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New Elections Predict Another Political Impasse For Israel

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New Elections Predict Another Political Impasse For Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on July 14, 2019. – Netanyahu today warned the head of Lebanon’s Tehran-backed Hezbollah that “crushing” retaliation would follow any attack after its leader said the group’s rockets could reach Tel Aviv. (Photo by RONEN ZVULUN / POOL / AFP) (Photo credit should read RONEN ZVULUN/AFP/Getty Images)

The fourth parliamentary elections in the past two years took place in Israel on March 23. Based on the results of the vote, the 24th Knesset will be composed and the country’s prime minister appointed. Final results should be announced later in the week.

According to the exit polls from the elections the country may face another political impasse, as the parliament was divided between opponents and supporters of the country’s longest-serving leader Netanyahu.

Initially, Israel’s leading media announced the Likud victory after the election. In social media Netanyahu claimed his victory over the group of left-wing, centre and rightist parties that were trying to unseat him.

However, the opposition’s results were higher than expected. According to the exit-polls 120 seats in the parliament will be divided equally. Netanyahu’s critics pointed out the corruption charges against the country’s leader and accused him of mishandling the pandemic.

Netanyahu himself stressed out Israel’s highly successful coronavirus vaccination campaign, which permitted to open the stores and restaurants. Another major arguments was the signing of diplomatic accords with four Arab countries, brokered by former US president Donald Trump.

At a Likud rally, Netanyahu claimed that its projected number of seats in parliament was approximately 30, what was “a great achievement” and that he hoped to form a “stable right-wing government”.

A government headed by Netanyahu may form a strong right-wing coalition with the support from Bennett and ultra-Orthodox parties. Despite the hope on a “stable government”, Israel may face the fifth election.

Amid the election process in Israel, Hamas launched rockets targeting sites near Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip and near Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian reports. According to the claims of Israeli Defense Forces. In response, IDF jets and attack helicopters struck a Hamas rocket manufacturing site and military post.


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Emad Irani

hahaha Iron Zion Boy Hasbara could not even predict the future of his own “country”…


“Mir shoin zayn” … eh?

johnny rotten

The godfather of Kosher Nostra is hard to dismiss, in his paranoia he does more damage to Isisrahell than the Arabs, his corruption is ruining his country, keep it up.


they should just kick the lying thieving corrupt war criminal out in time for the next election and voila, a valid election will be the result.


Don’t give them any ideas…. Let them be where they are.


We want the alien Jews to do their elections back home in Poland,
Hungary, Ukraine, or else one has to wonder why the British did not do
elections in Kenya or the French in Algeria. An alien white Jew who
is so alien that his DNA is pure 100% European has no reason to
cling to stolen Arab land.

Steve Standley

Bibi is their Jewish Messiah: A lying, thieving, manipulative, dissembling, backstabbing, greedy, self-serving, murdering, self-exalting bigot. As such, he exemplifies the current jewish nation. This is the man they will choose over Christ. lol @ their virtue.


So I was off about the turnout, but the outcome is fabulous so far. No majority, opportunistic alignments and a shaky government. What’s there not ti like?

Henagbi said Likud may form coalition with the Islamist party (owning 5 seats so far) which immediately denied by them, that shows the level of desperation in Likud,

Israeli society is so divided that now different cities vote different parties, and there are a LOT of parties for a 120-seats parliament.

The absolute best outcome is a no-win scenario and a fifth election, Bibi at the helm until then.

The next best thing, Bibi manages to form a 61 seat coalition with at least 5-6 other parties (the more the merrier!). So far Likud+UTJ+Shas+Zealots (religious Ziionist)+Yamina= 59 seats. If only there was a party with say, 2 seats willing to sell their soul to the devil,,, We have to wait until Friday to know more about this one.
Meanwhile no clear result from Bibi’s various cases and they keep dangling over his head. We’ll know for sure in about less than 2 weeks.

The worst outcome? Bennet turns coat, they finally manage to boot Bibi out. What a disaster!! In this case who’s give a rat’s arse about his corruption cases? A lot of work turned to smoke and ruined.

So Daniel, (@The_Angry_Jew), where are you? Let’s have a heartily chat.

Disclaimer: Hereby I strongly deny any Iranian meddling in Israeli elections. What possible business do we have to meddle in their internal affairs!?


He can’t “refuse” to step down. I think a civil war is out of question because Netanyahu doesn’t have enough support for a coup. A loser like Kokhavi is not enough, the military and even the defence minister won’t back him and his own party will immediately dump him because they don’t want to be associated with a coup and lose a big chunk of their own supporters. Plus, he’s smarter than this.

If nobody is able to reach a 61 majority, Rivlin will order somebody to form a cabinet or 2 of them to have a rotational premiership like last time only this time it is harder given different blocks are at each other’s throat. This is his best bet although duping someone like Lapid is harder than Gantz. And there’s a;ways Lieberman, opposing everybody and anybody and make it hard to form a coalition with Arabs.

It seems a fifth elections is inevitable. In this case his opponents have some time to 1- counter his domestic propaganda (which works very good, bordering maraclous) and 2- convince Likud to get rid of him, which is unlikely to happen at least as long as he’s not convicted.

Still, we have to wait until Friday night so the results are complete.

I wonder where @<> is? I hope he doesn’t attempt to drown his sorrow in a bottle! ;)


We almost got rid of these aliens in 1973, if the US did not
save them. There is nothing that has a higher value for any
Arabs than getting rid of these aliens from Arab land.
comment image?1

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