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New Leader For Libya

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New Leader For Libya

Libya’s eastern-based commander Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi, Libya, October 14, 2017 [Reuters]

Khalifa Haftar is losing not only militarily positions but, above all, the political support of his international allies. Among the powers behind the Libyan camp in the East, the rating of Marshal is collapsing as the rating of the Chairman of the Tobruk “Parliament”, Aguila Saleh, grows. It seems that Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which have supported Haftar since his ascension in 2015, but also his more restrained sponsors like Russia and France, are less supportive of the Marshal’s policy and may find it necessary to change his figure as the leader of Eastern Libya.

New Leader For Libya

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Hawtar’s offensive on Tripoli, launched in April 2019, was supposed to last 72 hours and to bring to its knees the government of Fayez Sarraj, recognized by the UN but suspected of supporting Islamists. A year later, several thousand people were killed in the fighting, including hundreds of civilians. At the same time, the influence of Turkey, which supports the GNA, is increasing in the Libyan capital.

Certainly, the failure of Haftar’s offensive caused discontent among his supporters. First of all, his “godfathers” reproached him for refusing to negotiate a favorable political solution while he was in a powerful position.

New Leader For Libya

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Haftar largely lost international support after declaring on April 27, that the Libyan national army (LNA) was accepting a “popular mandate” to govern the country. At the same time, he did not explain what form the new power structure would take. This confirms the absence of a political strategy for governing the country.

Haftar’s statement was not supported by his international partners and also had important political consequences within the country.

Till now, Khalifa Haftar has been the main figure in the process of communication with the international community. Above all, his desire to gain full power significantly downplays the importance of the civil authority operating in Eastern Libya, the House of Representatives, the Parliament elected in 2014 shortly before the country’s split, to which Haftar owes his legitimacy as Marshal.

“Khalifa Haftar’s statement is strong when the international community already tends to address him rather than these authorities. He thus weakened the institutions, leaving Aguilah Saleh [Speaker of Parliament, ed.] with only symbolic power, like The Queen of England. “- said Jalel Harchaoui, researcher at the Clingendael Institute in The Hague.

New Leader For Libya

President of the Libyan Parliament Aquila Saleh during a meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow

At a time when Haftar’s reputation was rapidly falling, the figure of Aguila Saleh Issa, President of the House of Representatives located in the city of Tobruk, appeared on the political scene.

76-year-old Saleh is a lawyer who built his entire career in Gaddafi’s Libya. Unknown before, he emerged after the dictator’s fall in 2011 thanks to two assets: his affiliation with the Obeidat, a powerful Eastern tribe, and his connection to Egypt.

Shortly before Marshal Haftar’s announcement, Saleh proposed a reform of the Presidential Council. In particular, the politician suggested that each of the three regions (Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan) chose their representatives to the Presidential Council, which should consist of a leader and two deputies. They, in turn, must appoint the Prime Minister and his two deputies, who will also represent the three regions and will be approved by the House of Representatives. The head of the Council and the Prime Minister cannot be from the same region. The right to appoint a defense Minister, according to Saleh’s plan, should remain with the military itself, and all members of the Presidential Council will lead the armed forces collectively. Pragmatic Saleh is in favor of united but to a large extent decentralized Libya, which preserves the interests of the East and of the Obeidat.

A few days later, Aguila Saleh admitted at a tribal meeting that his decision had been influenced by Russia, which was concerned about the Haftar’s disadvantageous position.

Saleh’s proposal was apparently intended to remind that “Khalifa Haftar is officially under his authority”, according to Jalel Harchaoui, researcher at the Clingendael Institute in The Hague.

Saleh’s proposal received broad support from the Libyan population, which is opposed to the bloody war in Tripoli, as well as from the part that is hostile to the idea of establishing a military dictatorship in the country.

New Leader For Libya

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,Khalifa Haftar, Aguila Saleh at a press conference in Cairo on June 6, 2020 (Photo via Egyptian Presidency)

It also formed the basis of the ‘’Cairo initiative”, which was developed by Egyptian President. Against the recent victories, the Government of national accord (GNA) was not ready to agree to a cease-fire and rejected this initiative. Over the past two months, GNA forces have inflicted several significant defeats on Haftar’s army, pushing it away from the approaches to the capital.

This position of the GNA is due to Turkey’s direct influence on Tripoli’s policy. To date, Turkey, who actively supports the GNA with military capabilities that also require large financial expenditures, is achieving its political, military and financial goals.

However, Saleh’s initiative was seen by officials in Tripoli as a further starting point for a credible political way to stop the bloodshed.

“Political negotiations with the East will take place, but we must take Sirte and al-Jufra first to prevent Russia from establishing its bases there,” Tripoli interior Minister Fathi Bashaga said in his interview for Bloomberg.

The international community, which no longer tolerates Haftar’s rejection of the agreements adopted for Libya, has begun to negotiate with Aguila Saleh, expressing significant support for his initiative.

Saleh maintains close cooperation with Egypt, as his initiative complies with the priorities of the neighboring country, which is interested in regional stability. Saleh was invited along with Haftar to Cairo for a presentation of the peace plan for Libya, prepared by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

On June 24, Aguila Saleh declared that the Libyans were unanimous in backing Sisi’s efforts towards their country, whether in regards to his Cairo Declaration or his readiness to intervene militarily to help them preserve their resources against foreign forces.

New Leader For Libya

Illustrative image

Certainly, in the case of destruction of the current military front and the active advance of the GNA forces to the East, Egypt will be ready to send troops to the territory of Libya. The leadership in Tripoli is strongly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood organisation, and Turkey actively supports by its foreign policy this movement, which is a direct threat to Egypt. In the present circumstances it is dangerous for Egypt to participate in the Libyan conflict, since this is fraught with increased terrorist activity on its territory. However, “the red lines” remain, and if the forces controlled by Sarraj cross them, Egypt will bring its troops into Libya. In this situation the figure of Saleh is extremely important, since he has the opportunity to fix the current military situation ad hoc and move to the political regulation of existing differences.

