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New Domestically-Made Main Battle Tank Spotted in Iran

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The Karrar new Iranian main battle tank has been spotted in Iran. According to Iranian officials, its features are similar to characteristics of the Russian T-90 tanks.

New Domestically-Made Main Battle Tank Spotted in Iran

The Karrar new domestically-made main battle tank, similar to the Russian T-90 tank, was spotted in Iran.

Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force General Kiomars Heidari announced that his forces have received ultramodern domestically-made tanks Karrar, whose features are similar to the Russian T-90 tanks.

“The Karrar tanks have been delivered to the combat units of the Ground Force,” Heidari told reporters in Tehran on August 21.

The general also announced plans to install new advanced systems on the Karrar and the Zulfiqar tanks. Speaking about the Ground Force’s achievements in building anti-armored systems, Heidari noticed: “We have modern and ultramodern equipment which can be used in proxy wars.”

Earlier this week, Iran announced that it has manufactured a new tank, called Karrar, which is as deadly as the Russian T-90.

“The defense industry designed and built the new battle tank from scratch. If not better, it’s still as deadly as the Russian T-90,” Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said on August 16.

The news comes after Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan announced that Iran is no longer interested in buying T-90 main battle tanks from Russia and plans to meet their needs through domestic production.

“We were once interested in buying the Russian tanks. But since we can manufacture similar models within the country and we plan to do so in the near future, the deal is now off,” he said last week.

As it was reported earlier today, Iran has presented the Bavar-373 new mobile air-defense missile system of its own production to a wide audience. It seems that the country seriously intends to develop its own military manufacturing.

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Iran is betrying Russia, not because of the tank, but because they want to buy japanese and western passenger-planes.


Hardly. Although Russia offers commercial aircraft its not a broad offering.


Iran is buying from everyone including Russia, they’re not putting all their eggs in one basket, they’re diversifying their passenger fleet.



Than look at this: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2016/08/03/478338/Iran-expects-Airbus-deliveries-by-years-end




against the wind

Iran is not obliged to buy anything from Russia or anyone. Also betrayal is funny. Iran and Russia are not allies, never have been, never will be.


Iran is obliged to buy from Russia, else they are fucking cunts who never can be trusted.

Olayinka Abdulgafar

No nation in her right mind will rely on one nation for its strategic needs especially Iran going by her experience with Russia. Russia has its own national interest which sometimes makes it difficult but not impossible for her to betray the trust of its allies. But for such actions there are always reactions. I can only pray that most nations of the world are like this as it will reduce the evil of the so called ‘big powers’. Bravo to Iran for leading the way.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This is very good. Within 5 years these tanks will need to be exported to the good people of Lebanon and Syria so they can better defend their homes and city’s. Russia builds great tanks, but tends to sell lots of old stuff to their middle eastern allies, while the Zionist have very nice advanced tanks. Russia sold Syria some very good T-90’s, however only one or two dozen. Not near enough to fight a full scale war against the SAS leading an army of some 80,000 well equipped terrorist with advanced anti-tank and anti-air missiles. Syria needs 120 very modern tanks just to defend themselves against a full scale war with Zionist for only the first week. After that, most advanced tanks would have been knocked out. Syria needs a much better main rifle as well. They use a very outdated round that is ineffective compared to Turkish or Israeli or ISIS or Iranian or NATO’s main rounds.

Pavel Pavlovich

AKM and AK-74 are not outdated. But small calibre is preferred in desert warfare, while medium rounds are better in urban warfare. I think the modern assault rifles are overrated.


Lots of hot air. They will need to import weapons, there is no way they can achieve balance with their US-backed enemies otherwise.

They need to start production of a customised version of the T-90 licenced from Russia.i

And tons of aircraft, their air force is impotent at this point.

sammy weir

Looks good but a Tesla is more appealing for me. Iran should concentrate on producing and/or importing more food, clothing & modern appliances that will improve the lives of its people, after the many years of deprivation that the US & EU have imposed on the Iranian people.

Mohammad Javad Rostamzadeh

I hate islamic republic but we really we,people don’t need food, clothing & modern appliances cos we have enough resources…dumpass


If it is a copy of the T90 tank, I believe Russia and Iran, being allies of convenience, have met halfway on this matter. Russia (covertly) sells the licence / blueprints, and Iran (which already has a capacity to produce tanks) produces them. The difference here is that Iran may just be producing an ‘almost but not exactly’ T90 copy. The idea is not to be ‘reprimanded’ by the UN for violating the ongoing arms embargo on Iran.

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