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New Novichok ‘Evidence’: Identical Timestamps Of Photos And Chemical Weapons’ Trace In Hotel

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On September 5, the UK released images of the people allegedly responsible for the “Novichok” posioning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, claiming they were Russian military spies.

Today marks the most significant moment so far in what has been one of the most complex and intensive investigations we have undertaken in Counter Terrorism policing; the charging of two suspects – both Russian nationals – in relation to the attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal. I would like to thank the Crown Prosecution Service for their independent assessment of the evidence in this case.

On the 14 March the Prime Minister said there is no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian State was culpable for the attempted murder of Mr Skripal and his daughter. We now need to hear from the public.

I am therefore, appealing for anyone who has information about the suspects named by the CPS today as Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov to contact police. Both suspects are approximately 40 years old, and are Russian nationals who were travelling on Russian passports.

It is likely that they were travelling under aliases and that these are not their real names. We would like to hear from anyone who knows them. We are releasing these photographs of them, from the travel documents they used to enter the country.

We’d also like to hear from anyone who saw them while they were in the UK between Friday, 2 March and Sunday, 4 March. We are particularly interested in establishing as much as possible about their movements during the period 2pm to 4.30pm on Saturday, 3 March, and 11.30am to 2pm on Sunday, 4 March,” Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, National Lead for Counter Terrorism Policing, said in an official statement on the issue.

According to the statement, the suspects arrived at Gatwick airport, having flown from Moscow on Aeroflot flight SU2588, on March 2 and then returned to Moscow on Aeroflot flight SU2585 on March 4.

New Novichok 'Evidence': Identical Timestamps Of Photos And Chemical Weapons' Trace In Hotel

Click to see the full-size image

On the same day, speaking to the British Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May stated citing classified intelligence that the two men were officers of the Russian military intelligence agency.

“We were right to say in March that the Russian state is responsible,” May said. “Based on the body of intelligence, the government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] are officers from the Russian military intelligence service also known as the GRU.”

The provided ‘evidence’ has triggered a storm and fury in the Social Media and created more questions than answers over the already suspicious Skripals case.

First of all, the pics showing the alleged arrival of the “GRU” agents have a similar time stamp “02/03/2018 16:22:43”. The main question is how it was possible to take these pictures were taken at the exactly same second and in the similar segments of the neighbouring gates? The simple answer is that the timestamp was added to the pictures later to coonfirm the version provided by the UK. In this case, the entire “evidence” provided by the UK becomes unreliable.

New Novichok 'Evidence': Identical Timestamps Of Photos And Chemical Weapons' Trace In Hotel

Click to see the full-size image

Supporters of the British version of the incident made an attempt to explain this situation by saying that the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport have several “identical” gates leading into the airport. Most likely, this version will be later used in the MSM to explain the failure with the photos. However, this does not explain how two different persons can pass the gates at the very same second 16:22:43 without a direct coordination of every step.

The British side also claimed that it found traces of “weapons-grade nerve agent Novichok” in the hotel room where the suspects had stayed.

“On 4 May 2018, tests were carried out in the hotel room where the suspects had stayed. A number of samples were tested at DSTL at Porton Down. Two swabs showed contamination of Novichok at levels below that which would cause concern for public health. A decision was made to take further samples from the room as a precautionary measure, including in the same areas originally tested, and all results came back negative. We believe the first process of taking swabs removed the contamination, so low were the traces of Novichok in the room.”

So, the statement says that the “weapons-grade nerve agent Novichok” was leaking from its container. But who cares? This is GRU. Anyway, it seems that Novichok is not very effective. So far, the deadly agent has claimed only one life and three people have survived after Novichok poisoning.

Another interesting fact is the photo of the fake perfume bottle presented by the UK as evidence. According to the official version, the highly trained GRU spies used thefake perfume bottle to poisong Skripals and then just tossed it in Amesbury where it posined a couple of two.

