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New Evidence Linked Turkish Forces To Recent Drone Attack On Russian Troops In Northeastern Syria (Video)

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A new evidence linking Turkish forces to the recent drone attack on Russian troops in northeastern Syria was uncovered, the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) reported on July 24.

The attack took place on July 16 near the town of al-Darbasiyah in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah. A suicide drone targeted a gathering of Russian and Syrian troops who were investigating an earlier strike on the area. Three Russian service members and three others of the Syrian Arab Army were injured.

ANNA team inspected the attack site, where a Turkish-made 60 mm mortar was found. The shell was one of two fired at the area. Russian troops, who were later attacked by a drone, visited the area to investigate the shelling.

The Turkish mortar shell landed inside a minivan and failed to explode. Only a few days later, it was uncovered.

The shell proves that Turkish forces were behind the first strike that attracted Russian troops to the scene of the drone attack. The drone itself, a quadcopter, is similar to a type made by Turkey’s STM known as KARGU.

Russia is currently investigating the incident. According to Kurdish sources, a team of Russian investigators visited the attack site on July 18.

The motives behind the attack on Russian troops in northeastern Syria remain unclear. If Turkey was indeed responsible, its relations with Russia will be severally damaged. Russia responds to any attack on its troops in Syria politically or militarily.


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Russia responds POLITICALLY LOL PLEASE, it should be 100% militarily drop few bombs on the ottomans and period.


When the right moment comes Russia will make them pay and with the interest.
All people who are revenge thirsty should follow some other country since in Russia everything they do in foreign policy is chess…. And chess played as long game with several draws calculated in advance for every possible situation.
So people who just want “action” are bored stiff, because they understand jack s*it of what is happening and why.
And on top everything has very slow rhythm.

If anybody thinks that downed jets, killed Russian pilot’s and soldiers are forgotten and forgiven, than they understand nothing about Russia.
Maybe you should go entertain yourself elsewhere (like watching Jews IDF killing children) or go to some war to get “peace of action” instead?

Jim Allen

Extremely well stated.


Well said, and if the Turkish military are responsible the most sensible thing for Erdogan to do would be to arrest those responsible and turn them over to face justice in Russia.

The alternative for Erdogan is waiting for a response from Russia that should result in Erdo’s downfall.

King Cliff

I don’t believe I will be politically anymore,Turkey had shot down a Russian plane and cause it Russians service men to die,they have attacked Russian military personnel more than once.. The Russian will be sending a message to Turkey and best way to do it is to drive Turkey out of iblib and back a full Syrian offensive in iblib and back the Syrian military movement with air coverage till Turkey realised they concept on moving in iblib was a dead dreams..i expect the Russian special force and artillery force,missile force to participated in the full scale operation..

Jim Allen

Russia responded to Turkey’s stupidity in shooting down Russian aircraft, and killing their crews. After having investigated, found Turkey was lying, and responsible, a long time ago.
Your expectations will not be met.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So the mortar shells are definitely Turkish but the suicide drone was just similar to the ones used by the Turks, but not actually a Turkish made drone, that’s going to make it hard to prove anything at all isn’t it.

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