New Leader For Libya

03.07.2020 Saleh meets with Lavrov in Moscow, Source: Twitter account @LNA2019M

After having visited Cairo on June 6, Saleh went directly to Moscow to discuss the political process in the country. Saleh, who had denied the existence of differences between him and Haftar, added that the Russians also requested the restructuring of the Presidential Council, currently headed by Government of National Accord chief Fayez al-Sarraj. Moscow demanded a ceasefire in the fighting for Tripoli in line with the Berlin Conference and called for forming a new Presidential Council.

“It seems to me that this is exactly what we have been talking about all these years, that the Libyans themselves should find approaches that are generally acceptable to them to build a dialogue first, and then to settle their new state, and external players should encourage such approaches,” Russian foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said. At the same time, he declared that Haftar’s actions were unacceptable.

On July 3, Saleh’s delegation visited Moscow and held talks with Sergey Lavrov, during which they discussed the “Cairo initiative”, and announced the reopening of the Russian Embassy in Libya.

US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland held talks with Aquila Saleh. The both sides “… agreed that there is no military solution in Libya, on rejecting an approach of imposing facts on the ground, and on the importance of continuing” negotiations facilitated by the UN mission to Libya, read a US embassy statement.

Saleh congratulated Norland on the confidence placed in him by the United States. Norland highlighted the importance of counter-terrorism and the risk that continued conflict will open space for terrorist elements to regroup across the country.

Smail Chergui, Commissioner for peace and security of the African Union (AU), said: “It seems to me that there are ongoing efforts to get the Al-Bayda Parliament to contribute to an immediate solution to the problems. Thus, we see that there are still displacements in the region, both of Prime Minister [Fayez] Al-Sarraj, and of President Aguila [Saleh] of the Al-Bayda Parliament. I believe that we will need to be able to consolidate these kinds of efforts that could perhaps enable us to have a lasting solution.’’

New Leader For Libya

Smail Chergui, Commissioner for peace and security of the African Union

While the French President, Emmanuel Macron, denies any military presence in Libya and providing any assistance to LNA forces, the French media is actively considering Saleh’s candidacy as the main leader of the forces in Eastern Libya. Replacing Haftar with Saleh would be acceptable to many interested parties, and would also facilitate dialogue with the GNA.

The French international public radio station Radio France Internationale claimed:

Sources close to the Parliament in Benghazi say that Russia, the United States and the UN “are actively looking for another personality who better respects the agreements for the next period”, especially since the camp of Fayez Al-Sarraj categorically refuses to sit at the same table with Marshal Haftar, “the putschist”, as they prefer to call him. The replacement of the eastern Libyan warlord would be a prerequisite for a possible return to the negotiating table in Libya.

At the same time, on July 2, while Saleh was on his way to Moscow, French foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian contacted Marshal Haftar to discuss the situation in Libya. During the conversation, he stressed the importance of resolving the conflict through political means.

Thus, the figure of Saleh as the leader of Eastern Libya could be supported by the international community. He has already become an important figure in the process of communication with foreign partners. Thus, external players are trying to influence the reformatting of forces within the government of Eastern Libya.

This process is in the interests of many sides, except of Khalifa Haftar, who has lost his position as the undisputed Libyan leader. Haftar, known for having crushed all the senior officers who opposed his ideas, seems to bow this time to a civilian.

The current aggravation of the situation in Libya and preparations for the battle for Sirte are quite advantageous for Marshal. Victory over the GNA would allow him not only to get closer to realizing its main goal – to capture Tripoli, but also to prove his case that the situation in Libya can only be normalized by the military victory of the LNA and with the mandatory expulsion from the country of all troops of foreign interventionists.


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  1. Rhodium 10 says:

    GNA dont have the control of any oil field..therefore LNA is winning in Libya!..GNA dont have any chance to retake Sirte while Egipt, Russia, UAE, Greece and France support LNA…

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:


    2. cechas vodobenikov says:

      who will assist turkeys except Qatar and azerbijian?

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Turkey has pretty wide support actually, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan and many others. Egyptian cunt Sisi overthrew the only elected government in history and that has not gone done too well in the region, even the Ansarallah and Hezbollah are sympathetic to Turkey and have not condemned its annexation of Libya. Egyptians are widely despised in the Arab world.

        1. Brother Ma says:

          Sisis overthrew a Moslem Brotherhood gov and that is fine with me. Democracy is only of value of it is democratic. If it pursues policies of racism and inequality against Christians etc then it is a majority rabble simply “legitimated” by majority vote numbers. This negates all advantages and good or of democratic elections . I know many democratic elections ted countries that are shithole ie USA and other dictatorships that are of fairly high standard.

          It worries me that Iran doesn’t castigate Turkey more and it hunk it will not last. Russia and Iran will have to break with them.

          Why dont Arabs -rest of ,like Egyptians?

          1. Pork says:

            Because 50 yrs ago they were the heros that sold out to the ziopigs

          2. Brother Ma says:

            Come on man …you don’t believe that! If that was the reason then you should hate Saudi Arabia , Kuwait,Qatar ,UAE and Jordan as well. All are collaborators since then as well and before.

            Thanks for your answer however.

          3. Pork says:

            You hit the nail on the head…Arab régimes are garbage for the most part. Jordan has always played the middle but leaning towards US. It’s how it survives…the rest ate corrupt and worthless. 70 yrs and nothing.

