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New Israeli Provocation: Drones Attacked Lebanese Civilians With Bottles&Rocks (Video, Photos)


On July 30, two Israeli drones attacked a group of Lebanese civilians who were putting down a wild fire in the southern town of Houla near the separation line with Israel.

Ali Shoeib, a reporter of Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV, released a video and photos of the unusual incident. The two drones, small quadcopters, dropped empty bottles and rocks at the civilians. No injuries were reported.

A unit of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, UNIFL, was present at the site of the unusual Israeli attack. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are yet to explain their action.

The IDF is expecting an attack by Hezbollah, which lost one of its fighters in the July 20 Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus. The army deployed reinforcements and advanced combat systems along the separation line with Lebanon over the last ten days.

Earlier this week, Israel reported an infiltration attempt by Hezbollah. The group denied carrying out any attack, but stressed that it will respond to the recent airstrikes on Damascus.

Tension is clearly growing between Israel and Hezbollah. Any attack by the Lebanese group will likely be limited and well-calculated. Nevertheless, it could lead to a serious confrontation.




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  • paolinks

    Where is the hasbarah coward who posts stupid pro-Israeli comments every day?

    • HiaNd

      You miss him?
      Say something stupid and it will be like as if…. he is here with us.
      Article is about IsraHell he will come no worries.

    • John Wallace

      No need to encourage the dipshit. We would be better off getting comments from a concrete block. That things comments are nothing more than troll waffle too stupid to be funny so pointless.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Concrete Blocks Matter far more than Zionist Shills.

    • <>

      Missed me?

      • John Wallace

        Ah there it is . Now we can pull the chain and flush so you can join your friends.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Was it really a wild fire? 🤔 Those civilians have nerves of steel. The sound of a flying drone near the separation line should have alarmed them to run. lol
    Israel is now running huge expenses just posting these troops forward for so many days now. lol It might get impatient…

  • <>

    We don’t need to explain anything, the only thing the U.N needs to know that when Hezbollah keeps their word and try another action against us, we are going to a war. Remember what I wrote.

    • Ashur-ban-them-all

      Rome is a good example of how well trained troops can be lead into slaughter
      By Bad commanders.
      Even a cornered rat can still bite you and that bite can become infected killing you later.

      I have read that you intend genocide them, whats is stopping them from using biological weapons on you. -When the Hittites took some prisoners from Egypt some of them had a plague. Thus the plague brought by prisoners ended up killing the king and his son, not mention 1/4 of population of Hati

      • <>

        One thing you need to know about us, we do not represent the political leadership only the army. As a reserve I will answer the call of duty when they call me, against Hezbollah or any other foe. I know what we are about to face, it will be bloody and many Israelis will die in a war, maybe even some of my family members. But even at that cost, we will end that disease called Hezbollah and this time – it will include their supporters in SL aswell.

        Regarding them using a biological weapons, it will be the last thing that they will do and such an attack will also force us to target Tehran.

        • Garga

          Your replies are getting boring. Always the same thing, always the same threats. “If they [put a verb], that is the last thing they will do.

          Write some new threats. Be creative, release that cantankerous mule of thought to run wild.

          I cannot guarantee the safe return of your thought mule or its return at all. I will not be held responsible if you had to run behind it for a week to catch and return it to its rightful place. For any material or monetary damage, consult your own insurance representative.

          • Jaime Galarza

            His brain has the size of a pea. He’s got the same script, so he must use it time and again. It’s like one of those dolls with the same stupid song that is played everytime you move it.

          • <>

            Truth is Garga I’m sick of threats, I want the real thing to start already. As I’ve told you before, I have a long history of hate towards the Islamic terrorists which your country supports against us. It’s time to settle the score once and for all. when we do go to a war against Hezbollah, I hope your regime stays out of it or it can escalate even more.

          • Garga

            I know what you mean, I totally do.

            You seem like such a badass when you talk bold and brave from behind your keyboard, my lost friend. I’ve seen how fearlessly you dealt with the ones you call terrorists.


            There are countless disturbing and gory pictures of children murdered by your regime’s child-killer military, but because I don’t have a fetish for violence, I won’t post them here at this moment.

            and I saw you take such a pride for what you do:

            And don’t give me the rubbish about Hezbollah using children. It’s not them, it’s your murderous regime who conditions and brainwashes you from childhood into thoughtless killers:


            Spare us you sanctimonious victimhood and the usual meaningless drivel about security, here we all know better to fall for such bald-faced lies. I wished you and people like you had left with the tiniest shred of humanity. Alas.
            I’m going to be sick from all this hypocrisy and hatred. I’m going to stop talking to you for a while for the sake of my sanity.
            Bye for now.

          • <>

            Ciao Garga, good day.

