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New Information About Video Allegedly Showing Expecution Of Civilian By SDF Members In Raqqa


According to opposition sources, the name of the civilian who has been allegedly executed by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is Ali al-Hameed al-Alash. (VIDEO COULD BE FOUND HERE)

According to the source, Al-Alash was a civilian and had no relationship with ISIS. He was returning from his work in Lebanon to visit his family. The video dates back to April 1, 2017, when the SDF captured Al-Darawshe village in the Raqqa countryside.

The spokesman for the Manbij Military Council, Shervan Derwish, announced that the SDF condemn the crime and the group has launched an official investigation to identify and punish the criminals. He also stressed that the SDF will reveal the results of the investigation to the public upon its conclusion.

Separately, clashes continued in Raqqa city, where ISIS claimed the killing of 2 SDF fighters and wounding of 5 others with an IED in Al-Mahdi district. ISIS also claimed that another SDF fighter was killed in Al-Mahdi district as a result of clashes yesterday.

According to Kurdish sources, 200 new US soldiers have joined Raqqa Operation under the US-led coalition. The US-led coalition is likely seeking to accelerate the SDF advance in Raqqa and to overcome the problems that are constantly occurring between Arabs and Kurds.



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  • Bru

    would this be part of the ethnic cleansing of native Arabs? Kurds already did this to the Armenian population in Turkey committing the famous genocide on behalf of Ankara.

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    • χρηστος

      Well its not right to blade the Kurds for what the Turks organized and executed. its true that the Kurds were then friends with the Turks and commited crimes against other populations (greeks, armenians etc) they did not do this alone. The Turks had organized and executed a simple plan to eliminate all minorities. The plan was to starve them to death, walk them through deserts to die from thirst (additionally they gave them salty food to make them even more thirsty), or make them do force labour…and die…..the Kurds were common thieves back them. They formed gangs that attacked refugee camps, raped, stole ,killed whoever opposed them. Almost all men had been taken to consetration camps etc by the Turks so women and children were easy pray. Anyway the Turks commited various genocides they are to blame…..the Kurds just exploited the situation and gained profit.

  • Mikronos

    This explains , as another reader queried, why the executioners were wearing cold weather gear. The apparent fact that the victim was a civilian and that his history may be known, makes this a war crime.

  • Akar

    See this is why I love the kurds, they take responsibility and do whats right. No other force does this. This is how you handle this. Great respect for you.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The US always says it will investigate war crimes of their troops but very little ever comes of it.
      The ‘ We will learn by our mistakes’ bollocks.

    • mark123456

      even the nour ed din al zenki said the same thing, and nothing ever came out. Lets see if they really arrest and punish them and make it public. A simple singular twitter post is nothing.

  • Ronald

    “200 new US soldiers ….. seeking ……. to overcome the problems that are constantly occurring between the Arabs and the Kurds “. All so the US could have their “photo opportunity” of beating ISIS , , sending the Kurds south of their territory , into a Sunni predominant city , it is certainly a disaster in the making .