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JUNE 2023

Golan Heights Escalation And New Drama In Idlib

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Golan Heights Escalation And New Drama In Idlib

Early on May 1, several missiles launched from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights hit positions of the Syrian Army near Tell Ahmar and Quneitra city. The strike reportedly led to no casualties among Syrian personnel, but destroyed several pieces of military equipment.

This was the second Israeli strike on Syria in less than a week. On April 27, Israeli airstrikes hit the countryside of Damascus, including the al-Mazzeh Airport. Pro-Israeli sources claim that underground facilities of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were the target.

Meanwhile, a new drama is developing in the militant-held part of Greater Idlib. After briefly clashing with the Turkish Army near Nayrab, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham found themselves in the center of a new scandal.

On April 30, the group’s fighters were confronted by supporters of other radical groups in the town of Maaret Elnaasan in western Aleppo. According to pro-opposition sources, the main reason of tensions is the decision of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to open a crossing for commercial purposes to the government-held area. This initiative faced resistance among militant groups directly controlled by Turkey. The Turkish Army even tried to block a road towards Maaret Elnaasan. However, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants were able to suppress the protest and the crossing was opened. The further protests that continued on May 1 forced Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to close the crossing.

Earlier in April, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham tried to open a similar commercial crossing near Saraqib, but this attempt was also blocked by Turkish-led forces.

Representatives of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham claim that the opening of such crossings is vital to contain the developing economic crisis in the militant-held area. According to them, a large part of goods produced within the militant-held area, first of all food, is being sold in the government-controlled territory.

Various fees on commercial activities and contraband traffic are among key sources of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham budget, which has been facing difficulties amid the shirking funding from its foreign sponsors. On the other hand, the ability to fill own budget from independent sources of income allows the terrorist group to remain to a large degree independent from direct Turkish support. Thus, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is capable of remaining a relatively independent player and the most powerful militant group in the entire Greater Idlib.

At least 4 Syrian soldiers were killed and several others were injured in an ISIS attack on the army convoy near the T3 pumping station in the province of Homs. The terrorists used an improvised explosive device to strike the bus moving within the convoy and then shelled it with machine guns.

The attack likely came in response to the intensified security efforts of the army in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert. Just recently, government troops eliminated several ISIS militants and captured 2 vehicles belonging to the terrorist group.

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Pave Way IV

Something big has changed in the last few days for Syria, Hezbollah and Israel. Don’t know exactly what, but none of the forces are acting like they usually do, and it’s not followed by the usual rhetoric and threats. Lebanon was the straw that broke the camel’s back – their collapsing economy has forced everyone to go into battle mode.And the US desperately needs a distraction from its botched coronavirus response/economic meltdown.

Hezbollah is massing around al Bukamal now to sweep the Syrian Desert through Palmyra and down to the Suweida Desert (again) so the SAA can remain engaged in Idlib. The US and Israel are doing everything possible to prevent Hez from stabilizing the pipeline/Baghdad-Damascus Hwy area from fake ISIS (MaT, US SOF or some IDF terrorists) attacks. If the US/Israel can’t hold that area for ISIS proxies, then the highway and pipelines will return to their Syrian owner’s hands and be reopened. I can almost see CENTCOM commanders running around with their hair on fire at the thought of that. Israel will just bomb everything if they can’t have it.

The ammo dump strikes around Homs are probably Israel’s attempt to keep the rockets from going south to the Golan. If the US/Israel do attack Hezbollah in their Suweida Desert campaign, it WILL prompt a retaliatory response by Hezbollah against Israel, In other words: IT”S ON.

There might be a handful of real ISIS in the Syrian Desert, but they have had NO source of income, food or ammo for almost three years now. The reason any ISIS stragglers are even there is because the US used Iraqi troops to funnel them out of southwest Iraq into Syria, and our own forces in at Tanf prevented them from moving south from Palmyra to the Jordanian border. Hence, a semi-permanent destabilizing force to keep the Syrian pipelines closed and block the Baghdad-Damascus Highway. For whatever small attacks the left-over ISIS manages, there are probably plenty of others by US/Israel SOF or their MaT head-chopper proxies.

Question is: would Hez ever move on at Tanf? Normally, I would say ‘no’, but it could be used as a bargaining chip. The US would probably give up at Tanf to prevent Hez from striking Israel directly with all those rockets they have.


We don’t need the U.S to do any dirty deals with Hezbollah for us, let it be clear that if they dare to shoot rockets from either Syria or Lebanon then the IDF will smash them in both places. The 2006 was just a kids play compared to what’s coming to them this time if they do any stupid move, we are ready for them.

