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New Escalation In Western Daraa: Syrian Army Eliminates Two Rebel Commanders


On March 18, heavy clashes erupted in the western Daraa countryside between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the remaining radical militants in the region.

The tension began when the army established several checkpoints next to the town of Jillen. Three rebel commanders who were passing near the town refused to stop, which forced Syrian troops to open fire, killing two of them.

The slain commanders were identified as Walid al-Barazi “Abu Raafat,” from the town of al-Ajmi, and Hassan “Abu Al-Ezz,” from the town of Atman. The third commander Bassem Jalmawi “Abu Kinan”, originally from the town of Qusayr, was injured.

New Escalation In Western Daraa: Syrian Army Eliminates Two Rebel Commanders

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

In response to this incident, radical militants launched an attack on the SAA’s newly-established checkpoints in the vicinity of Jillen.

A military source told SouthFront that three soldiers were killed and others were injured in the militants’ attack. The army quickly responded, launching a barrage of rockets at militants’ positions in Jillen.

Eventually, the army withdraw its checkpoints from Jillen’s outskirt, likely to de-escalate the situation. The militants’ also halted their attack.

Jillen’s militants will likely face a large-scale security operation by the army, if they refuse to obey the terms of the reconciliation agreement they accepted in 2018. A similar operation took place in the nearby town of al-Sanamayn earlier this month.




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  • klove and light

    ty treacherous Zionist pig Putin for the fantsstic working reconciliatiopn Agreements………i ll write it again andagain..

    reconcile wit headchoppers????? sure, after they are 2 feet below Ground.
    and if, i must say so now, SAA members or their allied Forces are either to stupid or naive to see what is Happening in douma,in Idlib etc……well then you deserve no better.


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    • good american

      Write it all you want, it is much easier to read what you say without the bad words. Thanks for that.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The ex Free Syrian Army [FSA] have become emboldened now, they see the Turks fully supporting their brothers in Idlib and Aleppo and want a piece of the action themselves. They may have all signed reconciliation agreements with Assad back in 2018, and more than 25,000 of them were conscripted into the SAA and sent to Idlib, but they still hate Assad even though they’re not fighting him anymore, but unfortunately for Assad this time around, now they’re the enemy within, the enemy within here in Daraa and the enemy without in Idlib, so he has to deal with them internally and externally.
    Assad has one big problem now, because as much as it would be very convenient and also easy to do, wiping these FSA remnants from the face of the earth would cause even more problems for Assad than the FSA are now creating with this bout of insubordination.
    The 50,000 strong Southern Front Alliance [SFA] and several other large Arab militias also signed reconciliation agreements with the government back in 2017, a full 12 months before the FSA did, but they signed them without a fight, unlike the FSA who only signed them because they lost the fight, but even if the SFA aren’t complaining about anything yet, and haven’t given Assad any trouble at all, if the FSA keep up agitating trouble they way they have been, some of the militias that make up the SFA alliance could possibly start joining in too.
    But it wouldn’t be a good look if the SAA just came in and dealt with the ex FSA the way they deserve to be, that would probably scare the hell out of all the other militias, they also signed reconciliation agreements with Assad, and even though many of us pro Assad supporters might think it was totally justifiable for Assad to beat them into submission for causing trouble, it wouldn’t go down well with many of the ex opposition groups, because for sure the FSA would be screaming blue bloody murder and saying things like, ‘see you can’t trust Assad’, ‘if he did it to us he’ll do it to you too’, ‘Turkey’s going to help us now’, ‘we can win this time’, ‘join the new resistance’, and more blah blah blah. So Assad’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, hopefully he finds a goldilocks solution that satisfies all parties except for the FSA, and gets to sneakily punish them for their disloyalty as well.
    They hated seeing Assad use their conscripted FSA brothers as cannon fodder in Idlib at the end of 2018 [I thought it was poetic justice], but I think maybe Assad should’ve perhaps conscripted a few more of them into the SAA and also sent them off to Idlib as cannon fodder, mmm come to think about it maybe he still can, sign the papers and send them off, there’s nothing better that watching ex FSA fighters either killing or being killed by serving FSA fighters, that’s pure entertainment and I’d really love a repeat performance.