        • Ashur-ban-them-all

          the story of the plague and the Hittites that was also a play on covid-19

    • John Wallace

      Another day , same bullshit . ?

    • AJ
      • cactus

        2006 was a though year for them

        • <>

          Not as much as 2020 will be for you.

      • <>

        Already proved it was photoshopped, you know what wasn’t? google Beirut 2006 in pictures.

        • Ashur-ban-them-all

          It is very much common for some green horns to piss themselves, manly the privileged officers who know nothing of combat.

          But then it only happens once. But after that one time the fear, the doubt, the hesitation are all gone by next battle.

          As many veterans would say state.
          “The training was an absolute hell, i never hurt so much, i’d never felt so weak, i never thought i would survive it much less measure up. But i would gladly return to that part of my life again.”

          Im sure that at least one spoiled son of a business man, would have pissed himself if he surviving his two years.

          • <>

            Yeah I guess you’re right, Hezbollah gained their experience in Syria, we got it in Gaza vs Hamas. Will be interesting to see who has learnt more.

      • HiaNd

        Are you accusing them of not having good quality diapers?!

        They are the latest Israely prototype!
        Some of those guys piss like horse! Look at the others, diapers work the way they should!

        • <>

          Listen motherfucker, I know it’s easy to write your BS here on SF. But rest assured, the day you meet any of us on the ground will be your last day on this planet. But yourself a diaper, let’s see who’s going to piss his pants.

          • HiaNd

            I can see now that one of those 2 on photo is you!
            That’s why you get so upset.
            Listen if you piss like horse in dangerous situations that is nothing to be ashamed of.
            Your Israeli colleagues piss their pants also but have smaller bladder, so the diapers can do the job in their case. That doesn’t mean that they are not cowards also, they just piss less.

          • <>

            Cowards huh? well how about we test it? since you’re feeling so brave you have nothing to be scared of, buy yourself a ticket to Lebanon and come meet with us when the operation starts. Promise you I’ll be there, so you can see me pissing my pants like in the photo. Deal?

          • HiaNd

            I have bought ticket for Free-Palestine celebration in Jerusalem.
            But unfortunately you and your friends will not be there …You will go back where you came from.

            So I can’t see how possibly we could meet ever.

          • <>

            Oh we can meet, we would love to meet you at Jerusalem for your own private celebration. When do you arrive?

          • HiaNd

            No Jews will be allowed on that celebration so….you are confused.
            Jew converts will go back where they came from, to Europe, Americas etc.
            Israel will be no more.

          • <>

            Is that so? tell me, who’s going to remove us back to where “we came from”? I’m curious.

          • HiaNd

            You will.

            You are working on that ever since this false state of IsraHell is created.
            Soon your servant protector US will collapse and than you will be left out in cold
            You will become dead duck in the desert before you know it.
            Since you have no friends in Europe or elsewhere you will be alone.

            Saudi regime will collapse also.

            Muslim world will finally understand that they were played by Zionists through controlled Arab regimes.
            And through building animosity between Shia and Sunni.

            They’ll understand that only true enemy of Islam is IsraHell.
            They’ll turn against you and destroy IsraHell.

          • <>

            Sorry to disappoint you, we don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. If our enemies want to try us, they are welcomed.

  • cactus

    honestly who wouldn’t be terrified and nervous …imaging somone telling you im gonna smack the sh*t out of you but i won’t tell you when …so i wouldn’t blame them for doing this retarded sh*t btw sup iron zion i know you’re reading this brace yourself buddy you’re about to take a nice beating if i were you i would buy a boat or learn how to swim you’re gonna need it soon godspeed !

    • <>

      Bring it on, our revenge will be sweet. Mark my words.

    • FlorianGeyer

      In situations such as that, I find that logic is the best encouragement.
      Divide the number of comrades in harms way by the expected casualties and calculate the odds.
      This strategy works for many aspects of life. :)

  • Ishyrion Av

    IDF ran out of weapons. They start throwing stones now.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The US taxpayers paid top dollar for every stone and bottle :)

  • Ashur-ban-them-all

    interesting back in my time when we raided a region and locals attacked us back it was sign of weakness.

  • Ashur-ban-them-all

    interesting back in my time when we raided a region and locals attacked us back it was sign of weakness.

    i honestly think if Israeli people do not fear an attack. But it is ruling regime there, who fears it. The mere fact that they can attack you undermines your regime.

    If they do attack Israel, it will be a blow the credibility of the Israeli ruling elite.
    though these circus tricks they are preforming now also shows their fear about it also hurting credibility.

  • verner

    these teeny weeny bit attempts to goad hezbollah or syria to respond is a show of weakness, nothing else. the jews are in a corner, like the rats they are, and there is no way out. toasted jews is next on the horizon.