          4. Pork says:

            Arafat collaborated as well. A fact. At one point or another they all do.

          5. Brother Ma says:

            She was a dumb cow that Condoleezza . Utter stupidity as I don’t think it was malice. Nevertheless ,she was and is dangerous , just as a rabid dog .

      2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        You will find out very soon do not forget Pakistan

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          I did explain to him, to look beyond the usual Jew media bullshit, the situation is more complex. Most of the Arabs even hate the UAE, Saudi and Egyptian cunts, both Tunisia and Algeria are supportive of Turkey.

          1. Brother Ma says:

            Unfortunately true. I always knew Libyans hated aegyptians so that is a problem and if smart , Turkey will work on it. As for Tunisia , it is filled with Moslem Brotherhood pigdogs. Sooner that place is nuked, the better.

      3. FlorianGeyer says:

        The CIA likes to play both sides of a conflict.

    3. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      oil field they can’t Touch if they sell the oil. money must transfer to Capital gna government banks that is the rules.. maybe maybe Russia and the French can slow GNA .but UAE. Egypt got no chance. Specially bankrupt Greece

      1. occupybacon says:

        Why do you think money should be transfered to Tripoli, money don’t have such rules :)

    4. Brother Ma says:

      Yes but the Haftar allies are wavering and i wouldn’t be surprised all majors bow out to Erdo. Big mistake. He needs a rocket up his arse .

      Sf probably mirroring Russia gov official line. I can remember when Turkey was Russia’s enemy and slowly SF- has like Russia -become neutral and pulling it’s punches when commenting on Russian affairs.

  2. S Melanson says:

    The GNA have demanded Haftar be removed from any political negotiations. This demand is looking more and more likely it will be met as Haftar’s backers melt away – and the reasons why are no mystery.

    Halter failed to take Tripoli when there was a chance, now Turkey has closed that door. Haftar, in addition to poor performance on the military front, Haftar has also has played his hand poorly lately in political matters and now is increasingly perceived by his backers as a liability.

    Both sides can move towards a political settlement if Haftar is removed as demanded by the GNA. Egypt does not want to intervene and Erdogan sees diplomatic channels as a means to consolidate Turkeys position in Libya, end the civil war and above all, avert a confrontation with Egypt.

    1. Fog of War says:

      CIA Haftar ?

      1. S Melanson says:

        Was CIA asset using alias ‘Hifter’, but they had a falling out. Now Haftar is having a falling out with everyone it seems.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Very well put. That is a FACT. Americunts are the most opportunistic and turn on a dime. As I said, there are NO GOOD GUYS IN THIS CONFLICT!

    2. Ronald says:

      And above all scoop some Libyan oil and a nice chunk of Greece and Cyprus off shore.

  3. Assad must stay says:

    gaddafi’s son should be the leader, no one else really deserves it

    1. Lazy Gamer says:

      He should earn it through elections

      1. Assad must stay says:

        sure, if they are fair and legit

        1. Cromwell says:

          Problem Libya is a very Tribal society,the Americans exploited that and it led to the destruction of the Country.

          1. Assad must stay says:

            it must be repaired mister cromwell

          2. Brother Ma says:

            Which is why only a Ghaddaffi could rule it ,just like an Saddam Hussein in Iraq. In any case they were not pigdog -ugly Islamists wanting to take us back to the Middle Ages.

            It is sad re Haftar but noone loves a loser. He should have won Tripoli . I don’t know what happened there. So unfortunately he has to go ; for the Russians ,French etc to have a “clean slate”. Who know what secret talks have been had with the US to have Haftar removed. In any case the us will have fooled Russia and France…again. obviously stupid Russia and France are trying to appear unbiased and pro democracy for the un .

            Funny ,how the whole world doesn’t care if dictator sarragh or Erdogan takes over all of Libya but the whole universe including Russia and France cry about dictatorships of little old Haftar even keeps his part of Libya. If the in and America hates Di tatorships theycango unseat the House of Saud and Erogan first?

            The only reason to remove Haftar is if he is no good at winning battles. I suspect he is fine but Russia is to blame for not arming or advising him properly ‘- probably as a favor to Erdo. So now Russia is just embarrassed of their failure to Hafter -having lost almost all gain-so want to get rid of him.

            No one hates you more than those that have wronged you and they know that.

      2. The Farney Fontenoy says:

        You mean western-style rigged elections?
        Libya had a great representative system prior to 2011, far better than western ‘democracy’.
        I live under democracy, always have-and the guiding principle is that government serve themselves & their friends, they do not give one damn about the people.
        Democracy doesn’t work.

      3. Tommy Jensen says:

        You too.

    2. Ronald says:

      Gaddafi’s son did declare his support for the House of Representatives, the LNA and Haftar, certainly looks like it might be time for him to step up to the plate. He would have the backing of Libyans, but not the MB and the Turkish.
      Who wrote this article SF or al jazeera

  4. cechas vodobenikov says:

    the anglo imperialist, turkeys exploit and created this civil war—if the turkeys attempt to invade Sirte Egypt will destroy to do do birds, send them and their ISIS cohorts back to caves in Ankara…GNA is an anglo turkey puppets regime

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Kiddies, I have no dog in this useless fight by two pathetic cunts for OIL, but the FACT is that the Egyptians are cowards and total slaves of Zionism and as I wrote months ago, Turkey will succeed in colonizing Libya and eventually weaken and Balkanize Egypt, largely because its military is better and more aggressive and it has full NATO support. In sheer military terms, the Turks have proved much better at running a complex combined arms operation 1400 kms from their homeland and have mastered the logistics. Factually, this is no mean feat. As a soldier, I have to give their general high marks for C3I and logistics. Haftar is a corrupt cowardly cunt who self promoted himself as “Field Marshal” of faggots and that is it. Libya is now a lost cause after the Russians tested the waters and took off.

