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New Details About Ongoing ‘Largest Ever’ Aerial Exercise In Israel (Video, Photos)


New Details About Ongoing 'Largest Ever' Aerial Exercise In Israel (Video, Photos)

Two Israeli air force F-15s of the Knights of the twin tail 133 squadron fly over Ovda airbase near Eilat during the Blue Flag exercise, Nov. 8, 2017.Ariel Schalit/AP

35 aircraft from the US, Greece, Poland, France, Italy, Germany and India along with 26 aircraft of five different Israeli Air Force (IAF) squadrons are currently participating in the Blue Flag 2017 aerial exercise, according to a November 8 report of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The Blue Flag 2017 aerial exercise started in the Ovda airbase in southern Israel on November 5. The Ovda airbase is the main training airbase of the IAF, according to Haaretz.

During the aerial exercise the involved countries trained on tradition scenarios with the IAF’s Squadron 115 playing the role of the aggressor. The scenarios included air-to-air battles, ground attack and Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) missions.

Moreover, a unit of Indian Special Forces, and an Israeli unspecified commando unit trained a low-level commando landing mission. The Indian and Israel units were transported using Indian and Israel transport aircrafts according to Haaretz.

“We would look to learn and share with them the procedures followed in mutual interoperability, counter- terrorist operations, method of inducting and training people and try and compare to see if a course correction is required at our end … The Israelis are more battle-hardened as they have more experience in cross border operations and we can learn from their experiences,” an Indian officer leading the Indian Special Forces unit in the training told Press Trust of India (PTI).

This the first time ever India participate in the Blue Flag aerial exercise in Israel. It’s also the first time French and German warplanes participated in the aerial exercise.

There is no doubt that the Blue Flag 2017 aerial exercise carries not only military messages, but also political messages to the friends and enemies of Israel.

The Middle East is facing another round of instability and the chanes of conflict between Hezbollah and Israel/Saudi Arabia are growing.

New Details About Ongoing 'Largest Ever' Aerial Exercise In Israel (Video, Photos)

An Israeli air force F-16C,at the Ovda air force base, on November 8, 2017JACK GUEZ/AFP

New Details About Ongoing 'Largest Ever' Aerial Exercise In Israel (Video, Photos)

A Dassault Mirage 2000D, belonging to the French air force, takes off during the “Blue Flag” multinational air defense exercise at the Uvda air base, November 8. 2017. Ilan Assayag

New Details About Ongoing 'Largest Ever' Aerial Exercise In Israel (Video, Photos)

A French air force Dassault Mirage 2000D, at the Ovda air force base on November 8, 2017. JACK GUEZ/AFP



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  • Daniel Rich

    And one day, the ‘blue’ flag will turn red.

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    Italian aircraft in Israel? Im not agree.

    • Spectator

      Si Angelo, i piloti Israeliani si allenano in Sardegna. Dunque sono invitatio a partecipare in Palestina.
      Yes Angelo, IAF pilots trains in Sardinia. So they are invited to train in Palestine too.

      • Angelo Cinarelli

        Si, ho capito lo scambio, ma non mi fido degli Israeliani non vorrei che i nostri piloti fossero attirati in un’altra delle loro guerre mediorientali. L’Italia e’ amica di tutti i popoli, (l’Italia ripudia la guerra) i nostri aerei e caccia devono servire per difendere i nostri confini e non per porcate come quelle successe ultimamente in Libia. I nostri politici devono smettere di andare a leccare il culo di USA, UK, Francia ecc. ecc.

        • Spectator

          Sei nel giusto! pero’ l’Italia ha una tradizionale alleanza con i paesi che hai citato. Ricorda la campagnia di Crimea… L’Irak, l’Afganistan e come hai fatto notare , la Libia..
          L’italia è parte della NATO e per quasi nessuna raggione rifuterebbe di partecipare in “agressioni” future.
          Speriamo bene. Sappiamo tutti che il popolo Itaiano nella quasi totalità è pacifico e contro le guerre. Ma sarà dura che l’Italia ritrovi un indipendenza che le permetti di fare come il suo popolo decide

    • Free man

      At least they have the opportunity to practice with the best fighter pilots in the world.

  • alejoeisabel

    In the next Israeli war of aggression on defenseless Lebanon, Hezbollah, when they shoot down an aggressor Israeli jet, will take very good car of the criminal Israeli pilots who cowardly murders women and children from 35,000 feet above. Israeli soldiers are to frighten to fight Hezbollah in hand to hand combat. Hezbollah will gladly die defending their homeland and people. The Israeli soldiers do not want to die in infamy as aggressors.

    • Param Tejas

      India is not against Iran,india always helped iran during sanctions,which iran should not foreget.

      • Garga

        People of two countries are very friendly towards each other and Iran does not forget their historical good relations, but we also notice that the current government of India is so different than it’s previous administrations.

        If you’re Hindustani you know what I’m talking about.

    • Guido Travaglini

      Ya farsi pos hiding behind women and kids.

  • Rob

    False flag AERIAL EXERCISE IN ISRAEL used for propaganda.

  • Garga

    Dear SF,
    I hope you had the foresight to copy that video somewhere safe because it’s not available now as it’s common for videos related to Israel.

  • Nigel Maund

    This is clearly preparation for war in the Lebanon and perhaps Syria against Hezbollah and the Iranians. Israel is now a hyper dangerous State, totally unrestrained by weak EU and US puppets who do slavishly as they are told by the Zionist International Bankster Corporatist Fascist Cabal working behind the managed news media curtain and their puppet politicans. This is going to get very nasty very soon. One may expect a hefty False Flag event or series of events to kick matters off. If war does start it is likely to expand rapidly as the Middle East (Lebanon – Syria – Iraq – Iran – Afghanistan) is now a giant tinder box ready to burst into flames. The US – Israel and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia desperately want a war at all costs. These States are evil personified.

    • Rob

      This is absolutely true.

    • spinworthy .

      If Israel starts another war against Hezbollah they (Israel) will suffer more devastation than they could ever imagine.
      Israel is a tiny piece of real estate. It has practically zero strategic depth. If things get out of hand for Israel, it literally has nowhere to go, it cannot retreat to a tenable defensive posture. Therefore all of its rhetoric is geared towards an aggressive offensive stance that seeks to project its ‘defense’ into other state’s land. Their ‘defense’ strategy essentially amounts to the terrorizing of people in other countries.
      Hezb. has unequivocally stated that they will not permit Israel to pursue this ‘defensive’ strategy in the case of another attack on Lebanon. All of Israel will burn brightly if they even try.

      • Guido Travaglini

        We’ll see farsi poss w/american nicks!

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    In the next war all of us democratically united together can defeat Israel through the internet and spreading information and voicing support against Israels crimes against humanity.
    Boycott Israel today. If it comes from Israel, refuse to buy it.
    The Cyber war fought in the next war is going to be spectacular!
    And this time the bigots are going to loose and humanity is going to win!

    • Garga

      Right. Apparently nothing scares them more than BDS and that’s why it’s illegally being made illegal.