  • SteLe

    The reason is pretty obvious while it is unconventional:
    The IDF is trolling them. They attacked with the exact same improvised weapons, that the common Palestinians (Contrary to Hezbollah) normally attack them in demonstrations and riots.
    Psychological warfare.

    Everything the IDF or Israeli security services do, has a reason, and is controlled by sophisticated plans and agendas. Contrary to the US for example, but the same modus operandi as Hezbollah or Iran.
    And likewise this incident has a meaning, an objective in a bigger plan.
    It does not matter how effective this “attack” was, as this was not their objective, but how the message it carries is received.
    Anyone really believes “IDF ran out of weapons”?

    Many of you underestimate the Israeli capabilities and modus operandi.

    Hezbollah for example does not. Iran also.
    While the Israeli side also does not underestimate the Hezbollah side.
    Despite PR statements from both sides that belittle the other’s capabilities. This posturing is just a normal and needed feature in the middle east, where at the core only pure strength rules.

    To the prospect of a major escalation: It likely will not escalate into a full blown war, and pro Hezbollah sources and reporters believe that Hezbollah will take its time with the comming retaliation.
    They will try to wear the focus of the Israeli soldiers out, until their nerves grow thinner or their focus and guard is down. Only then they will strike.

    While some pro Hezbollah posters here underestimate Israeli capabilities, some Isarelis call Hezbollah and Nasrallah “liers”. They are the minority by all accounts. The bigger part of Israeli public, media know that Hezbollah always follows through on their threats. Contrary to e.g. Hamas or PLO.

    And the Israeli Security Services know this anyway.

    Good night..

  • Garga

    Are we sure it was Israeli military and not some bored, ar$#ole settler?
    They sure like to stir s#it and then watch the consequences from their balcony, as long as they feel it’s safe for them.

    Another question would be, how the wildfire started? A drone capable of dropping bottles and rocks is probably capable of dropping incendiaries.

    • BMWA1

      These are mostly peaceful protest drones!

  • hvaiallverden

    The main reason for the terrorstate ISISrael can continue to do eh….. things like this is a bit more complex than drooling somthing about IDFs military capabilitys, etc, or whatever, since the two main forces that alwoes IDF to continue to do more or less whatever they want exsept open war, is the Imperial banana republic Moronika and Putins Russia, spirnkle that with vassals like EU and there you have the gate keepers, even when the IDFs fighter plains are hiding behind civlians airplains, for then to fire missiles into Syria, even when they where the main reason for killing RuFs military personel, they get away with it, thats why, to then drag their ugh….. sophisticating eh…. intellegence orgs, like Mossad, to their internet rat packs like Unit 8200 to another far deeper and more dangerous, the black box, is again based upon this previous mentioned points I did above, not that they are ugh…. briliant in any way, but just because the world turns their blind 5 eyes to the terrorstate ISISrael, nothing else.

    Nuks, yup, take an look at the map, boys and girls, what would happen, do the IDF have to nuke Golan, or maybe the region, souht of the river Litani (lebanon where their eretzh isisrael wet dream was in the previous attack), tell me then, do you really think the Jews are that stupid, it will devestate the entire region and all the oponets have to do is shoot into the reactores situated inside ISISrael and the entire region will be transformed into an no-go zone, and I am not even exagerating this.

    Why now, is more due to internal ISISrael political abuse, to show some eh…. strenght or whatever they manage to think, since I asume they must be smoking some bad shit, but I dont think an new war is iminet, not that you cant rule that out, but IDF isnt that powerfull, the propaganda have always been more cocky that real, as always, and I have watched them for decades and remeber the 2006 war, and the sole difference from then isnt with the IDF but the force of Hezb. that is an and I know they know is an game changer. Agan I usually dont bother to write anything but just to kick reality back into this idiotic show witch is done by the IDF.


  • Rodney Loder

    The Jews want Trump out but can’t just come out and say so, so the try to provoke Hezbollah to do something reckless that would put Trump in the hot seat, the IMF and World Bank know change is just around the corner, and consequently their grip on world domination might be threatoned, China’s remaining neutral is their best bet and that’s what Biden represents, Trump will whether he wants to or not create a bipolar World with the “4” Eyes as leaders of one of the bipolar sides.

    Australia will for sure drop out and go with China as our Asian population grows and idiots that believe in a second Japanese attempt to colonize Australia become permanently eclipsed by their blind sided approach.

  • johnny rotten

    In thousands of years they have not managed to get rid of the desire to stone someone, sick people.

  • Jens Holm

    IDF is just teasing You. They just say: Weare watching You.

    And a bottle and a stone is enough to make 1000s jump up and down just as below here. IDFs has to have some fun too. They did.

    I am kind of that too but for both of You. If You should starve we will parashute pigs for You:) Maybee Your problems are You have not eaten pigs for generations.

    Pigs are very close to people in most things, so a change from goats might do it.