New Novichok 'Evidence': Identical Timestamps Of Photos And Chemical Weapons' Trace In Hotel

Click to see the full-size image

In an official statement released on September 5, the Russian Foreign Ministry slammed the British allegations:

“The British officials are once again focusing their attention on Russia’s alleged involvement in the incidents in Salisbury and Amesbury, following a scenario that has become familiar to everyone. Without any documentary support or trustworthy testimonials, they have declared that there is sufficient evidence to bring charges against two Russian nationals and published photos of the two men whose actual nationality is still to be confirmed.

These steps follow the same pattern over and over. Russia receives unsubstantiated accusations while the accuser also declares its emphatic refusal to have any contact in order to establish the truth. Instead, we hear ridiculous demands that we clarify a situation that has nothing to do with us, as we have repeatedly stressed.

We cannot but notice that both British and American colleagues are following the same scenario. Not troubling themselves with producing any substantial evidence, they simply compile lists of “Russian agents” to justify, one way or another, the witch hunt started by London and Washington.

Our requests for a joint investigation and legal assistance in the criminal case opened by Russian law enforcement agencies on the attempted murder of a Russian national in the United Kingdom continue to be ignored. Moreover, we can clearly see London’s reluctance to cooperate in establishing the truth.

One thing is clear: the so-called Skripal case instigated by the British officials is being brought to a deadlock on purpose. Instead of carrying out a genuinely independent, objective and transparent investigation into the Salisbury and Amesbury incidents, London stubbornly uses the anti-Russian speakerphone diplomacy and continues the propaganda show in the spirit of the notorious “highly likely”.”

Later, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mariya Zakharova once again drew attention of the media to the mismatches in the data provided by the British side. She pointed out the similar timestamps in the photos provided and described the British actions as the “god-level trolling”.

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Aside from those things mentioned in the article, I wonder why the UK hasn’t mentioned the fragrance in that perfume bottle containing the most lethal / non-lethal toxic nerve agent known to man. Of equal importance, was the label of the perfume bottle written in the Russian language as well? No doubt that would be key to identifying the state actor based on the scrutiny provided by UK’s top investigators thus far.


I think it is true to say that all perfumes are a ‘threat to man’, even the cheap ones :)


And this is why I prefer to have fake evidence being presented then no evidence. You can poke holes into fake evidence, you can’t however disprove a negative.

northerntruthseeker .

The fragrance on the bottle clearly states “Eau de bullshit”…..


There are 2 doors, and as you can easily see, the surrounds are different, like the gate, etc…


Two different exits maybe but the fact that they are at exactly the same distance from two different cameras at exactly the same time is proof enough that this is bogus.


Even if these are two different gates the chances of two connected people being at a gate from a large capacity flight at exactly the same time, to the second, are similar to winning a very large prize in the National lottery :)


No, it is not. If you are together, and then you split and each one gets it´s own gate at the same time, it happens…


You forget the mingling of other passengers also pressing toward the gates.
To see identical times to the second are not likely.



Sometimes, after you get off the plane, you have to walk quite a while until you reach the security gate to the luggage belts. It’s likely the two have been walking side by side for five minutes. Plenty of time to synchronize your steps and exit the airlock shoulder to shoulder on the other side.


This can easily happen at the same time. It’s nothing unusual. What’s strange is they took the frame in the same time stamp. But even there, it may have been a coincidence.


That’s a lot of coincidence.


The chances of it “easily” happening are next to none. You could run a test in real life conditions with two people trying to duplicate it and the chances are that there would be 10 out of 10 failures.


The cameras are probably recording at 25 fps. If you asume around 1m/s walking speed, the two can spread up to one meter apart from each other (or pass with just under 1 second of time difference) and still the tech guy will get identical timestamps in the two frames where both pass the cam at the same distance (to get comparable head sizes).


At 25 fps that’s ONE picture every 2 seconds with that time stamp, not two. And the rear passenger would be visible as the front passenger was being photographed.


1. fps means ‘frames per second’, so 50 frames in two seconds or one frame every 0.04s.

2. They are not walking behind, but next to each other, passing through adjacent gates. That’s why the camera agles of the two differ slightly.