  5. Saubhik Ghosh, frnd of israel says:

    sisi thinks that if he goes for a conflict against Turkey then in his own backyard muslim Brotherhood of egypt may revolt…again egyptian air force is having some fantastic birds but u need PGM as well to drop on d enemy which egypt with its present economic condition cannot afford…LNA at present can only be saved by none other than Russia…France may intervene as well….but as of now things r looking bleak for LNA…Turkey can be abused as much as possible but it cant be ruled out that TFSA is a very well trained and well equipped group…Egypt is failing to control isis in Sinai…it has got no chance against Extremely well trained TFSA……Turky is playing its geopolitical cards extremely well using TFSA and drones without risking its own troops and fighter planes….thus facing no such public backlash…Ottoman empire in the making

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      That is a fair comment. The Turks are a frontline NATO military and have full Americunt support, Egypt is a poor third world corrupt country and its military can’t fight for shit and its airforce is totally inept. In any case, Egypt is totally subservient to Americunts and Zionists and can not blink an eye without their approval. Turkey has succeeded in Libya as there is no resistance now and Russia withdrew the Wagner group.

      1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

        ” Turkey has succeeded in Libya as there is no resistance” ….This is the absolute truth.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          I always try to be objective, Haftar is an opportunistic cunt and the Turkish understanding of Arabs is better than most since their Ottoman Empire ruled them for centuries. Iran is more naive about Arabs. Turkey filled in an obvious vacuum and also now controls immense Libyan and Mediterranean Basin oil and gas. Russia again wavered and lost out.

          1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Turkey had acquired three oil wells in Libya since 2005. ..So the invasion of Libya is not just about NATO….We are talking about something much bigger.


          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Correct, it was all about energy and many interested parties and I initially wrote. The Americunts are now history and the new powers are securing OIL, ENERGY, WATER & FOOD security. I don’t like the British arseholes much, but like their SAS motto WHO DARES WINS and that is exactly what the Turks are doing. The stupid moronic Arabs buy millions of modern weapons and the dumb fuckers can’t fight for shit. On paper Egypt on home ground should have wiped out the Turks by now, but Sisi is a coward and the Egyptian military is even worse as I had predicted based on its pathetic history. Any military that kills its own people, will always lose.

          3. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” Correct, it was all about energy and many interested parties and I initially wrote.” That’s right … and NATO is the “tool” for all this. Those who created NATO created it to protect their own interests … and not the interests of the states.

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            That is why Putin needs to get his head out of his arse and see the whole picture. Russia and China need to start building a stronger counter to NATO, which in reality is quite fragmented and weak.

          5. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            I’ll tell you something, my friend … all the great leaders of the planet controlled by a center of power. For example, Alexander the Great.. Alexander the Great began with another priesthood … and in the process with another priesthood he ended up! The murders of Parmenion, Filotas, Kleitos, Nikomachos, etc. it wasn’t something that happened …The glass was probably overflowing and very serious decisions were made when Alexander made the final decision to campaign with 1,000,000 million men, initially to the western Mediterranean, Southern Europe and North Africa. (what is happening today). He essentially wanted to continue under the Greek hegemony, the plan of Darius and Xerxes. This was unacceptable to some. Death from Hepheastion’s poisoning was the precursor to Alexander’s death. Putin must be careful.

          6. Zionism = EVIL says:

            You are pretty smart guy and have good historical perspective.

          7. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            HE WHOLE PASSION, ALL THE VICTORIES OF THE GREEKS …. I carry within me 40,000 years of Greek history. I am a warrior my friend.


          8. M.A. Lamett says:

            Don’t forget this picture too. Always remember it.

            Greek soldier prisoners in 1974 fllowing Turkish Peace Operation Attila in Cyprus 1974

          9. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Do not forget…the Massacre of the Turkish Paratroopers on the Kotza Kaya hill… When our Paratroopers wrote History! In the photo, Greek cruisers of the 31st Squadron with Turkish boot…The Battle of Kotza Kaya is taught at the Israeli Military School as one of the best operations in the world !!!


          10. M.A. Lamett says:

            Greeks are not known to be good fighters. Turks on contrary are well known in the world for their fighting skills throughout the history. That’s why Turks always beat the Greeks. Remember 1922 Dumlupinar, 1924 Symrna, 1974 Cyprus. The event above you mention was probably a massacre the Greek did commit on civilian Turkish villagers (which there were many). There is no account on this Battle of Kota Kaya anywhere on the internet. So I assume it must be most likely be a made up propaganda story in order to give some kind of high moral to defeated Greeks. 1974 Cyprus victory was a great success for Turkey and a major defeat for Greece. So much so that the Junta regime was toppled in Greece. Greeks will carry this shame forever in their history very much like the Dumlupinar Turkish independence war in 1922, which led to annihilation of the Greek army of nearly 200 thousand soldiers in Asia Minor. All Greek Generals were executed when they returned to Greece following the prisoner exchange for treason and cowardice. That shows the degree of Greek humiliation. If there is a war today between Turkey and Greece, I guarantee you that the Greek army won’t stand a chance. Turkey is a military might, experienced and well equipped with indigenous military equipment. Greece most probably will lose all the 12 islands in the Aegean sea, the entire Cyprus and Crete and also some parts of Greece proper like Thracia including Thessaloniki. Don’t take Turkish military lightly. This time the west won’t come to your help.

            Victories commanders of the Turkish Army in Dumlupinar. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c6aa1197308704b5983e89e065eab2bbaae999e12e9d45a3ac9cd9b0a1a69161.jpg

            Turkish flag representing the moon and the star reflecting on blood shed by Turkish warriors throughout the history on battle fields.