El Mashi

Wishful thinking. Israel’s ” “smashing” in both places” is hasbara. Hezbollah will respond with thousands of rockets to Tel Aviv and Negev. Then what? An invasion? Fighting Hezbollah is very different than Israeli snipers, from 300m, shooting women and children.


Pray to God they won’t shoot thousands of rockets because if we invade, Lebanon is over and no U.N would be able to save it.

El Mashi

Israel has invaded Lebanon three times, and have been thrown out each time. What makes you think that it will be different this time? Invading Lebanon will only cause massive missile retaliation. It will also cause a Hezbollah invasion of Northern Israel and Israeli Occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Remember, a Hezbollah soldier, fighting Al Qaeda in Syria has superior military training than an Israeli soldier shooting woman and children from 300m away. How much pain can Israel take? Hezbollah has a lot of pain to share with Israel. Is Israel ready to play with fire?


Let them try us then, let’s see how “superior” they are when they don’t hide inside homes and shoot rockets. We are ready to deal with them anytime, for every rocket there will be less village in Lebanon till nothing is left of that country, we spared most of them in 2006.

Pave Way IV

Wow – the Israeli version of Adolf Eichmann. Do you understand how unhinged you sound? This isn’t a statement of strength, it’s a statement of cowardice, weakness and paranoia.For every rocket –> kill an entire village. Do you mean Shia village or just any random one in Lebanon?

Kind of odd how many Israeli civilians your willing to sacrifice for your “Final solution to the Palestinian/Hezbollah/Iran Question” Did you get your fellow Israeli citizens’ consent to be offered up, or is it just understood that ‘that’s the price you must pay’? Sounds rather anti-Semitic, but what do I know…


I stand behind every word I wrote, if they shoot onto Israeli civilian centers then they will get the same just a hundred times worse. First we will wipe out the villages in SL and then if it doesn’t stop we will move on to the rest of Lebanon.


It is obvious your dna Iron Zion was forged in Lidice. Your grand uncles who did the killing there would be proud of you. Just as well your grandfather was such a coward as he ran off to Turkey after he cut the throats of 9 Lidice children as he didn’t have the balls to murder adults. This event is worshipped in your household when ye light your fukin hanukkahs. One candle for every child. Yeah you cum from a long line of child murderers and rapists. A truely proud tradition to be flouted at every opportunity.


That’s right we are killers, we kill whoever poses a threat to us. We are not the Old Jewish people that were killed without fighting, we are the IDF Zionists and we will crush your terrorists wherever they are. Get ready it’s coming soon.

El Mashi

Wrong, you were defeated in Lebanon, and one of your generals was killed dying in shame as an invader. Sorry, it is true. If you choose to attack Lebanon again, your experience will be immensely painful. Israeli soldiers have little experience fighting real soldiers that shoot back. IDF shows most courage fighting from 300m, and shooting women and children and old people, and first responder. This time you may not get the US Marines to fight your war. Shalom.


Is that some kind of Hezbo propoganda? the highest ranking officer to ever died was in 1999 and he was a brigadier general but that was most of their success in 18 years, not something to be proud of if you ask me. We don’t need the U.S boots on the ground, we will handle your Hezbollah terrorists the way the know best, and also the ones who support them in SL. You think it will be 2006 again? Lebanon will be hit with some weapons we didn’t use against civilians back then.

El Mashi

You do get United States Marines on the ground. You got the invasion of Iraq: the Israeli coveted overthrow of Saddam Hussein. The overthrow of Moamar Qaddafi. The war in Syria. The US does a lot of dying for Israel. Just plain facts. Hezbollah has missiles that can reach any part of Israel, and their accuracy improves with time and training. Those missiles are for defense purposes and deterrence from Israeli aggression. Hezbollah has new weapons that it did not have in 2006. Lebanon is not Gaza where Israel engages in combat with women and children c c hildre n


We shall see I guess, no U.N ceasefires this time. Fight till the last Hezbollah or Lebanese.

El Mashi

Or Israeli. Israel creates enemies. Shalom.


Agreed. Salam Mashi and Ramadan Mubarak.

Rhodium 10

Israel cannot defeat Hezbollah…one thing is to fight vs an Arab army full of conscripts and incompetent like Arab armies in 1967/73/82…other thing is to fight vs well trained militia…thats why israel failed in lebanon 2006..amd will fail if they try to do the same!


Who are you to tell me if we can defeat them or not? you haven’t even served in the army so you only know what you hear on the media. Your assumptions are all wrong.

Rhodium 10

I served as a member of an Army inside NATO!…so who are you to tell me about military?…


You served what? 1 year in a non conflict zone? I have been serving in the IDF for the last 15 years (11 years as a reserve) and I participated in 3 operations in Gaza and seen it all. Don’t tell me what my army can or can’t do, if we choose to use the same tactics as Hezbollah then they will lose badly, including their citizens.

