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New Horrifying Footage Emerges As Evacuation From Kabul Resumes (Videos, 18+)

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New Horrifying Footage Emerges As Evacuation From Kabul Resumes (Videos, 18+)

This photo taken on May 8, 2018, shows people arriving at the domestic terminal of the Hamid Karzai International Airport of Kabul. (Photo by Dominique FAGET / AFP) (Photo credit should read DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP via Getty Images)

The evacuation of foreign and local civilians continues in Afghanistan that came under the Taliban’s control on August 15th. Flights from the Kabul Airport were resumed day after they were suspended due to the crowd of people invading the airport.

According to a White House representative, Kabul airport has resumed receiving and sending flights, including civilian ones.

At least 3 aircraft of U.S. Air Force returned from Kabul on August 17:

  • USAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III MOOSE52/04-4134 
  • USAF Lockheed Martin AC-130J Ghostrider RCH1028/04-4134
  • USMC Lockheed Martin KC-130J Hercules CREEP57/168072
New Horrifying Footage Emerges As Evacuation From Kabul Resumes (Videos, 18+)

Click to see full-size image

Last night, specialists of the Special Air Service of the French Armed Forces arrived to Kabul on board of Airbus A400M.

New Horrifying Footage Emerges As Evacuation From Kabul Resumes (Videos, 18+)

Click to see full-size image

New Horrifying Footage Emerges As Evacuation From Kabul Resumes (Videos, 18+)

Click to see full-size image

Germany also sent its military to Kabul. However, the first German military aircraft that landed in Kabul last night has evacuated only seven people due to chaos at the airport.

Germany has the second-largest military contingent in Afghanistan. According to the recent claims by Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany must urgently evacuate up to 10,000 people, including thousands of German-Afghan dual nationals as well as rights activists, lawyers and locals who worked with foreign bodies.

The A400M transport aircraft landed in Kabul on August 16th, bringing German soldiers to secure the evacuation. When leaving, it took only seven people who were lucky to be on-site.

“We have a very chaotic, dangerous and complex situation at the airport,” Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told. “We had very little time, so we only took on board people who were on-site.”

German citizens could not get into the airport without protection from German soldiers, a foreign ministry spokesperson claimed.

Germany is currently waiting for US permission to fly its second aircraft to Kabul. It is expected to take off from Uzbekistan soon.

At the same time, footage allegedly showing the evacuation of Chinese citizens was shared online. Beijing reportedly evacuated its citizens in July.

The evacuation was recently resumed despite the ongoing chaos at the airport. According to the available footage, the Taliban control the passage into the airport, as people continue to arrive, some of them climbing the wall, trying to enter the territory of the airport.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said that Azerbaijani peacekeepers stationed in Afghanistan continued to serve at the Kabul International Airport, together with Turkish forces. They are performing tasks to ensure security in the sector assigned to them.

“The peacekeeping unit of the Azerbaijani army consisting of 120 people, together with the Turkish forces, continues to fulfill its duties to ensure the security of the airport,” the message reads.

However, even once people enter the territory, they are not secured. They are wounded in crowds. The U.S. forces are making warning shots on a regular basis.

Locals have fun riding military aircraft during the take off:

Unfortunately, this led to bad consequences.At least two people fell from the aircraft on August 16. The following video shows a man who tied himself to the fuselage of an aircraft. Highly likely he did not reach the destination.


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Killer Angel

this screams deepstate cabal distraction optics….


Assuming the last video is real, a human body strapped to outside of modern jet aircraft would be severely physically impacted, basically subject to repeated blunt force trauma to head and torso, by being whipped against fuselage at several hundred km/h. This is not survivable. Then there is issue of thin air and cold temperatures to compound the trauma with severe exposure. And, that’s all before an impact landing.
Historically, there have been many cases (around a hundred) of stowaways inside commercial aviation jet’s landing gear wells – and a few have actually survived. Usually on shorter trips at lower altitude – although in very bad shape with severe hypothermia at other end. However, the vast majority of aviation wheel well stowaways have died from either falls or exposure. It would seem both an act of incredible desperation and ignorance.

Last edited 1 month ago by AlphaBravoCharlie
"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

If they don’t fall out, they usually are crushed by the wheels going back into the wheel bay. There isn’t much extra space in there.