          11. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” Greeks are not known to be good fighters”

            Go downstairs to the port to see if the boats are moving. When the Greeks created the Armed Phalanx which was a war tactic…the Turks in the Mongolian steppe ate grass. When the Greeks fought victoriously in Salamis, Marathon, Thermal Gates, etc….the Turks were dressed in animal skins…That it has to do with war, and the art of war has been discovered by the Greeks….The greatest warriors of all time on the planet were / are Greeks. Achilles … Leonidas … Themistocles … Hercules Alexander the Great, etc. Do you hear laughter? It is the universe that laughs with you, with what you write.

          12. M.A. Lamett says:

            Those is mythology, meaning unreal fairy tale. Almost none happened in reality. Like dragons, twin headed giants, flying elephants etc. You Greeks are to much inflated in your head by those bullshit mythology. First of all, you are not even ancient Greeks. Look at your face on the mirror. Do you look like an ancient Greek statue? Most likely you look like middle-eastern or like a gypsy, with dark complexion and curly hair. This is because there is no ancient Greek DNA in you. You are a mixture of north-african, balkan, gypsy, Turkic race. Turks dominated you 500 years. Ottoman harems were full of Greek women. That is why you all are now “Sporus Turcos”.

          13. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” Those is mythology, meaning unreal fairy tale. Almost none happened in reality” These are FACTS taught in all military schools around the world…. mythologies and fairy tale are the 70 virgins…you are supposed to meet when you die..Is there anyone to tell us if he saw them ?? If you want, I can send you another 10 to make them 80 virgins.. And if you see them … whistle at me

          14. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Looking at the pictures … you definitely don’t belong to the white race. You are Mongols

          15. M.A. Lamett says:

            We are Turks. If we are mongols you are too, because your women were in Ottoman harems for 500 years. You don’t agree?

          16. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Suleiman and the Ottoman Empire: are gay and pedophiles ruled the Ottoman Empire for centuries,


          17. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” Turks from the Central Asia settled in Anatolia in the 11th century, through the conquests of the Seljuk Turks”


          18. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” We are Turks”

            do you know where the name turk comes from ?? “The Land of Tur”) is a historical region in Central Asia.


          19. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Have you read the book … “The Plague of Asia” is a shocking personal testimony of diplomat George Horton concerns you Turks

          20. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” There is no account on this Battle of Kota Kaya anywhere on the internet”

            You fool both yourself and others if you don’t know about the battle of hill Kotza Kaya, above the village of Agyrta and south of the castle of Agios Hilarion. You’re an amateur, if you know any old Turkish paratroopers ask him for the night of 20/21 July 1974 where the massacre of the Turkish Paratroopers took place, by the 31st Greek Squadron.



          21. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” 1974 Cyprus victory was a great success for Turkey and a major defeat for Greece”

            You could not have invaded Cyprus if the Greek Division had not left of the island. Something that traitorous politicians are responsible for that.If you did not have the support of the British and the Americans, your ass would eat dirt.

          22. M.A. Lamett says:

            This is a cheap excuse. Admit that you have beaten by Turks and had to flee the island. There was no British or US support, on contrary Britain threaten to open up a war against Turkey and the US put sanctions. You listen too much to your own state propaganda. Read real history!.

          23. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” Turks on contrary are well known in the world for their fighting skills throughout the history. ” Let’s see what the Allies themselves say about how “good” soldiers you are. In the Korean War….SOURCE :

            1)Thomas Nigel/ Abbott Peter/ Mike Chappel, The Korean War 1950-53, Osprey 1986, p. 21

            3) Stokesbury James, A short history of the Korean War, 1988, p. 238.

            4) Stokesbury James, A short history of the Korean War, 1988, p. 29

            We often hear about the Turkish population of 80 million and

            Turkey’s powerful armed forces, the second largest in NATO, after the

            United States. Sometimes things are quite different from what they

            seem to be. Especially in the case of the Turkish Army, one can easily

            say that the created impression is totally false. In fact it is a

            myth created by the Americans since the Korean War.

            Quite often we become observers of reports and comments both in

            international bibliography, that present a totally overestimated and

            false impression, concerning the Turkish military performance. It is

            the outcome of a myth about the “fearsome” and “outstanding” Turkish

            Army, which has been skillfully or naively created on purpose, having

            as a result to totally alter the truth. It is a case that deliberately

            alters the historical past. In fact the truth knocks down the image of

            the “brave”, “fearless” and “skillful” Turkish soldier.

            The myth’s start about the modern Turkish Armed Forces is

            identified during their first engagement with the enemy in the last 60

            years. It took place during the Korean War, where it is totally

            revealed, that an almost useless military formation, achieved beyond

            its own will to create a whole legend about a supposed Turkish “art of



          24. M.A. Lamett says:

            Korean war is not a measure. It was not our war and the stupid politicians in the 50s send Turkish troops to Korea. In return US took Turkey into Nato. In those years US was seen as the leader of free world and unfortunately US was seen as the center of the world. Turkey was fooled and paid a huge price. The progress which started after the war of Independence by our great leader Ataturk stopped, even the airplane factories that Ataturk founded were closed under US pressure and US start giving and selling all its crap and outdated 2nd world war arms to Turkey. The army became an American colonial extension in those years. That is why the moral of the army was low in those years and the army started looking like a colonial 3rd world army. It lasted like this until 1974 when Turkey initiated by its own (without US or British) the famous Cyprus “Peace Operation” or Atiila in order to save Turkish Cypriots from the massacres of the Greeks. Turks won a great victory and conquered half of the island. US put sanctions on Turkey. This sanction made the Turks understand that they have to develop their own military industry and become independent from the US. This was one of the reasons that the US staged a military coup d’etat in Turkey in the year 1980. The progress stopped for some years but re-started again in the late 80s. Today Turkey produces tanks, aircrafts, drones, helicopters, missile defense systems, submarines, ships, you name it. Turkish army today procures almost 65 percent of its arms from indigenous defense industries. There is a huge difference in between the Turkish army of the 50s during the Korean war and today. Today world considers Turkish army a major world power. The strength and the ability of Turkish armed forces has been battle proven in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Turkey is a growing regional super power with almost 100 million people. Turkey is determined to protect its maritime borders as well, especially against Greece. The 12 island has been illegally occupied by Greece after the first WW and Greece illegally armed those islands. I assume that in the future Turkey’s map will most probably look like as shown below.

