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JUNE 2023

NEW DATA. More Than 100 US-UK-Israeli-French-Turkish Advisers Were Allowed to Leave Aleppo.

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NEW DATA. More Than 100 US-UK-Israeli-French-Turkish Advisers Were Allowed to Leave Aleppo.

Yesterday SouthFront reported that at least 14 US-led coalition military advisers had been captured by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in the city of Aleppo.

19:42 US EST, VETERANS TODAY added: We have some confirmation on this from our own Syrian sources. The numbers are much higher than just the 14 names released by the Syrian MP via Facebook. That report of 14 officers might be a different group, as it had specific names. My report has only the numbers and nationalities…and the news that they were not really “captured” but were allowed out as part of a deal between all parties involved. You see the Moroccans are missing in these numbers.

No. of American officers is 22
British 16
French 21
Israeli 7
Turkish 62

The list of 14 names leaked by a Syrian MP are not the real names of those officers, they are cover names; it is standard practice to use a fake ID when serving in a secret op. This is a leak that MSM is ignoring, as they have about all stories of captured foreign officers in Syria. But then Syria has been quiet, also.

From what we can see so far, getting these foreign officers out was rolled into the ceasefire/evacuation deal to get the jihadis out in order to prevent further Syrian casualties and more damage; furthermore, Syria and Russia just wanted to get it over with. The Russians have already moved for a full and immediate ceasefire and the start of all-party political talks.

Russia is determined to get all the involved parties to the table and get those talks going, therefore they were not going to let the capture of some officers screw things up. We will see what the reaction is to getting the talks going. After that we will be watching closely to see if TOW and MANPAD missiles show up on the battlefield soon as part of a new terrorist offensive.

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Ole Johansen

If I understand this right, they have let a 100 foreign terrorist supporters go free and that’s it?

I got to say if that is the case I will just loose interest in the entire Syria matter and leave my current position as in favor for those that fought the terrorist, like in this case Syria and Russia to a more like “I do not give a shit why lies and kills down there” attitude.

I am open and hoping I misunderstand this. That they have captured and keep like around 100 foreign terrorist organizers found in Aleppo safe for further interrogations and a sentence to prison etc.

If I am right its the last time i bother to follow this war anymore as the both parts are god damn stupidos. And what stupido kills the other stupdio is like “yeah bro, keep it going”.

Haywood Longview

The Russians are playing a larger game and they are playing for their survival – and very possibly for the survival of humanity. The price of their help is that it has to be subordinate to this larger goal. Over two years ago (6/18/14, Voice of Russia) Putin advisor Sergey Glaziev laid out Russia’s reasoning, and I have found his framework for explaining Russia’s actions to make sense of everything I’ve seen since. In essence he argues that events have shown that Washington cannot be dissuaded from its single-minded drive to isolate, corner, weaken and finally dismember or destroy Russia. He argues that given it’s relative weakness, Russia’s best hope lies in delaying this assault by military and diplomatic means while promoting a multi-polar economic world, working to weaken and end the rule of the dollar, weakening the hold of the Empire on European and other allied countries, rebuilding an anti-imperialist alliance, gaining control of the narrative and surviving until the collapse of the Empire of the dollar bill finally removes the threat of a global war with Russia as its victim. Overall Russia is doing spectacularly well. The world is moving down the path of “de-dollarization” with amazing speed. The US system of alliances is crumbling and the US ruling class is evidently now divided. The victory in Aleppo is a big win in this struggle, only possible because it didn’t trigger the open military confrontation that Washington clearly wants and which ultimately Russia couldn’t win. Those British, French and Turkish officers represent countries which Russia needs to pry away from the Empire if it can. The last thing Russia needs is to back the US and its allies into a corner with no path of retreat, in this case literally.

Ole Johansen

Well… As its my last day following this war and being in support of the russian (note the small capitol now) efforts in Syria, is like I do not give a damn who is playing what. This was the big moment when the truth was to be set free and russia posponed that so that those who live in the nations like the US, France, Turkey and UK, will continue to believe the fairy tales of the so called moderate terrorists.

This is my worst day since the war started and I am not going to have one more look at how this ends as I do not give a shit anymore.

I can not believe what kind of shit story this is.

Bye bye to Syria and all support for that.


Don’t give up so fast over one BS story. There is still some good input out there.