So if they aproached the gates walking side by side, it’s very likely that they kept their speeds and passed within a very small margin.


fps or fpm, or the same gate or adjacent gates, it’s immaterial. The point from the article is:

“The simple answer is that the timestamp was added to the pictures later to coonfirm the version provided by the UK. In this case, the entire “evidence” provided by the UK becomes unreliable.”

You make a lot of assumptions, based on optimal condition hypotheticals, without supporting evidence, of what’s likely. I wouldn’t jump to those conclusions when the supporting evidence is being withheld, and what is being provided looks doctored with one time stamp superimposed on top of another:

comment image


I can’t see any evidence of tampering here, over the resizing- and compression-artefacts.

Obviously the frame was resized with anti-aliasing applied and so all high contrast edges (like the timestamp) get blurred.

There are only few assumptions involved. The two traveled together, were probably seated together and deborded together. No conspiracy, no magic.

You could play the probabilities for them to get the same timestam


You’re ignoring the point that I made about 1 timestamp superimposed over another of a different type font. Which is suspicious and clear evidence of possible tampering. In addition one image has a different time stamp from identical cameras on the same system and the other doesn’t:

comment image


You’re assuming that they entered two different exit corridors walking side by side, when there’s no evidence released showing that they entered the corridors like that. You don’t know what other passengers were entering the exit corridors at the same time, which is common when a flight arrives and the whole plane load heads for the exit at once. So even if the Russians approached the exit corridors walking side by side. There could have been other passengers in front of them that would alter their passage through the corridors. And you can see that they have different luggage loads. One clearly has something in one hand. Either a carry bag or wheeled luggage. Which can significantly effect foot speed.

And that they then proceeded down the long corridors at close to identical speeds and reached high fps cameras less than 1 second and 1 meter apart from each other. Human beings out of sight of each other with different luggage loads are unlikely to maintain identical foot speeds over a significant distance. And no evidence has been released showing them exiting the corridors less than 1 meter apart.

Your assumptions that they entered the corridors at the same time, traveled down them at almost identical speeds, and exited them less than 1 meter apart, and that the cameras where 25fps, and not 20, 15, 10, 5 or 1 fps, which are all common security camera speeds. Are unsupported by evidence showing them entering and exiting the corridors at identical times from cameras outside the corridors at either end. You also haven’t provided any evidence to support your 25 fps frame rate speed. 25 fps is at the high end of security cameras. Anything lower decreases the time frame of when they would have to arrive at the same location to receive identical timestamps.

These location and rate of travel issues taken in conjunction with superimposed time stamps of different fonts which are only present on one image and not the other. Doesn’t meet the evidence threshold of beyond reasonable doubt that the government is a suspect of misdemeanor or felony evidence tampering. Any competent criminal investigator would say that there is sufficient suspicion of criminal activity on the part of the government to warrant further investigation of the Russian’s luggage configuration as it would effect foot speed through the corridors, the camera footage of the areas outside the corridors at either end, and the original unaltered video records of the corridor cameras showing the passengers traveling through them.

As far as the rest of your post questioning the lack of professionalism of how the purported op was allegedly carried out by a high end intel service like Russia’s, I agree that that is also suspicious.


You mean that partially visible timestamp underneath, in a box? That’s a windows feature. Bubble tooltip something. In their player it seems to pop open that thing over your mouse if you hover over the time-slider. And then they took the screenshot. Resizing ant AA is normal if you screenshot from the desktop instead of extract the frame from the recorded stream and save it in a lossless format…


That’s one possible explanation, if you can demonstrate that that’s how the software that they’re using functions, another explanation is that it’s an indication that the clips have been altered. As you’ve already indicated several times that you believe is what happened.

Whether a crime has been committed during the alteration process that you’ve stated that you believe has occurred, is something that would have to be determined by a more extensive investigation to determine by how, by whom, and to what extent that the evidence has been altered.

An objective prosecutor of government corruption reviewing the clips that you feel have been altered by evidence techs or others, and questionable synchronicity of two people traveling through separate long corridors during peak hours in one of the busiest airports on the planet, and reaching the same positions at the end within fractions of a second of each other. Would be reasonable grounds for proceeding with an investigation of government wrong doing.


