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New Details about Russian Military Convoy that Arrived Aleppo City


Information about Russian ground troops, who appeared in Aleppo, was greatly exaggerated in media.

New Details about Russian Military Convoy that Arrived Aleppo City

Photo: Reuters

Earlier this week, a number of Arab media reported about a decision of the Russian Command to deploy a Contingent of Ground Troops in the city of Aleppo to assist the Government Forces in the defense of the city.

Some media even reported that Russia, allegedly, has already informed the UN Security Council on the deployment of its ground forces in Aleppo. Journalists said that ground units of the Russian Armed Forces should support the Syrian Army near the northern route to the government-controlled part of Aleppo, located along the Castello highway.

At the same time, the Al-Masdar Syrian portal reported, citing its own unnamed sources, that a convoy of Russian military equipment and amphibious soldiers drove on the Castello highway to western districts of Aleppo.

According to Arab media, the number of the Contingent of Russian Ground Troops, who arrived in Syria’s largest city, is up to company personnel (from 80 to 120 soldiers).

The Russkaya Vesna information website also confirmed that Russian soldiers arrived in Aleppo, but noted that the information in media was greatly exaggerated.

An unnamed source of the website said that “it was just an escort of a reconnaissance group of the riot police, who explore routes of supply of humanitarian aid to Aleppo.”



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