It’s even worse than what you think, but I understand it’s easier to have a team to cheer for and then follow it 100%, but for that you need to stay on a low level and not look any further.


Even worse? In which Sense?


In the sense that you can’t trust any country. Many people turn to Russia when they see what the west is doing, but in the end it’s just one big game. The world is not controlled by countries. There is much more to learn if you are interested.


Thanks, yes, now I understand what you mean… seems you are right. Putin at least is Mason, too.


We are part of a film script, see yesterday and all these strange attacks.


Yes indeed. Most people don’t (or can’t) understand this. The elite globalists play on all sides of the game in order to control it.

Laura Green

Where did you get that bullshit ? Whatever info you find , you take as a truth ? Poor you.


And you?

Your convincing argument consists in zero thesis and insulting?

Fabulous intellectual.

Laura Green

And where is your ” convincing argument” ? Is that an argument or just copy of the fake news ? Sure second.


Stop shouting at other people.


Laura Green

You believe any junk media ? If Putin is in the list then put my name in it too .


Ýou are crazy. Simply crazy.

John Mason

Your input is valuable as is any unbiased and reasoned debate. I would hold onto your original assessment in regards to Russia/Syria. The important aspect of this article is that the 100 odd foreign agents got exposed not their ‘punishment’.


Let him pack up his toys and leave.


They were “allowed to Leave Aleppo”, not released. Better to shoot them in the street of Aleppo? No. What do you think NYT and other big propaganda newspaper would have written about it? Don`t worry, the 100 foreign officers will be tapped, but there is no point to release their statements these days anyway, because no Western media will touch such stories at the moment. In one year or so, may be. The truth and proves will come…

Paulo Vieira

In fact, what you’d rather see in the hands of the terrorists were manpads, and TOW’s. That was the commitment that the liberation of these militaries achieved. The lack of manpads, and TOW.s, in terrorist hands ..

Behold a Pale Horse

If Russia ‘really’ does have nukes, then none of this would matter. I don’t think they exist. Its the only thing that explains the desire to attack Russia.

Ole Johansen

I agree. Its sound like BS to me.

BS at “suit” level.

Haywood Longview

You are saying that if Russia has nukes they wouldn’t want to attack. You are overlooking 70 years of evidence that they are delusional criminal psychopaths driven by the imperatives of an unstable predatory system.

Ole Johansen

But even them do not want a all out nuke war.


You mean Americans, right? If it was not for the Russians, their strength and morals, you won’t be able to write now..


If they don’t have nuke neo-nazis of Ukraine have long been in Moscow already. Siberia is already owned by the British Oil. Kazan is Lockheed Martin etc..


Of course they have nukes. The Americans gave it to them together with all other modern technology.

Laura Green

“Siberia is already owned…” ? How nutty !

We Hobson

Sun Tzu strategy.

John Brown

This is a stupid comment. Russia can completely obliterated the entire USSA and all its allies and their militaries in 39 minutes. Saying Russia can’t resist militarily is again stupid and dangerous and only serves to encourage the mad men running the USSA into the ground.

The only part of what you say making any sense is with regard to the 5th column in Russia, but there appears to finally be some movement on that. Now Russia needs to take control of its central bank and create its own money out of nothing. Russia needs no foreign investment just someone like Sergei Galzev running the Russian central bank. Russia also needs to ban all forms of derivatives and currency speculation in financial matters with currency restrictions /controls on such behavior with normal business and retail transactions not having any such restrictions.


Nuclear war is on the a win for anybody.

John Brown

See videos Russia nuke trains Sarmat heavy ICBM etc.

Yes I agree, nuclear war is the end, but when people start talking like you, that Russia is weak like Libya / Syria etc they are making a global nuclear war more likely for the madmen running the USSA, on a course to its own total destruction.

Anyone who attacks the USSA or Russia is committing suicide and everyone needs to remember that. This includes the USSA and Russia.

So if the NATO pact / USSA wants to attack Russia they will cease to exist forever, within 30 minutes of any such actions. Russia has nothing to fear militarily from the NATO pact and the USSA and Russia is taking steps to make sure it stays that way.