This is a tutorial that explains how the British make fake security videos:


The UK government has a history of involvement in chemical weapons fraud, as the Chilcot inquiry and OPCW Douma report show. The chances of there being two identical time stamps of suspects is far from “very likely”. The more plausible explanation is that it’s unlikely. And when taken with the government’s history of chemical weapons fraud, and what looks like one time stamp superimposed over another on doctored photo. It raises serious doubt about the government’s version of events.


I try not to let my disgust for the UK government get the better of me when I look at the facts we got.

Keep an open mind and don’t get too excited.


Judicial quality evidence grading for investigative purposes, from circumstantial to prima facia, is affected by issues such as criminal profiling. The UK government has serious criminal profiling issues that extend back a considerable amount of time. If you’re not taking these issues into consideration, you probably should be.


It seems like common sense to me!


These are the corridors that they walked down, the cameras are at the very end. The chances of both men reaching the identical spot less than 1 second from each other, are remote at best. The more likely explanation is that the time stamps are fake:comment imagecomment image


Would you believe your eyes, or PM May????

Concrete Mike

I agree with maria z. , this is infantile trolling.

This novichok is supposed to be highly volatile, yet it was still present 2 MONTHS later. How did the next guest or housekeeping not get poisened if its so deadly??

Oh wait, its because it never fucking happened the way you said it did.

How stupid can you be??? Especially the media, how dumb can one be. I am not a chemist, let alone an organic chemist, but volatility is a simple concept within anyone’s grasp. Just understanding this little point is very important yet conviniently omitted all the time.

The point of this nerve agent was this: it dissipated very quickly, so you can send ground troops quickly in behind without contaminating them. That was the design critiriea as I understood it.

Also, skripal the father, some rumors say that he was involved in arms smuggling for terrorists in syria. The russians were watching him, this is well known. Eliminating Sergei is more beneficial for the UK than russia.

Give it up UK, your done. Your story has more holes in it than a #200 sieve.

We all know this is just pumping up tires before the next idlib false flag CW “attack”.


But this would imply the UK gov is lying?!?


The time stamped photos are from 2 different gates, there are 5 identical entry gates at that airport.. So they paused it at the same time and took snapshots. I am sure all 5 gates are synced to the same video.

They should have also released the photos the men gave when applying for their visa’s.


The vapor pressure of those compounds isn’t very high at room temperature. It’s not like you pour diethyl ether on a flat surface and you can watch it evaporate.

It’s also a question of the material that was in contact with the stuff. If it is very porous or of similar chemical properties, the toxin will enter by diffusion or be adsorbed/dissolved, also following the rules for diffusion. This can stop enough molecules from leaving and may protect it from water or oxygen, which are normally the reaction partners those substances do their decomposition with, if exposed.

Since trace analysis is really, really crazy good with finding ridiculously small trace amounts, I would not dogmatically exclude positive samples under those conditions.

Concrete Mike

Thanks, i hadnt considered the permeability of surfaces aspect. I still find the story ludacris though.


Yeah, very little adds up. Most of all the lack of acute effects. That stuff is supposed to give you pretty strong symptoms shortly after exposure, even with sublethal doses.


No, that is bullshit and hogwash.

Basically, they are claiming that after 2 months they found some conclusive evidence of the presence of Novichok in the room, but the tests destroyed all the evidence, so even a further extensive test could not find anything (just in case an independent investigation was to be requested).

So much for their “crazy sensitive” trace analyses.


It is possible that they used up all their samples in the analysis. And GC-MS is destructive – once injected and your sample is gone.

It is EXTREMELY unlikely, though, that they barely managed to scrape together enough to accomplish one single set of analysis-runs, get a conclusive result and have zero material left to play with.
In general the lab HAS TO HAVE saved a reference sample, so the analysis can be repeated independently.
If it was my lab, I would not for the life of mine let any analysis results leave the house if there’s no reference sample left in my fridge which I can use as proof in court that I’m not a hack.