          25. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            THE TURKS IN KOREA

            The Turkish Brigade arrived at the port of Pousan on 18 October
            1950 and it was officially titled “Turkish Armed Forces Command”. The
            brigade’s body, consisted of the 241st Infantry Regiment including
            three Infantry Battalions, one Field Artillery Battalion, a Signals
            Platoon, a Pioneer Company, a Transportation Company, a Medical Company
            and an Ordnance Company. There was a total force of 5,455 men.
            Brigadier General Tahsin Yazici was the Commanding Officer. On 1
            September 1951, the Turkish Brigade was replaced for the first time,
            after a staying period of 10 months in Korea having a new CO Brigadier
            General Sirri Acar. Replacements took place also on 30 July 1952 and 4
            September 1953, while the final departure took place in May 1954.
            Those replacements concern likely the brigade in its total, since it
            seems that it was replaced every time by a fresh one, coming from

            When the Turks arrived at Korea, were poorly equipped, since their
            equipment was outdated in its total. The soldiers were wearing the
            British “battle-dress” uniform that was recently adopted by the Turkish
            Army, heavy military overcoats, British Mk2 helmets and individual
            leather-made webbing of German origin. Before enter the fighting in
            November, they just managed to get equipped with modern US arms and
            standard US M1943 clothing, which was not issued immediately. Gradually,
            the Turkish clothing and equipment was replaced with US made and
            especially the brigades that arrived later in Korea were totally issued
            with US material and arms.

            It is astonishing to observe that, the Turkish myth, starts as soon
            as the Turks arrived in Korea. It is true, that during their arrival
            they were given a lot of publicity for a number of reasons that have
            to do mostly with the observer’s psychology and aim. It has to be
            taken into account, that during that time, Turks were more or less
            unknown to the American people and even more concerning their fighting
            skills. The Turkish Army had not fought since 1922, so an average
            observer, could form an opinion only through a rough review of its
            history. The fatal influence of the Ottoman Empire history and also
            from the First World War formed a picture of a “capable” and “brave”
            army with tough reputation. But this reputation is based mainly on
            slaughters and genocide’s of civilians or paramilitary formations, for
            which Turks are notorious to their neighbors. A third party observer
            who has not made further studies can not have a direct perception and
            naturally forms a wrong picture. In this way we have the first
            evidence who led to the creation of the Turkish myth.

            James Stokesbury, obviously influenced, describes: “Among the most
            prominent contributors, the Turks sent a much-respected infantry
            brigade, whose men were evidently uninterested in higher tactics or
            sophisticated military skills, but possessed much rugged courage and
            willingness to endure”.(3) There are also historical reports that
            generate specific questions concerning their subjective dimension and
            also the degree of altering and overestimating the meaning of simple
            everyday ethos or procedures of an army: “Turks were admired a lot for
            their unlimited toughness and resistance to the Chinese. The only
            traitor was silently murdered by his compatriots. When one of their men
            was sick, two of his colleagues were responsible for his

            A more realistic account of the truth, is given by the description
            of the Turkish image by Clay Blair: “The Turks, commanded by Brigadier
            General Tahsin Yazici, had arrived in Korea like the Marines, in a
            blaze of publicity. With their colorful, flowing mustaches, swarthly
            complexions, and fierce demeanors, they gave war correspondents and
            others the impression they were very tough soldiers. The reality was
            that they were ill trained, ill led, and green to combat”.(5)

            Mike Michaelis, CO of the US 27th Infantry Regiment who fought in
            Korea, described in an elegant style the average Turkish soldier that
            arrived in Korea to fight: “The Turks were commanded by an aged
            brigadier who had been a division commander at Gallipoli in 1916
            fighting the British! He was highly respected, high up in the Turkish
            military establishment, and took a bust to brigadier to command the
            brigade. The average Turk soldier in the brigade came from the steppe
            country of Turkey, near Russia, had probably had only three or four
            years of school, was uprooted, moved to western Turkey, given a uniform,
            [a] rifle, and a little smattering of training, stuck on a ship,
            sailed ten thousand miles, then dumped off on a peninsula – ‘Korea,
            where’s that?’ – and told the enemy was up there someplace, go get him!
            The Turk soldier scratches his head and says, ‘What’s he done to

            The problem that the Allies would face with the Turks was easily
            understood having them arriving in Korea. Only a few of them, mainly
            officers were speaking English, while on the other hand no American was
            speaking Turkish. Therefore, the level of contact and communication
            between the Turkish Brigade and the IX Army Corps Headquarters where it
            was attached, was particularly poor up to non-existing, at least
            during the first stages.

          26. Tommy Jensen says:

            The Bankers made you into indebted poodles. Wagging the tail up and down getting usury loans…………………LOL.

          27. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” but like their SAS motto WHO DARES WINS and that is exactly what the Turks are doing”…Turkey always plays it safe …The Turks in Korea CRASHING IN THE FIRST BATTLE.

