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New Facts About Attack Against SouthFront At Wikipedia

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New facts appeared about the Wikipedia suppression of SouthFront information.

A few days ago, some editors, violating Wikipedia guidelines, launched an attack SouthFront with intention to remove the entry on the project.

The screenshot below shows the entry’s status on February 26. According to the entry’s status, it was set to be deleted on February 27.

New Facts About Attack Against SouthFront At Wikipedia

Click to see the full-size image

Due to your reaction after SouthFront’s appeal (here), the notification about the entry deletion was removed on February 27.

However, after the SouthFront’s open letter concerning the situation (here), the project’s ill-wishers united their efforts and launched another wave of attacks against SouthFront at Wikipedia.

On February 28, another notification appeared that the entry about SouthFront “is being considered for deletion”.

New Facts About Attack Against SouthFront At Wikipedia

Click to see the fulll-size map

This notification itself discredits Wikipedia as an independent base of information and the phenomen described in the entry.

SF team, its volunteers, friends, and partners, as well as the readers and viewers, demand that Wikipedia materials on the project be restored.

Everyone concerned about the controversy surrounding SF is requested to write Wikipedia (info@wikimedia.org) and to visit “Wikipedia talk pages” on the topic here: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/South Front and here: Talk:South Front.

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Mikey Harry Harris

I’ve added a South Front page to http://www.infogalactic.com That is the next generation of online encyclopedia. I am new to editing these things so I will be happy to put the correct graphic in there for you as well as flesh out some more detail.

Mikey Harry Harris

The info galactic page is here: https://infogalactic.com/info/South_Front


I will do my part as well to reverse this!

John Baker

The issue is not with SouthFront per se, but the lack of coverage of it in mainstream (“reliable”) sources, that can be used for citations. Notability on Wikipedia is determined not by the merits of the subject of the article but by its coverage in mainstream (“reliable”) sources.

So for example a terrorist who massacres 100 people in Syria or Iraq is not considered notable if he’s not covered in MSM, but a killer of 3 in America would be if he makes it into the papers (or wins an award).

As they used to say: “verifiability, not truth”

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability_(web) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Identifying_reliable_sources

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