This has a very dodgy smell to it.

I don’t know exactly which of the NC molecules they were after, so I have no clue what they were analyzing for in the first place. It’s possible that the substance in question leaves very specific decomposition products which show a much greater stability and persistance in the environment than the culprit molecule itself.


I would exclude a military grade weaponised chemical agent 8-10 times more deadly than VX only managing to kill one immune system compromised person out of how many people and places contaminated. It’s not like they make the stuff to make you feel queasy – they make it to KILL. So all this wiffle waffle about doorknobs and perfume bottles and contaminated hotel rooms and everybody except the drug addict recovering is manure of the male cow.

It wasn’t a military grade nerve agent.
And it wasn’t tossed around by the Kremlin either.

Empire's Frontiers

Behaving this way incrementally destroys national pride.

For a peasant to be willing to follow his plantation owner he must trust or fear him.

The myth of the free society means people don’t think to fear their owners, but people do need to believe the myth.

When the myth makers, plantation owners, start divorcing further and further from reality, they’re creating a situation where the population (or others) will be poised to lead a coup or revolution when that population is dragged to war.

That is, find me the 10 brits and five Americans willing to spill their blood in Asia because May or Trump asked them to.
The last time they went to Asia they rounded up a million credulous slaves.

This time they’ve got only mercenaries and tools.


Very true and I am ashamed of Britain now.


Let’s use Occam’s razor on this one. Perhaps the British position might be explained by some rupture of the time-space continuum, Astral Plane theory, or an alternate universe cross-over hypothesis? Else, the UK is lying.

Lazy Gamer

Where are these 2 guys now?


In a new Crisis Actor job as Russian Agents who promoted Brexit I understand. :)
Funded by the Khazar wing of the UK Labour Party together with the Conservative parties Friends of Israel, commonly known as Paedophiles R Us :)

Feudalism Victory

Is the incompentence on purpose? Some resisters in the british establishment.


Why didnt they hire the white helmets to fake this? They would have done a better job


Let me get this story right from the UK gov. These two Russian agents walk around London with a container of Novichok leaking behind them like a soggy paper carton of Chinese take-out, into the hotel room and down to the park through the streets and only four people got poisoned by this. And we’re supposed to be hyperventilating in fear over these dangerous Russians?Oh yeah I believe the UK government. Do the US and UK governments have a contest going on to see which one can come up with the stupidest story that their people will believe?


” Do the US and UK governments have a contest going on to see which one can come up with the stupidest story that their people will believe? ”

In a nutshell, YES :)


ZP russ • a few seconds ago

Imagine all this “evidence” was your excuse for being late to school at grade 5? The Teacher (and probably one half of the class too) would have died of laughter

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

As a Chemistry graduate from one of the top 3 UK Universities, I am totally disgusted by my branch of Science. I would suggest that all the chemists working in the various chemical weapons programs be fired immediately and charged with fraud. Why? Let’s look at the UK’s story.
Fact one: the Novichuk (Fluoro-organophosphate derivatives) was of such high purity that the UK elite claimed only a state laboratory (Russian) could have produced it.
Fact two: when this Novichuk gel/spray was applied to the Skripal door handle, and the said Skripals touched the “weapons grade Novichuk of high purity”, it took nearly 3 hours for them to collapse in the park, AFTER having time to drive around Salisbury, go to the pub and then eat at the Zizzis restaurant.
We have been had, haven’t we?
These weapons grade deadly nerve agents aren’t really that deadly, are they? Millions around the world have been fooled by these fraudulent chemists.
They would be better employed synthesising new narcotics after having served 20 years for fraud.
The average teenager would have been more deadly, armed with just a common kitchen knife (happens every day in London, without an act of war being declared).
Apologies to the world for the stories of the LYING UK elite from this UK Pleb.
We are not as stupid as our leaders think!


