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JULY 2022

New Footage Shows Russia’s S-300V Anti-Missile System Operating In Donbass

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New Footage Shows Russia’s S-300V Anti-Missile System Operating In Donbass

Illustrative image.

The Russian military has been relying on the unique S-300V air-defense system to counter the warplanes and more importantly tactical ballistic missiles of Kiev forces since the beginning of its special military operation in Ukraine.

On May 25, TV Zevsda released a video report documenting the operation of the long-range air-defense system in an unspecified part of the Donbass region.

The 9K81 S-300V system varies from the other designs in the S-300 series. It was designed to provide defense against aircraft, cruise missiles and more importantly ballistic missiles. The system is carried on tracked MT-T transporters, which gives it greater cross-country mobility.Because the S-300V places a greater emphasis on the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) mission, a dedicated ABM phased array radar dubbed the 9S19 was developed for the system.

The S-300V can be armed with the 9M83 missile that has a maximum engagement range of around 75 kilometers, or the larger 9M82 ABM-capable missile which can engage targets out to 100 kilometers and up to altitudes of around 32 kilometers.

Russia has already developed three modernized versions of the S-300V with longer ranges, the S-300VM, the S-300VMD and the S-300V4.

The S-300V system have reportedly intercepted dozens of OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles which were launched by Kiev forces at Russian forces and residential areas in Donbass since the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine.

The ABM-capable system will likely continue to play a key defensive role in the Russian special military operation, especially with recent reports suggesting that the West is planning to arm Kiev forces with heavy launch system that can be armed with tactical ballistic missile like the US-made M270 MLRS and M142 HIMARS.



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Don’t cry because your less intelligent nation still cannot develop Hypersonic missiles for some time,lol

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The same anti-missile system is deployed at Russia s Tartus base & Kaliningrad and undermines NATO,s ability to deter Russia from protecting Syria . Purchased by several countries


It’s S-300V with caterpillar chassis for moving in same rows with ground forces. Their main targets are ballistic missiles. Object defense in Tartus and Hmeimim is secured by S-400 and S-300PM2 (granted to army of Syria), which has wheeled chassis, more combat radius and planes as main targets.


Has it ever shot down anything?

Lance Ripplinger

Russia seems to have a good track record with air defense systems. Given how many countries around the world want to buy their systems must be a good indicator. Their various systems seem to be performing well in Ukraine.


Well done Putin and Russia for planning so well for this military operation, that has turned into a war by NATO nations against you. Anyone can see just how Russia is promoting self DEFENCE, with regard to their weapons and how the US UK NATO are more interested in weapons of offence. I have always appreciated those who stand up to bullies and Russia has stood up to the bullies of the LPS DPR and the US UK EU and NATO, one third of our world. Keep courage with you and thank you for humiliating and weakening the warmongers of our world. Please keep it up because God is with you and you CAN defeat them.


LPR not LPS.

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