See videos

Russia Defense Report – Dec. 28, 2015: Nuclear Triad Modernization https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEnw7E86tWE

RS-28 SARMAT HEAVY ICBM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYxE4SfnhV8

Russia Nuclear NUKE Trains returning by 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSjgk_bM8MA https://southfront.org/the-return-of-icbm-trains/


“when people start talking like you, that Russia is weak like Libya / Syria etc” Do you have impaired vision? Every post I have ever made is pro Russian. I live in Russia by choice, not because I was born here.

John Brown

Yes so you say. You could be some 400 pound fat guy sitting in bed all day paid by the CIA / MOSSAD etc. to make such posts. It has nothing to do with where you live. Talking like Russia or the USSA are militarily weak and can be attacked with no consequence is delusional at best and evil insane at worst. They can both destroy all life on the planet 10 times over.

The only threat to Russia is the 5th column put there by the CIA / MOSSAD in the 1990s. The only danger to America (and what were once western European countries is the same CIA MOSSAD oligarch criminal elite government which is destroying them and America from within as they try to build a world empire. Russia appears to be on the road to dealing with its moral and corruption problems while America Western Europe appears to only be getting worse very quickly, so they should cease to exist relatively soon from their self inflicted sins.


Why the hell are you telling this to me?

Laura Green

Do not quarrel ,boys. Both of you are right.


Thanks Laura. Not sure where all this is coming from.

John Brown

See videos and learn.

I like your comments except that Russia is militarily weak. As for where you live who cares. I live in the North American Soviet Union and I hate the corrupt evil governments we have here.

All Russia has to do is purge their 5th column and take control of their central bank, money supply and media, crush the oligarchs and ban private fractional reserve banking and Russia will become the most prosperous country in history. All the brains of the world would then go to Russia.

Britain did this for 700 years with the Tally Stick System and strong morals with the church and state together, which is why Britain a tiny island, became the number one power in the world. Now Britain is a disaster.

then Jews came to Britain and brought in the Jewish Roth Child (“Give me control of a countries currency and I care not who makes the laws”) debt money system, so now Britain is broke, Jews are rich and the Jews also separated the church from the state, so now Britain has Synagogue Satan and state with criminality, corruption, and perversion rampant!

Imagine what a huge country with all the resources Russia has not having to trade, could do with such a system, where the Russian government creates their own money out of nothing at no interest as Britain did for 700 years, instead of having to borrow money from Jews at interest which Jews create out of nothing.

Remember what Jesus said about the Money changers, the Prince of peace used violence to kick them out of the temple.

Money as Debt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqvKjsIxT_8 Secret of Oz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oohXjJdxxSk


When did I ever say Russia is weak? Spare the monologue.

Bill Rood

Ruca points out correctly that nobody wins a strategic nuclear war. A corollary to that is that any conventional war between Russia and NATO must remain conventional if mankind is to survive. That means limited objectives; the home country of the opponent must not be violated.

Putin understands that, but it’s not clear US elites do. If conventional war breaks out between Russia and NATO, Russia can win by demonstrating conventional superiority without occupying any NATO country. Russia is nearing that capability, but it’s not clear it’s there yet. Thus Putin, a rational actor, is not willing to take that risk unless forced. Meanwhile, he will demonstrate his rationality, the irrationality of his opponents, and peel off the more independent NATO lackeys like France, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria etc. Or, he may find Trump is far more rational that US neo-cons/neo-libs.

Laura Green

A smart President and a gracious Russia. Russia is very strong militarily but wants to finish and settle this war peacefully. With as little blood as possible. NWO will tumble down itself without bombs. Me, personally ,would prefer to see it bombed.

The Eye

What you just describe was exactly what the police forces have felt when about 14 US military advisers were evacuated along with the terorists, with their complete armament from an occupied village near the capital of Macedonia in 2001. The police then went straight to the president’s office and started a shoot out with his guards. The president narrowly escaped a lynch from his own police forces. This tactics is not new. I will not be surprised if Syria is fighting the exact same guys. They are professionals and of course have all the guaranties from their employers that they will come out alive otherwise who would want to do that job? The only thing here that is not clearly presented to the public is that this is no revolution at all. It is a foreign army attacking the Syrian army. Whoever thinks differently is terribly misinformed.

Ole Johansen

I am terribly disappointed. Its like the air just went out of me. This was the moment of truth and russia turns out to be a bitch and nothing more.

