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JUNE 2021

New Migrant Route To Europe Appearing In Black Sea?

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New Migrant Route To Europe Appearing In Black Sea?

On Monday, Romanian authorities said that they had caught a fishing boat with 68 asylum seekers off the country’s coast.

The boat was carrying Iraqis and Syrians, including 23 children. It was was intercepted late Sunday in the Black Sea in Romania’s southeastern Constanta region. This was the second such incident in a week.

The report raised fears that a new migrant route to Europe was opening up.

“They were accompanied by two Turkish traffickers,” Ionela Pasat, a spokeswoman for the Constanta coastguard, told AFP.

On August 13, a boat with 69 Iraqi migrants was caught in Romanian waters. One Bulgarian and one Cypriot were taken into custody on suspicion of human trafficking.

Romania is not a part of the EU passport-free Schengen zone and has largely been spared the ongoing migration crisis. However, the recent events show that the situation is rapidly developing.

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Ha ha ha. Welcome to the NWO.


Two stupid people.

First, European slaves go to kill people all around the world than they blame the migrants not their governments.
Of course, you have destroyed Libya and now you are crying about african migrants ? XD.
Of course, you have destroyed the Midlle east and now you are crying about middle eastern migrants ? XD.

Second. These stupid middle eastern go to the countries that have destroyed their countries. XD

Just two stupids people manipulated by the globalists because they are so stupid.


Exactly. The EU has been complicit in destroying the very countries that migrants are fleeing from.
I find it hard to believe that those responsible in the EU are stupid and that being the case they must have intended this flood of refugees to dilute the cohesiveness of the traditional Euripean populations.


It’s 100% planed. The globalists want to weaken Europeans by flooding theml with third world people. At the same time, they claim to be kind and help the people that they bomb everyday since 2 centuries.

The false flags are meant to keep occupying these countries to prevent any solution.

But, like I have said 80% of people on Earth is stupid and will never ever notice a damn thing.

Tudor Miron



Only that he PLACE they brought the migrants is the worst at the Black-Sea , after Ukraine, where no one would go anyway.
The Romanians will play a while with this apparently “refugees”/ economically ERDOGAN -CIA-“moderate-rebels” (sic!), but then the Romanians will shoot on the Turkish ships that download in small boats the migrants. The Turks calculated the “bill” without the “bar-tender”.
The Romanian Border-patrols SHOOT SHARP, don’t “arrest & read the rights”.
And nobody will even know what really happened .

This is this f*king RECEP ERDOGAN involved again, he and his dogs make a lot of MONEY thru trafficking drugs, stolen OIL, human-organs-traffic.. and this “transfer of fatigue Muslim-Brotherhood warriors” in “recovering-centers” aka GERMANY, SWEDEN..


Isn’t it funny that Trump banned Syrians from entering USA but he is building military bases in Syria ?

F*ck Trump.


The ten major US bases are ongoing CIA/ SOF projects and are in northeast and were sanctioned under the Obama era – the two southeast Jordanian border SOF bases were instigated under the Trump era and are slowly withering on the vine.


Either you close the borders on two sides, either you shut up and eat.


As long as the EU has a two faced policy of trying to keep migrants out, but rolling out the red carpet once they make it into the EU, then migrants will try to find a way to come here. And find one, as humans are smart and resourceful. Especially the ones who have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The only thing that will stop is stop accepting socalled refugees and migrants and instantly sending them back. No mercy. There’s every point in trying to cross over into the EU if they know that once they’re in the good life will await them. If there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell for that to happen then there’s little point in getting killed trying to cross over into Europe.


Have you watched the latest video from Ceuta, where hordes of Africans crashed the flood gates called “EU border” with extreme ease.? Truth is EU is only encouraging millions of arabs and africans to immigrate, and only nominally pretending to contain it on paper so anti-EU sentiment doesn’t rise too quickly among still prevailent caucasian whites. But soon they’re the minority so they don’t even need to even pretend. IIRC some investigative journalist dug up internal EU documents which talked about importing 60M Africans.

Cheryl Brandon

Failed Globalists/Neo Conservative Ecomnomiy have failed so, the people tyake to the seas to seee if they can get into a nother Neo Conservative economy, where therich are gettign richer and the poor are getting poorer West of Romania? There are no jobs in migrant camps in Europe and now papers either.

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