          28. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Indeed, they tested the waters in Libya for a year and saw that the Arabs were hopeless and NATO will support them so they did what anyone with half balls would so. It is a failure of Russia really as it picked Egypt as a “partner”. Russia’s only hope of ever creating a strong alliance is to arm Iran. But I have a feeling China will get there first. Interesting times ahead.

          29. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Russia belongs to the WHITE race … just like the Greeks or HELL-ENIC

          30. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Well, there is no “white” race left, the world world is a mixture now and Russia has more ethnic diversity than Greece. The native Russian Tuvan, Tartars etc are Asiatic people. Only Slavic Russians and Caucasian Muslims can be described as “white”.

          31. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” The native Russian Tuvan, Tartars etc are Asiatic people. ” China will use this in the future, for its benefit. The solution is one: COOPERATION E.E with Russia.

          32. M.A. Lamett says:

            I am sick and tired of these idiot brainwashed Greeks with full inferiority complex, really. Do you really believe you are the continuum of ancient Greeks especially after 500 ears of Ottoman rule? Typical Greek looks more middle eastern than european. Guess why?

          33. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Ιn nature, nothing is equal and similar to something else. The same goes for human races. We are not all the same..That’s why there are white, black and yellow races. These are BASIC things you should already know..We do not belong to the same race …no matter how hard you try to confuse oil with water, these will always remain separate. I guess you didn’t go to school to learn that.

          34. Pork says:

            LMFAO…wake up dumbass. You live in 18th century

          35. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Russia’s hope is to have a safe place in the Mediterranean. Because whoever owns the Mediterranean … owns the planet.

          36. The Objective says:

            Just my suspicion of recent too about Russia’s weak policies in the Middle East.
            Russia planted doubt in the Iranians when it allowed Israel bomb Iranian targets at will, sometimes not even verbally condemning it. Iran helped Russian policy of keeping Assad in power by providing weapons, cash, and manpower (both IRGC and Hezbollah). Russia refuses to side with Iran and it’s allies against Israel, and sometimes even hold friendly talks with Israel.
            Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan should form and alliance and forget Russia. We all know Israel is the source of most troubles in the middle east, but everyone now realized Russia will not lift a finger to stop Israel. It did nothing even when 14 of its service members were killed in Syria. Those men died for nothing and the criminals who killed them went Scot free. Iran’s support for the GNA should be understood in the context of its growing differences with Russia for the laters role in allowing Israeli atrocities against Iranian assets in Syria.
            I think Iran and Turkey will take the same sides in Syria very soon. All Iran wants is secure a safe arms transport route to Hezbollah through Syria. Whether or not Assad continues to rule doesn’t matter provided Iran can arm Hezbollah anytime.
            Turkey who wants an elected MB government in Syria can easily guarantee this. Allow a Hezbollah-style militia in Syria to function alongside a Syrian military just like what we have in Lebanon. This should prove to Iran that Turkey will guarantee Iran’s interests even after Assad.
            If such arrangements were to emerge between Turkey and Iran, Russia will lose again. But Turkey and Iran could guarantee Russia its military bases and influence in Syria too post Assad. This i think should be an important point in their on-going negotiations.

          37. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Well, I try to tell you kids the TRUTH, which sometimes in upsetting for some. Russia is basically weak, it lost in Afghanistan even when it was the USSR with 250 million people. Now it is barely 140 multi-ethnic state under total Jew control and they have coopted the security and political apparatus. The daily Zionist strikes on Syria are conducted with full Russian support, even though they endanger Russian soldiers. Putin a third rate corrupt Major in a failed defunct KGB is setting military policy for Russia, even though he has not spend a day in the military or has even basic experience in foreign policy. Syria has effectively been sold down the drain and partitioned. Their only hope is to fight along asymmetrical war of liberation. The Russian bases in Latakia and Tartus are a liability now for Syria and its allies.

          38. M.A. Lamett says:

            Couldn’t have said better myself. Totally agree with everything you are saying. Very analytic thinking. Congratulations.

          39. Brother Ma says:

            Well it also just showed how some tech can change the world . Same as now ; antitank and manpads in the hands of a few guys wearing sandals can keep away an Airforce or navy.

            I agree China has more potential but it has no experience fighting in the Middle East or Europe.

          40. Pork says:

            You hit the nail on the head. I responded as such above, before I read you comment here. Soon there will be a shift in alliance. Some will be surpsurprised …Another shift, again, Russia choosing wrong side, Russian American alliance against Iran.

          41. Brother Ma says:

            An Iranian -Turco alliance will not work for long. Different religion (sects) ,culture and civilization/History.

            Turkey is the uncouth new guy on the block and that won’t wash with Persia.

          42. The Objective says:

            I hope it doesn’t wash Russia away, but my recent reflection on the Russian strategy shows Russia and Iran aren’t such great allies. For starters, Russia stops Israel attacking the Syrian regime soldiers, but does nothing to stop repeated attacks on Iran’s militia helping prop up Assad, and that includes Hezbollah.
            Secondly, Russia opposes Turkey in Libya, and Turkey has Iranian support. Both Turkey and Iran support similar sides in Yemen. Turkey and Iran are also enemies of the current Egyptian regime which Moscow support and arm. If you look at the whole picture, Russia is more of an opportunist than a true friend of any of the actors except for Israel. So I still think should the Turkish Iranian alliance emerge, Russia will likely be replaced with China. Iran just signed a 25-year military agreement with China. China and Pakistan are strong unofficial allies. Pakistan and Turkey are also unofficial allies, and both share a strong desire to support the Taliban in Afghanistan. Iran does have ideological differences with both Pakistan and Turkey. But Erdogan being a smart politician will navigate Iran away from hostility towards the Taliban.