Look also at supposed acetylcholine release triggered by the nerve agent, NO symptoms of the type expected, including hyper tonality of skeletal muscles (this activates at the neuromuscular junction) were seen in the Skrypals, yet another of the many weak links.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Thanks for your sharp medical knowledge and understanding which reveals more holes in this Novichuk nerve agent hoax.
As for symptoms, the Skripals should have been dead long before they reached any hospital, but we are lead to believe that their miraculous recovery was due to the world class expertise of our miracle-working NHS doctors.
The LYING UK elite is really determined to start WW3.


I find it rather interesting that when 2 people leave the house in Britain bother are required to close the door….. here our doors require only one person.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Our UK doors are very heavy, made of real oak, and require the force of two adults to at the SAME time to close them, and they creak so loudly that they wake up the dead.
And we have world class NHS doctors that can bring the dead back to life by just laying their hands. Gedditt?


Where is the doorknob situated that both people have at least one hand on the doorknob? … Either at the same time or one after the other?

…Don’ have that problem here – our doors being made of grass’n all.
Rondavels (mud huts) require the grass doors for privacy during kafoefling – for those who bother. Oh yeah – and to keep the tigers out.

Great doctors you have over there – you call them Jesus?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Yes, we have world class NHS doctors, that is National Health Service for you unfortunate foreigners (still living in mud huts without any door-knobs and doors), and these miracle workers come free of any charge!
Apologies for this pure propaganda by the lying shameless UK elite.


From the article:

“On the 14 March the Prime Minister said there is no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian State was culpable for the attempted murder of Mr Skripal and his daughter.”

Where have we heard this before:

“Tony Blair convinced himself with unjustified certainty that Iraq’s President, Saddam Hussein, had weapons of mass destruction, when intelligence reports had not established “beyond doubt” that they existed, the long awaited Chilcot report has damningly concluded.

The Prime Minister was so convinced that of the presence of the non-existent WMDs that he sent British troops into Iraq when diplomacy might still have resolved the crisis. But the secret intelligence reports he had been shown “did not justify” his certainty, Sir John Chilcot concluded.”

– Chilcot report: Blair didn’t tell truth about WMDs, the deal with Bush or the warnings of fallout – how Britain went to war in Iraq –


As far as the veracity of “evidence” used to justify bombing Syria by the UK and other governments. The OPCW report calls that into question also. From the OPCW report:

“The FFM’s activities in Douma included on-site visits to collect environmental samples, interviews with witnesses, data collection. In a neighbouring country, the FFM team gathered or received biological and environmental samples, and conducted witness interviews.

OPCW designated labs conducted analysis of prioritised samples. The results show that no organophosphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected in the environmental samples or in the plasma samples taken from alleged casualties.”

– OPCW Issues Fact-Finding Mission Reports on Chemical Weapons Use Allegations in Douma, Syria in 2018 –


Which contradicts reports from prior to the Syria bombings by the UK, US and France stating that nerve agents had been used:

“Blood and urine samples from the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria have tested positive for chlorine gas and a nerve agent, according to U.S. officials.”

– US found chlorine gas, nerve agent in samples from Syria attack –



There are many reports, some of which made it into the western msm, with a lot of evidence that there was a terrorist chemical weapons lab in Ghouta, that included chlorine capability:

““In addition, a balloon with chlorine, similar to that used by militants for setting up a replicated fake plot, was found in the warehouse.

“It can be concluded that this laboratory was used by illegal armed formations for the production of poisonous substances.””

– Syrian chemical weapons lab where REBELS made ‘poison substances’ found –



And now this just in:

“SEVERAL plane passengers who landed at Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday from international flights have been quarantined. …

Twelve passengers, on American Airlines flights from Paris and Munich were experiencing flu-like symptoms.

On Wednesday, at least 19 people aboard an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York were confirmed ill when the aircraft landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport.”

– 12 passengers fall ILL on TWO flights to Philadelphia from Europe –


Valerianus Maximus

“One Adam 12, be on the lookout for two Russian infiltrators in the vicinity of MI6 asset (AKA the now embarrassing and expendable Great Slav espionage agent). One goes by the name of Frank Martin (AKA Jason Statham) and the other by the name of Hans Gruber (AKA Alan Rickman). Suspects are armed with Novocains, a deadly substance developed by evil Soviet scientists to prep dental patients — use extreme caution when confronting, lest you be numbed. A NYPD detective is in freelance pursuit, but he lost his shoes, got high on cocaine, and is currently throwing a cigarette lighter at a United Airlines plane full of Blackwater mercenaries at Heathrow. Be on the lookout for his intervention.”