Rhodium 10

You dont anything about what i have done!….IDF was defeated in lebanon…Golani brigade was useless…Hezbollah is not an incompetent Arab army..its a well trained, armed and motivated militia and IDF know that invade lebanon and have to face hezbollah forces in combat is a bad idea!


We will do what our government orders us to do, if we have to go into Lebanon then we will. I don’t judge you, don’t judge me back.


sorry bro but your too delusional you keep talking about your army’s capabilities and all but look at the facts not what the media says as you said and it is true that you lost the 3 wars against Lebanon then where did all your capabilities go?you should be happy that your country isn’t sand right now the more that you kill inoccent people the more you create enemies I’m 15 and gonna be moving to Syria before the age of 25 I’m gonna create a company and will rebuild Syria stronger you might be cold blooded killers coward who kill children and women and old people and use US to fight for you but you can’t defeat the Syrians determination to defend thier Arab countries against Empiralists all the countries went against Syria for 9 years and faild to take us down I want to see you try taking down Lebanon your gonna get your balls busted you are ready we are ready too but remember these your army will die,scum coward people who killed the inoccent and we will die proud of defending our conutries from empiralists!long live the anti empiralists!!!!!


Do you think we are afraid of Hezbollah or other enemies when it comes to our vital security interests? you will find out yourself when you come to Syria.


Okay we will see the days are coming the days… Are coming it’s disgusting that the Arab countries allowed your people to live in thier countries and reproduce and everything and treated you like any other human being and you did this to the poor Palstine people shooting them in the leg and many other stuff and destroyed their homes just to make them leave or die just to start erasing thier people from their ground that was theirs,your people literally was only few 1000s there Isreal was never a country the only reason you ever was there cause Palstine accepted refugees from the worldwars which made you escape all over the plant just wanted to give you a reminder of where your people came from so that you understand why all these conflict is for, at least we are talling like human beings at least and not childish with swearing and all ? I hope you have a great day you sound like a good dude but your on the wrong side of the conflict my friend.


In Gaza? And that’s “seen it all” is it”? Poverty-stricken folks with no real weapons, let alone vehicles, air support, body armour, missiles, night sights and all the trimmings. Even Israel just calls that “mowing the lawn”, not war. I suppose you might have “seen it all” in terms of doing horrific things, which would explain why you’re so desperate to pretend to yourself it’s all OK and any horror is justified. You can face poorly armed Palestinians, maybe you could even face well-armed well-trained Hezbollah, but can you face yourself?

Hezbollah on the other hand have for years been in Syria fighting terrorists equipped by the Saudis and Americans, many of them trained by the Americans. So, real combat experience, not just doing atrocities on the defenceless. And based on 2006, it seems like their combat doctrines are better than yours.

Israel still has the weight of materiel on their side, and the air support. Candidly I think Hezbollah would have bad trouble doing an advance into Israel, and I don’t think they’d be stupid enough to try. But Israel would get their ass handed to them if they attacked Lebanon again, and they couldn’t stop Hezbollah’s rockets from creating widespread destruction in Israel while they were attacking. If you’re an example, though, Israel might be stupid enough to try.

Traiano Welcome

“Question is: would Hez ever move on at Tanf? Normally, I would say ‘no’, but it could be used as a bargaining chip. The US would probably give up at Tanf to prevent Hez from striking Israel directly with all those rockets they have.”

If anyone would, it would be Hezbollah, or a new Syrian chapter of Hezbollah: This would be part of an end-game:

“On October 23, 1983, two truck bombs struck buildings in Beirut, Lebanon, housing American and French service members of the Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF), a military peacekeeping operation during the Lebanese Civil War. The attack killed 307 people: 241 U.S. and 58 French military personnel, six civilians, and two attackers.”

(Although, nobody knows if this was attributable to Hezbollah, or Islamic Jihad)

Icarus Tanović

As soon as SAA finiah the job with Wahhabis in Idlibstan Hezbollah can make a move to Al Tanf. That’s very clear.

Mustafa Mehmet

Yes crystal clear .. opic thanks for the idea opic

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabi cowards can see that their days are numbered so they’re trying to negotiate this way with Syria. Ain’t gonna work.


I tried to access South Front on utube and got a screen saying no account etc. So am wondering if South Front was deleted by utube, or whether budget considerations move them to discontinue? Will be checking this site in coming days to see whether videos continue to be produced. Hope to get some notification from South Front as well.

cechas vodobenikov

u tube frequently censors partisan syria girl also


ISIS like the Swamp Alligators in US Senate: ain’t going anywhere soon!


This channel does not exist. southfront youtube channel down!

Ryan Glantz

You guys are great journalists! To get banned by youtube is saying something :)

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