          43. Brother Ma says:

            Seems plausible ,thanks for that synopsis.

          44. Brother Ma says:

            Russia should have allied with Greece /Cyprus with whom It shares religion ,culture and who have the best fighting record of all races. In addition ,these nations have closer relations with Libya and ties to the East med than Egypt or Turkey.

            I also Balme the Greeks for being so cowardly or in the Nato pocket as they spurned Russian advances.

            It is ironic that the supposedly arch leftie Tsipras spurned Russia yet the supposedly arch conservative Karamanlis the Younger actually tried to ally with Russia! Such was the foolishness of the Greeks.

            It shouldnever be formally in Nato as they should have learned from Cyprus and “Macedonia” . Nato is not there to help Greece but to “protection racket” Greece into helping Turkey as was proven in 1974. The sooner the Greeks realise it the better.

            In my opinion , new blood must be found in Greece from leaders untainted by ALL parties existing already . Alliances should be made with Iran and all the Moslem world as long as they do not actively foster or help the Turkish cause. So a Turk averse Iran and Egypt is fine.

            Greece’s defence forces need to be purged of all Yankee bootlickers in power .

          45. The Objective says:

            I like your insightful comments. Keep up the good work

          46. Brother Ma says:

            By that logic Turkey should have been a shell bynow as they have killed many of their own people since day one. So no ,that is not it. Turkey has a good chance of winning as it is big thus fat globalists see a market ,it also has a history of acting “tough Turk” rather than “Euro values” like weak Central European leaders do.

            If Europe had more Serb/Greek values then Turkey would not be so blustering and all mouth. It also helps that both Russia and America want her as an ally due to her geography and cannon -fodder army size.

            Also ,another browbeating big talking Israel. That is why the two have been best pals from days one.

            Sas motto? Originally from the Ancient greeks ,transliterated from the “o’pios aee’ Nika’ ” . He who dares ,wins!.

          47. Brother Ma says:


          48. Brother Ma says:

            I am afraid I agree with you as far as Russia was duped or couldn’t fight on all fronts and chose to give into Erdo. The big losers is Europe in general and Greece ,Italy ,Cyprus and Libya in particular.

            Us and Russia will still benefit from their friendship with an Islamist but having Turks based on the it’sSouthern border will screw Europe in many more ways than one. A Islamist who wants to destroy European culture will now have money and the ability to shove those Rapefugees into the emerging caliphate of Europe.

            When the time comes I will go hunting for all those eunuch ,USA/zio-kowtowing politicians who have put us in this position. That is if the Sunni Turk horde hasn’t killed us already…

          49. Pork says:

            Wavered or backed off? Back scratching maybe? See what happens Syria. This may be the deal of the century. ..lol
            Israel won’t like it, nor the US…Turkish realignment?

      2. The Objective says:

        I read news that the Wagner group redeployed 3000 to Libya just days ago and you say Russia withdrew them? It appears Russia wants to pressure the GNA to negotiate instead of advancing on Sirte and Aljufra

      3. Brother Ma says:

        If Putin withdrew the Wagners then the writing is on the wall. Good luck stupid Putin and Europe. In that case ,Erdo has tricked all of Nato and Putin into a country with many resources without during a shot!

        I disagree ,Turkish army is pretty useless and is struggling against houthi-like guerrillas in Syria etc .

    2. Brother Ma says:

      Hopefully Turkey will be stopped or will overextend itself in long supply lines . It’s Airforce is crap and all know it. The most experienced Airforce in all of the med and quite likely all of Europe is that of Greece as it is in mockbattles with Turks all the time.

  6. Tommy Jensen says:

    Dont forget an American is in charge of the whole operation.
    Nobody can take power in Libya without the International usury community and you need an American’s thumb to do anything.
    US State Department is leading from behind and my advice to Saleh and Haftar is to talk it over with Hillary Clinton as she knows all about Libya how they can get usury loans.

    Dont worry about France and Egypt, as London is leading the frog eaters from behind and we are leading Egypt.
    So now you know where to go if you want freedom.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Good and realistic comment. Touche.

    2. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

      What americunts ! Your comments are utter rubbish as always!

      There are no muricunts in Libya !

      This is a Russia – Egypt – France field !

      Wake up and smell the fkn coffee!

  7. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


    H. Haftar’s forces counterattack.

    A few hours ago, the General inspected military bases in Benghazi and addressed the men of the Libyan National Army.

    Such inspections come shortly before a major battle, and it appears that after Saleh’s trip to Moscow, the LNA received the “green light” for a general counterattack.

    According to Libyan sources, the data will change in the coming days, with Haftar preparing a checkmate move.

    Military sources say successful airstrikes at the al-Watiya base late Saturday night by the LNA, destroying a Turkish air defense system.

    Among other things, they targeted the Hawk and Coral systems, while unconfirmed information – for the time being – speaks of four Turkish dead, including the base commander.

    Hours later, a military source confirmed that nine airstrikes had been carried out on Turkish defense systems recently deployed at al-Watiya base, and confirmed the success of raids to neutralize a Turkish Hawk defense system, noting that three radars had been destroyed.

    1. Ronald says:

      Excellent news.

      1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        Another s******* head scumbag go back to your cave and play with your mum. p…. y

    2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      ?????. Gani re Greek

      1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        Having fun memeti ? hahahahah
        Loser !!!

  8. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    Turkisis is losing again !


    1. M.A. Lamett says:

      Greek army after 1974 Turkish “PEACE OPERATION” ATTILA in Cyprus


      1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        Thats you after you tried to pick on some 9 year old down the road aint it.
        You got beat badly !

        How you gona eat the shit kebap now without any teeth ?


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