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New maidan against Poroshenko was demolished


New maidan against Poroshenko was demolishedAt night aggressive people in masks demolished the tents of protesters on Maidan. This was reported by activists on Facebook social network on June 8, 2015.
The participants demanded the investigation of crimes against Maidan, indexation of social payments and the abolition of existing tariffs for housing and communal services. Several dozen people who call themselves the “third Maidan”, intend to meet with Petro Poroshenko.
Ukrainians are not satisfied with the political and economic results. The Poroshenko’s regime does not plan to stop a punitive war, pay social benefits and respond for his crimes. Moreover, according to a Donetsk People’s Republic’s official, Ukrainian forces began shelling along the entire contact line early Wednesday morning, killing at least 15 DPR(Donetsk People’s Republic) military personnel. It is a huge ceasefire violation between the country’s East and West that could lead to a new escalation of violence.
Ukrainian citizens are tired of these counterproductive measures and try to set up new “Maidan” against Poroshenko. But freedom of speech is strictly prohibited in Ukraine as was showed on the eve.



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