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Peace Initiative: Houthis Cease All Missile, Drone Attacks On Saudi Arabia


Peace Initiative: Houthis Cease All Missile, Drone Attacks On Saudi Arabia

Illustrative image, By the Houthis media wing

The Houthis will stop all attacks on Saudi Arabia, including those carried out with missiles and drones, as a part of a new peace initiative.

Mahdi al-Mashat, head of the Yemeni group’s Supreme Political Council, announced the new initiative during a speech commemorating the 5th anniversary of the group take over in the country.

“We declare ceasing to target the Saudi Arabian territory with military drones, ballistic missiles and all other forms of weapons, and we wait for a reciprocal move from them … We reserve the right to respond if they fail to reciprocate positively to this initiative,” the al-Jazeera TV quoted al-Mashat as saying.

The senior official went on to stress that the continuation of the Yemen war “will not benefit any side,” warning that any further escalation would harm Saudi Arabia and its allies the most.

As a part of the new initiative, al-Mashat called on the Saudi-led coalition to lift its siege of Sanaa International Airport and al-Hudaydah Port.

In the last few months, the Houthis conducted dozens of attacks on key facilities and military bases throughout Saudi Arabia. The Yemeni group used precision-guided rockets, ballistic missiles, suicide drones and even cruise missiles in its attacks.

The peace initiative came less than a week after the Abqaiq–Khurais attack, which the Houthis claimed responsibility for. The attack disturbed Saudi oil exports for several days.

Saudi Arabia and its allies have not responded to the Houthis’ initiative, so far.

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