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JUNE 2021

New Details About ISIS-Hezbollah Deal. ISIS To Withdrew To Al Bukamal City

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New Details About ISIS-Hezbollah Deal. ISIS To Withdrew To Al Bukamal City

On Sunday, the Hezbollah media wing announced that ISIS fighters and their families will leave the Western Qalamoun region to Al Bukamal city in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

The Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen news TV channel reported that 17 buses and 10 vehicles of the Syrian Red Crescent arrived to Jorud Qarah area inside Syria. The buses will evacuate 350 ISIS fighters and their families according to Al-Mayadeen.

Al-Mayadeen also revealed that ISIS fighters will leave in the early morning tomorrow as both sides are in rush to end the deal.

Meanwhile, Major General Abbas Ibrahim the General director of the Lebanese General Security Directorate announced that the Lebanese Intelligence recovered what could be the bodies of the 8 Lebanese soldiers who were captured by ISIS in Arsal in 2014. The Lebanese Red Cross is now conducting DNA tests on the bodies to identify it.

Gen. Ibrahim said that one of ISIS fighters who surrender themselves earlier guided the Lebanese Intelligence to the graves. Gen. Ibrahim added that the Lebanese Intelligence had information that the captured Lebanese soldiers were killed since early 2015.

Gen. Ibrahim stressed that the battle on the Lebanese-Syrian border will not end until the last ISIS fighters leave the Lebanese territories.

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Michael Qiao

just shoot these ISIS rats


But then you would lose all credibility in future deals. Besides, knowing they have nothing to lose will make these rats fight even harder. And consequently the fight harder as well, getting more SAA and Hezbollah soldiers killed.


Getting the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers into one place makes tactical sense and puts pressure on the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers, who are falling out among themselves. Wouldn’t it be a laugh if the Syrians did a deal that the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers had to go to America? ;o)

Michael Qiao

but where would go after their fake caliphate collapses? Oh wait, the US nvm


SAA will have to storm Al Bukamal very soon so this doesn’t make much sense strategically. I hope a RuAF or Iraqi AF flight don’t get the message when the black buses come near their destination – an hones to God/Allah mistake, that’s all…


what families….they have bought their women , they are sex slaves…..families….????


no way, these buses will be blown up! Without doubts!

John Brown

Its great they were sent there. Those defeated demoralized troops will spread fear and panic among the ISIS troops in Al Bukamal when they tell them of them of their defeat and other ISIS defeats all over Syria which you can bet ISIS leaders don’t tell them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sending demoralized troops some times doesn’t work out as they can be executed which has been happening to some of ones that went to Idlib of recently.

John Brown

If ISIS executes them all, it is still troops the SAA did not have to fight isn’t it? So its still a win.


Yeah, for some, there is nothing more terrifying than Peace, I have nothing against this kinds of deals, and when you do that, its for the general good, and not politics, other then make sure the area is safe.
And deals like this gives/rises trust, where others will notice this to.
And to have that as an option, you need trust.

This is good news, never the less.


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