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JUNE 2023

New Details on Crimea Gun Battle

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New Details on Crimea Gun Battle

Photo: UNIAN

Original by Boris Rozhin; translation by J.Hawk

A well-proven source which more than once provided accurate information on the Donbass shared a few details concerning the situation on the Perekop.

1. Crimean FSB Directorate received information that there is a cache of explosives near Armyansk. A reaction team was dispatched to the site.
2. When the team arrived at the specified location, it found a group of 20 individuals who were loading up the explosives, and who almost immediately opened fire on the reaction team.
3. A battle ensued which cost the life of an FSB servicemember (his funeral took place yesterday). After that, the team summoned military reinforcements. The enemy was operating with some skill during the battle.
4. Following additional fighting, the unidentified group split–14 or 15 of them left for Ukrainian territory by water (taking with them one dead, not clear how many wounded), and a BTR entered the water near Sivash to aid the group.
5. The Russian side suffered one more fatality and one more wounded. Four members of the unidentified group remained on Crimea’s territory and the documents that are being published relating to the Krepost [Fortress] reaction plan concern the search for these individuals.
6. The cache contained up to 500kg of explosives, which were seized (TNT and other materials). Currently a search is underway for 4-5 individuals, which means that should they be taken alive it will lead to one course of action, while should they be able to leave Crimea or disappear, the outcome will be different.

As far as I understand, the official reaction to the whole story will depend on whether these individuals are captured or not.
The situation itself looks like a classic border provocation.

New Details on Crimea Gun Battle

J.Hawk’s Comment: The document shown in the photo is a description of the individuals being sought. They are described as 30-35 years of age, dressed in camouflage with Russian flag insignia. That detail suggests the intent may have been to carry out a “false flag” attack against targets such as Crimean Tatars that could be used by Western propaganda. 

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A very informative account which I believe is accurate. This sounds like a close run event which could have turned out much worse had the plan not been disrupted. Having attempted this once I think they will try again. The presence of a BTR makes me suspect Ukrainian involvement at some level.

Real Anti-Racist Action

They were all trained by SAS. Also, SAS are masters of wearing other nations uniforms, using other peoples accents ie(such as American or Russian accents). And SAS kill more people while themselves wearing civilian clothing then actual UK-military clothing. SAS another words, is an illegal terrorist organisation according to UN International Law. Until the SAS in Ukraine who probably sound and act as if they were either native Ukrainians or Americans, are found and brought to swift justice. Then these Terrorist operations against Russia are going to continue and increase 10 fold in less then 15 month period. As Mi6 is now more confident then ever to begin their actual secret war to bleed Christian-Russia inside of Crimea and the Ukraine. Mi6 is acting faster in these regions then Russians are. This is lopsided, and must operationally be corrected immediately. As the UK will bring about the Mark Of The Beast, and the SAS are the personal guard of the Faults Prophet, and later the Faults Christ. http://realzionistnews.com/

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