Luke Hemmming

Notice how they linger around cameras making sure their images are clear so the authorities can identify them easily. There is a shot of them next to the turnstiles at a train station. You can clearly see their faces in it. There seems to be no attempt to hide themselves. If they are professionals then that is a pretty average attempt. It looked like they were waiting for someone. It’s kinda like when terrorists leave their passports or drivers licenses at the scene of the crimes they supposedly committed making it easy for authorities to identify them hahaha awww how thoughtful of them terrorists. I’m guessing these two are been used by a intelligence agency to be used as ‘suspects’ for this operation. Any good intelligent agent would at least make an attempt to hide their identity especially knowing how much the UK love their surveillance cameras. I smell a setup here. Anyone else thinking the same?


This looks like two time stamps to me, one added on latter on top of the other:

comment image


I’m not sure anybody with an IQ in double figures believes the worst scripted and executed US-UK false flag in living memory that is the Skripal pantomime …. even my mother who is in her 80s is laughing at how pathetic it is … to call it an own goal would be the understatement of the century.comment image


It obviously fixes ones bad eye-sight?


This is the entrance to the corridors where the stills were taken:
comment image


The chances of the two suspects walking through two different corridors at exactly the same time and reaching the same camera locations within 1 second of each other to provide identical time stamps are remote.

Ray Visino

Looks entirely possible that two people walking together could go through at exactly the same time.


Possible, but loaded with luggage going down narrow corridors it’s unlikely. It’s probable cause to suspect that the government is involved in evidence tampering warranting an investigation into possible government corruption. The video of the Russians entering and exiting the corridors hasn’t been released. Why are there two time stamps in different fonts on one clip and not the other? What is the government hiding, are they involved in a cover up of misdemeanor or felony crime committed by government personnel?


How to doctor a security video:

jabirujoe .

I wonder if the white helmets are watching?


There’s a simple way to determine whether the evidence has been falsified with fake time stamps, as appears to be the case. And that’s for video showing the suspects approaching, passing through, and exiting the corridors to be provided for examination.

The link is interactive, you can walk through the entire terminal using the on screen controls. The red and white compass needle provides 360 degree viewing. And if you place your cursor over the image, it provides an arrow to advance the image through the airport.


John Mason

It does pay to go in disguise.


The Russians are at or near the top of the class with this type of stuff. For them to leave an evidence trail a mile long is unlikely.

John Mason

Well, if the Israelis can assassinate Syrian and Iranian scientist with immunity then I can’t see the Russians doing any wrong. I doubt that the Russians would even bother, if they did then there are bigger fish to fry.


The Jews per capita are in a league of their own. But US drone strikes, considering collateral damage, might give them a run for their money. The Russians are far down the list.

John Mason

problem with this sort of BS is that a lot of people will get killed, all over a lie.


Well about 15 million soldiers were killed in WWI, supposedly because a Hungarian Duke got shot by a Serb.

People actually believe that Britain and France went to war with Germany, because a Serb killed a Hungarian.

The real story is oil, Total and BP, which was called the Anglo Persian Oil Company(APOC) at the time, had a monopoly on all oil supplies to Germany. Germany was attempting to build a railway to Iraq, and buy its oil directly.
The US entered WWI, because American banks had financed France/UK and were worried they would not be repaid if Germany won

Over 100 years later, FUKUS are still trying to control fuel to Germany.

All wars are about money.

jabirujoe .

World famous inspector Jacques Clouseau today added to the controversy when he released a brief statement about the investigation to date:comment image


So if they were just splashing Novichok all over the place and in their hotel room, how come these Russians didn’t die from it? How come the targets didn’t die from it? I thought the whole reason for this shit storm was how deadly this Novichok agent is.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x