Yes, very true, tightly packaged with heavy duty hydraulic moving parts.

Rhodium 10

They thought that it would be just like aladdin on a flying carpet…


Its like they hanged a pair of pants,filled it with straw and filmed it for 3 seconds…looks fake as fuck!


Outside is -40 degrees. They would freeze to death before they die from head trauma.


With that said, it must be pointed out that you cannot “stow away” in the landing gear on these aircraft.



Idiots thought they were sitting on a car or train. Just shows how low the level of basic knowledge, and how far away this culture is where science is subsituted by islam.
Others sitting inside the jet engine housing before the fan. Great idea.
No wonder bulding up even a third world state and military had to fail.
Taliban rule may be archaic and medival, but it is just fitting for that culture.
And those here blaming the US troops that those darwin award winners got hurt are just as ignorant. Firing warning shots when 1000s of joung aggressive men mob the airport to steal the place in line of women and children and then blaming the soliders? WTF.
Those idiots should be themselves in that position and get mobbed, and dont defend themselves and the women and children. Be my guest folks, I would like to watch that shit on twitter.

Icarus Tanović

You are illiterate type of raving, raging, foaming, growling fanatic of zionists worst sort.


Okay Icarus, i know, everyone who is not your opion is a jew. I get it. Just like everyone who is not beliving NATO propaganda is a Putin troll to them.
You are braindead on the same level as CNN “journalists”.

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

America has controlled the Afghan puppet state for the past 20 years. It shows the intelligence and sophistication of the American education system.

Soon, Americans will be doing this during the COVID riots and severe loss of freedoms and the “Great Reset” techno-feudalism.


Agreed. But dont confuse simple soldiers with the corrupt POS leadership that rule in Washington. Soliders knew the reality. And had to endure the shit the so called “leadership” did throw at them.


If you were raised in any time or place where the speeds of modern jet aircraft and not experienced by you or anyone you know, and you do not have access to modern western media since birth to learn anything about these speeds, you would be just as willing to do what these people did. You would have no frame of reference to judge what would happen. Just like everyone in the world when automobiles became popularized. There were lots of deaths because people didn’t full understand the danger of these new speeds that they had no way of experiencing or understanding up until that time. Modern westerners like you seem to have no self awareness whatsoever. You cannot even begin to fathom the radically different mindset and understandings you would have if you didn’t happen to be born in the exact time and place that you were.

Also, science deals with the study of cause and effect relationships of natural phenomena. Not only does it have nothing to do with religion, its just entirely irrelevant to the topic. The two are not mutually exclusive. 99% of all scientific experiments and achievement in all of history were done by religious people who in the modern world would be considered even more “fundamentalist” than the Taliban.

Alberto Bohon.

former vice president Amrullah Saleh declares himself interim president of Afghanistan and promises to resist the Taliban, I hope the Taliban capture Amrullah Saleh and arrest


Yeah, the Dude was already a nutjob, but this tops it off.
Will be funny thing to watch when Talibs take Panjir.
Talibs declared amnesty for everyone. Even Saleh would have had a chance to get off easy.
Now the idiot forces talibs to kill him.
Good riddance. War mongering POS. He and Ghani have been blocking the peace process for years, even after US had been angry at both since 2018 for blocking peace talks.
He should better find a nice street lights to hang himself already before Talibs Ghadaffi him.


“He and Ghani?” Dude, get you names right.


Bobcat, when you try to school anybody, do it right and dont embaress yourself.
Saleh was even harder than Ghani trying to block the peace process. According to both western, afghan pro gov and talib journalists.
Now pull your pants back up.


That last video is just funny. Weeeee!

I know, that’s cold. But really, how stupid can you get?


desperation is the answer


The World Stage Of Lies!! A buncha laughing Crowd-On-Demand™ actors running behind CGI & balloon mockup planes. This place is exceedingly evil

Ma Laoshi

A Taliban fighter shoots a man who was trying to scale the wall of Kabul airport.

Not what I see: at the point of impact, there’s a puff of concrete dust, not a puff of Afghan. Also, the guy on the wall climbed, not fell, back. It’s called keeping public order, Afghan style.

Do we see what actually happened, or what we’re being told to see?


The afghans has more zeal storming a foreign airfield than fighting for their home


no wait, most human do, a coward to bones

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