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New Israeli Airstrikes On Gaza Following Rocket Attack (Videos)

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UPDATE: According to Israeli sources, 30 projectiles were launched at Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip. The IDF says that in response it carried out strikes on 80 Hamas targets.


Late on October 26, Palestinian fighters launched more than 14 rockets from the Gaza Strip at several Israeli settlements north and east of the Palestinian area, according to the Israeli military. The Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system reportedly intercepted 10 of the rockets before they reached any targets.

Palestinian activists claimed that the rocket attack was a response to the killing of five civilians, who had been targeted by the Israeli military during protests near the separation fence around the Gaza Strip. However, the Hamas movement has not commented on the incident yet.

Minutes after the attack, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) announced that its warplanes and attack helicopters have begun striking targets in the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinian Shehab Agency, 5 positions of the Hamas movement in the northern part of Gaza were hit.

A day earlier, Israeli warplanes destroyed several positions of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip following a similar rocket attack. Back then, the military confrontation ended with few hours, which is expected to happen this time also.

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H Eccles

Southfront always leads its articles with Palestinian militants attacking Israeli civilians.. and always from the point of view that what ever the incident or event, it only started the moment Palestinians made the first move.

Also southfront is trying to throw doubt on the notion that the Palestinians were actually reacting to the five Palestinian deaths earlier by inserting.. and I quote here… ‘..who were targeted by the Israeli military while protesting near the separation fence around the Gaza Strip. However, the Hamas movement has not commented on the incident yet..’ (note the use of ‘targeted’ instead of ‘killed’)

This is just incredibly biased reporting from southfront. First of all, do Palestinians sit around waiting for Hamas to confirm whether five of them died or not?

Secondly, southfront itself reproted earlier on that five Palestinians had been killed by Israelis. So why does southfront now act as if it is unaware that five Palestinians were killed by Israelis??.. and somehow it’s waiting on a statement from Hamas to verify it??

Is it because to admit that five Palestinians had indeed been killed by Israelis earlier on, would also mean having to acknowledge that the Palestininas were retaliating for just that??

Who writes southfront’s articles… the IDF..??


From the article:
“Palestinian activists claimed that the rocket attack was a response to the killing of five civilians”
Also includes a link to the previous article, so I fail to see your point about SF being biased.

H Eccles

If you’re that dumb… I can’t help you..


Is that the best comeback you got?
You do know some people are reading your post!
I have no respect for Israeli trash, or for stupid comments. :)

H Eccles

re ‘Is that the best comeback you got?’

no.. I was merely pointing out that you’re dumb..


South Front does have its occasional hiccups. The problem is a lot of times they just post articles from other websites without fully proof reading or fact checking them. It might be due to budget/time constraints.

Brother Ma

Sf is like any other news organisation. It has to keep onside with the US and Ziorael. Look at RT as well. Comments owned/ managed by Israel.

H Eccles

Cmon now… nobody posts articles without first reading them at least.

.. and I’m pretty sure Southfront is able to recognise Israeli propaganda.

Empire's Frontiers

Have the Palestinian men responsible for rocket attacks perhaps considered doing something else that won’t get f-15s in the air?

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Jews are oblivious to the principle of Proportional Response.

Lena Jones

‘Never forgive, never forget’, is the second most important jewish tenet (the opposite of what Christ said therefore it is an anti-christ principle). And it comes after the first tenet: the racist/supremicist ‘we are god’s chosen’ (which is also an anti-christ tenet as Christ announced that ‘we are ALL children of god’).

Yes, it’s why jews killed Christ: cuz he became an ex-jew by rejecting their genocidal, talmudic teachings.

Empire's Frontiers

Which is something the Palestinians fail to appreciate time and time again.

Simon wants a rocket attack, a burning kite, and protestors on his fence. And dipshit Palestinian men are happy to oblige, offering also the lives of their offspring.

J Roderet

SouthFront should not use the “IDF” as a source — they are even more deceptive than the IDF’s “ISIS” minions.


All data is good data.


F35s are on combat alert in the event that any unarmed medics taking care of wounded or Palestinian children are are identified on the ground!

Promitheas Apollonious

what the palestinians are shooting toy rockets?

Empire's Frontiers

The rockets had night as we’ll be toys since the men launching them are achieving as much as boys playing in the dirt.

Nick Sobkowiak

Wrong. Every time the warning sirens come on, life in Israel comes to a halt. People run to their bomb shelters in fear, people who have flights to come visit cancel their plans. Israelis are a bunch of scared bitches who can’t deal with actual war.

Empire's Frontiers

I’m talking about ineffective Palestinian strategy which is compliant to the ongoing absorption of the enclaves.

You seemed to miss that point.

What kind of hard ass are you that you won’t seek shelter from a rocket, anyway?


Literally nothing impressive at all (including this iron dome bs). The “Rockets” Hamas uses are nothing but glorified piping with some crude explosives in them that do little to no damage that is meaningful. Hezbollah has the rockets (in overwhelming abundance) that actually decimate buildings and can hurt Israel tactically.

If the IDF has a shred of dignity for itself it wouldn’t even show these absolutely dumb videos of them intercepting crude Hamas rockets.

Brother Ma

Well the Zionists have to show themselves doing something. ..you know ..like the American presidents always show themselves doing something..otherwise the people will remember they are actually fools doing nothing!

Promitheas Apollonious

according to them who ever attack them, the responsible parties are Syria and Iran. They itching to get royally fuck*d up and hopefully this time russians will not get in the way of justice.

Islamic Jihad on Saturday took responsibility for the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip overnight and threatened further launches, as the Israeli military accused the Palestinian terror group of carrying out the attacks on behalf of Iran and Syria.

Though the Israel Defense Forces did not accuse Hamas of taking part in the rocket fire, it reiterated it considers the terror group responsible as Gaza’s rulers.

“We also view the regime in Syria and the Iranian Quds Force as the address for the incidents,” IDF Spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said,referring to the overseas branch of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.


The Palestinians have finally worked out how to bankrupt the US. They fire a $10 rocket or launch a $10 balloon, and Israel, courtesy of the US taxpayer, launches a $1 million missile to take it out.

Promitheas Apollonious

NO israel is not launching what you think and what they do is killing civilians. Do you know the expression when already wet you dont fear the rain? US been bankrupted a very long time ago.


This is US and England terrorism in the Medeast.

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