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New Israeli Airstrikes On Gaza Following Rocket Attack (Videos)


UPDATE: According to Israeli sources, 30 projectiles were launched at Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip. The IDF says that in response it carried out strikes on 80 Hamas targets.


Late on October 26, Palestinian fighters launched more than 14 rockets from the Gaza Strip at several Israeli settlements north and east of the Palestinian area, according to the Israeli military. The Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system reportedly intercepted 10 of the rockets before they reached any targets.

Palestinian activists claimed that the rocket attack was a response to the killing of five civilians, who had been targeted by the Israeli military during protests near the separation fence around the Gaza Strip. However, the Hamas movement has not commented on the incident yet.

Minutes after the attack, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) announced that its warplanes and attack helicopters have begun striking targets in the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinian Shehab Agency, 5 positions of the Hamas movement in the northern part of Gaza were hit.

A day earlier, Israeli warplanes destroyed several positions of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip following a similar rocket attack. Back then, the military confrontation ended with few hours, which is expected to happen this time also.



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