syria.

Против Глобал

They where testing it in Syria. Syria is a big testing ground. Americans tested their JASSM-ER missiles and Russians tested their air-defence systems.


Looks a neat design – the tail wing is both high, and vertically and horizontally stabilizing, to compensate for the launching of missiles that are proportionally large to fuselage and maintain overall fight balance.

John Whitehot

could be, but not much can be speculated about flight characteristics as the wings are dismounted and not seen in the picture.


Point taken, but was really speculating about the dynamic moment when the centre of overall mass shifts, as a relatively large weight detaches, with a very aggressive acceleration, as missiles launches – the tail wing design seems all about that – stabilizing outer extremities under such conditions.

John Whitehot

understood. what i can say about the stabilizer is that it creates lift at about 45 degrees both right and left and that the control surfaces on it act both as elevator and rudders.

I’d say that the design is owed to constraints put on both the dimensions of the craft and as you noticed the ability to respond to large weight changes. The dimensions of the control surfaces in itself seems to confirm your hypothesis as they would compensate center of gravity shifts with generous amounts of trim.

Of course the aircraft would very likely flies “much trimmed” when loaded and return to a more balanced configuration (one where the controls “fight less” to keep straight) after unloading.

it remains to be seen where the single weapon mounts are laterally located, if closer or farther from the centerline. in this perspective, the size and shape of the wings would tell more about how the aircraft reacts to shifts and also how many and how heavy loads it can mount.


Couple of pics with wings – am just guessing hard-points are central. The other UAV’s on truck in front are interesting co-axial rotor drones.

From this twitter which has great stuff:


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/db914521b6533f88c4226823e7a1f4972d865110e0a7f253ee47338a36a11ee4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3ccbbbdb1bd06246da5898c9f2625df50b0730291de92c8e7bd63a51af0ce4ed.jpg

Tudor Miron

Great twitter link. That guy is good at what he does.


it looks different from western drones.tail is weird .


Против Глобал

Can you say a few words about this small UAV? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pegaz_011

John Whitehot

“This UAV has 10 red starts”

Actually, it has 2 large red stars and 8 small.

Large stars equal 10 small stars.

That amounts to 28, and it’s also likely that it depicts targets destroyed rather than combat sorties.

Joe Dirt

Russki showing up late to the UAV game :D

Tom Tom

hypersonic beats uav’s

Joe Dirt

Since when?

Dr. Pro Liv

since hypersonic is created

Daniel Miller

Russia has had UAV’s for years but combat UAV’s are new to them since they dont really see them as very useful.

Joe Dirt

Since when is intelligence gathering not useful? UAV is the future get over it

Daniel Miller

errrr no you did not get my comment Russia has had recon UAV’s for a very long time. But combat UAV’s are new to them since they view them as more or less useless.

The truth hurts

ERRR NO, wtf… Russia cannot field such type of tech because it has no capability to do so. they are barely feilding combat drones because they finally barely have the budget and tech to do so, also when your soldiers start not returning home from syria by the hundreds im sure you start to consider the usage of combat drones.


Nice Russia, finally Russia to come with a bit drone attacks, although it’s not their style they are far behind in that sphere, they never wasted time nor money about Drones but in the end you will need them, its necessary to enter deep enemy territory like in Syria terror factions, you will understand that it’s much easier to bomb someone without risk pilots lives and jets.

Icarus Tanović

It’s actually thing that surprises them, because this UAV can fire mortar mines, artilery shells and ATGMs well off their normal range. So that’s what confuse goat fucckers. Zionists are affraid that Hezbolah will get summa dat!

Против Глобал

Maybe it can drop mortar and artilery shells, but not fire them.

Icarus Tanović

Russians can make anything you think of.

The truth hurts

like mass genocide of billions of europeans

The truth hurts

you are not that bright huh, no Drone “fires” missiles…they drop them then these missiles travel on their own to the target. also what the hell is a mortar mine. you mean mortar munitions? strange as they are unguided….. also how can a drone fire artillery, you understand what artillery is right and why it is called “artillery” right????

also you dumbass iran supports syria, so for your retarded ass let me explain to you that there is no zionist conspiracy and russia has brainwashed you to a point where you would rather make excuses then find the truth, sorry you come from broken society where it is uncommon to speak your mind. may 9th, victory day, you had over 20 thousand people protest against putin today and yet none of those 20 thousand voiced where heard.

i live in reality where the actions of your own people have consequences and for russia there will be unimagned consequences for the russian people if putin decides to challenge the west in a military sphere.

ask the wagner group of russians how it feels to die under the hand of US military j-tacs.

Ciccio Serry

This drone is something of special.

Angelalala MFC

Yes, things are getting interesting.

The truth hurts

once they show it in flight or releasing munitions ill believe it but for now the tech probably isn’t even fully finished, russia has a tend to show off unfinished equipment and fake munitions during may 9th.


…well if the combat sortie numbering is the same as usual, than we have 2 large stars = 20 + 8 small stars,…which makes it a total of 28.


…on another note The soviet Union had UAV’s earlier than the US. Most of them where High-altitude and high speed reconnaissance drones. They hold also the record for the longest period a drone for military purposes was produced. The La-17 developed in 1953 was mass produced from 1959 to 1993. 1969 the soviet union also captured an american D/W-21 hyper sonic drone copied it and build the Tupolew Woron drone. The W-21 is carried by the SR71. There are also several other larger UAV’s they had in use, the Tu-123 unitl 1980, the Tu-141 until 1989 (reactivated since 2014 in Ukraine), as well as the Tu-143 which is still in use. While many of them were capable to carry weapons or receive a warhead,the Focus was on reconnaissance. this was what lead to a decline in use since the soviet union believed this job can be done better by satellite. From former friends in the East German Army which visited Cuba before 1989,… I know that there were quite a few Tupolew drones stationed there which had on a regular basis “exercises”. The smaller UAVs are new to the Russian military that’s for sure. I believe there were just not as many news outlets or news papers showing sexy Russian drones ;)

The truth hurts

HAHAH this is like when russians say they won the space race cus they put a poor dog in a capsule and sent it into space only for it to die of freezing temps and hour later hahahhahaha

please dont waste your time , we put a flag on the moon , you put a flag in the bering straight, there are BIG differences on how we think hahahaha

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