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Drone Wars Open New Phase Of Conflict In Syria

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Early on July 20, positions of the Syrian Army came under shelling by militants in the villages of Furu, Bahsa and Beit Hassno in the southern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone. In response, government forces struck positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sam near Kansafra and surrounding areas.

Local tensions increased just a few days after a key infrastructure object of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in Idlib became the target of a drone attack. On July 18, three suicide drones hit facilities of the Watad Petroleum Company in the town of Saramada. This company is controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and has a monopoly on the fuel market in Greater Idlib. It is deeply involved in oil trafficking with nearby Turkish-occupied areas in northern Aleppo and responsible for the illegal import of fuel from Turkey. A notable part of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s revenue is generated by Watad.

The HTS news agency Iba’a confirmed that the drones struck the headquarters of the company as well as its fuel market. However, the agency claimed that the strikes didn’t result in any human or material losses.

A photo of one of the drones made before the attack shows an X-shaped wing design similar to that of the Hero family of loitering munitions produced by Israel’s UVision. Syrian sources speculate that this drone may be a Russian, Syrian or Iranian reverse-engineered copy of the Israeli munition. At the same time, it is likely that the strike was conducted by Turkey itself, which is silently working to undermine the dominance of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the region.

Earlier in July, Idlib militants attacked a joint Turkish-Russian patrol on the M4 highway with a detonated car driven by a suicide bomber. It is hard to believe that such an attack could be possible without the coordination with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham that controls the frontline in that area. So, Ankara may opt to employ some additional measures to demonstrate its dissatisfaction with such actions of its al-Qaeda partners, that Turkish state media like to call ‘moderate rebels’.

On July 19, an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded in the Turkish-occupied town of Afrin in northern Aleppo. The IED targeted a vehicle of the Sham Corps militant group wounding at least 3 of its members, including a field commander. On the same day, a car bomb attack in the town of Sajjo reportedly killed 5 people and injured dozens of others. Turkish sources often blamed Kurdish rebels for these attacks. However, ISIS cells are also quite active in the Turkish-controlled part of Syria.

On July 16, a quadcopter armed with an explosive charge targeted a group of Russian and Syrian service members in the vicinity of the town of al-Darbasiyah in northeastern Syria. Three service members of the Russian Military Police and three Syrian personnel were injured. According to reports, the attack took place during a meeting at a local coordination post, which was initiated due to the increase of ceasefire violations by Turkish-led forces on the contact line in northeastern Syria.

Even if this attack was not initiated by Turkish forces themselves, but was a local initiative of Turkish proxies, such incidents do not contribute to the stability in Syria’s northeast. The regular ceasefire violations and attacks create an explosive situation on the frontline, which runs the risk of turning into an open military confrontation between the Syrian Army and Turkish forces. The areas with a strong Turkish military presence and the US-controlled zone of al-Tanf remain the main sources of tensions and instability in Syria.

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This international hogwash I could watch until 02:00 videotime. I’m totally fed up with the lies and how superpowers + their secret agencies are taking us as Complete Fools to do with us as they please for the Greater Good of NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS… That is how the Deep State wants to reduce 7.8 000 000 000 current world population to around 200 000 000, a manageable number of mindless slaves equal to cattle and sheep.

Jens Holm

You create Your deep state Yourself by this creating stupidity and chaos and blame others.

Thats how it is where You have no free parle. Most things You name as deep state are open at the internet and in papers or libraries, where I live.

You not even has a langige for at lot of the thiongs we are and are not. Muslims are not even allowed to discuss and change womens lack of rights. And to fullfill it, You keep them for sale and even mpre stupid ten Yourself.

Most muslims has never been reading in the Holy Choran as well. In stead they have pop smart human made first aids by old longbeards.

Danish women makes more GDP then all the Saudi arabien men pr capita. Thats Your level.

The deep state is You. It is true we as westerns has made the populations grow. So when we dont need oil anymore, the oilproduciong countries will return to “good old days”.

Icarus Tanović

The car was remotely controled. And how many time we will hear “This may lead to instability in Idlib de zone”? This drone attacks on Al Nusras oil instalation is direct hit to Erdogans nose. And, if they didn’t inflict serious damage, we wouldn’t hear that here. Sf is truing to play with our nerves, trying to act as compromiser and neutral. Not cool.

Rodney Loder

Biden’s chances are good in November all the Jews that pushed Trump over the line in 2016 by asking Hillary to stymie her run which she did, are now supporting Biden, probably already asked Trump to throw the election for future favours.

So what will Biden do ?, end the Saudi aggression in Yemen even put MbS out of business, that’s it, nothing else except realign Russia and China with poxy little Israel, where will that leave Syria, Lebanon and Iran, in the clutches of Jew maggots that’s where.

The Holy Ghost created isreal as lies told mainly by the Freemason swine all because I Jesus Christ was gifted to Israel by the homosexual Sid Loder, can’t change the situation without recognising that fact.

Brother Ma

Russia should have bombed this place much earlier. Watab should have been ashes by six months ago. Too little too late ! What are those turkish observ posts still there! What haven’t they starved to death yet if they were surrounded by syria and russia months ago?


Kept as insurance just in case the Turkish madman overplays his “good-neighbor” hand. Arrogant Erdogan cannot fool his voter base forever since sending the doomed army to their eminent death in a geopolitical game against Syria, Iran, Russia and China.

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