The Eye

I would guess that some guaranties on concessions have been given to motivate the Syrians and / or Russians to go along with this plan. Let’s only hope that they are worth.

Ole Johansen

Well I am done with following this regularly. This was the hour of humanity to learn the truth and russia acts as a terrorist Fanboy.

The Eye

No, every game has its own rules and those are the rules of this game. And there is a good reason for every rule but the rules can be highly unpopular.

Ole Johansen

And stupid they can be as well. You seem to rule out “stupid”.

russia is not worth a dime as for me after this. No more looking at putin as a great leader. This is cowardly and low level.

Its honestly disgusting.


We do not know everything. And I agree that there is much more behind.


Acting like a drama queen? It is a war. It is one thing to be a couch potato and another, to be there, in it.


You still expect truth to come out of this situation? Have you not heard the shit coming from western media lately? Time to grow up and leave idealism behind.

Jens Holm

Well, not to me. It has been logical they were there for Years and there has been written about i several times.

To me its a confirmation of facts. Think You should take more like that.

Cerys Davis

wrong: its Iranians and Hezbollah with Russian air support fighting Syrians. the foreigners are in ISIS….and untouched by the fall of Aleppo


Cerys Davis : Al Qaida , Al Nusra , “moderate rebels” etc , are 90 % plus non-Syrian . Out of the 14 ,captured and named in the control room , One Turkish , 8 Saudis , 1 American , 1 Jordanian , etc , no Syrians. These American funded “rebels” are Wahhabi Sunni jihadists , foreign , mostly Saudi , Tunisian , and Jordanian. They are called “rebels” by the Americans , in an attempt to legitimize their presence , but in fact are just more bought and paid for mercenaries . ISIS and Al Qaida are just two sides to the same coin .

Cerys Davis

Dude, it’s a fake story

Laura Green

Poooooo !

Laura Green

“…fighting Syrians ” ? My God , how ignorant are you !

Cerys Davis

Yeah right….it’s actually mostly women and children that Russia murdered


The list is bull. Propaganda that S Front is quoting from another source. If the advisers where not captured, how could they be identified!

Jens Holm

I can assure You it not a “thats it”.

Others can many prisoners as well incl. russians.

There can be many other reasons. I could be avoiding further escalation especially from US.

Im sure they got something i important in return – Might be some tanks and better ISIS spotters to Palmyra ha-ha.

Ole Johansen

Your such a cunt Jens.

Jens Holm

Thanks … Cunts are the most beautifull tools in the world, making children even the naughty ones.

Seems like too many muslims only has – anal-ysed – them as wholes in carpets, where children sometimes comes out.

To me cunts are holy places. Here muslim semi-gays only dancing with men having swetty hands, thinking 3 holes are too complicated and use them as cursing and swearing.

Well, fine proof for why woman has to be kept as low as possible.


Calm down! They have video interviews with everyone, mugshots, signed papers etc. They do not need to hang onto the bodies of these officers. Releasing them back to their own countries, but keeping all the evidence is a great move! Imprisoning them, beating them, or killing them would bring a certain escalation of the hybrid war, and would be further used to demonise them. When this war is over, the evidence can be presented at any court, tribunal, etc. as evidence of the complicity of some powers. Trust me, nothing has been lost. If they paraded these officers now in front of cameras you know how the msm would run it. “Assad tortures Western tourists trapped in E-Aleppo.” Yes, that’s how they would do it. The advantage of this material might become completely wasted. You see, facts are not everything. The msm still controls the perception.


Almost totally in agreement, but we must remember that US_NATO_Israel control all media in the Occident, and they make believe to the normal people whatever they want. Up to now, it is not clear the advantage of let them free, without punish, and without let the World to know who they are. If Russia believes that the Occident perception of Russia-Syria (barbarian) will change with this act, I will say that this dependent, again, of what US-NATO-Israel want to do (they have the control of media).


Exactly. I don’t understand why Russia and Syria are doing such stupid things.

I don’t understand why Syria and Russia don’t sue USA and co for invasion, war crimes. They let all the foreigners enter Syria, they love ceasefire that invaders never respect, they love to let free terrorists.

I really don’t understand. Why Russia never give S-300 ti Syria ??? With S-300, Russia will have shot down every wester aircrafts since the beginning.

Russia and Syria are too too too soft.

The west is invading Syria, killing Syrians but Syria doesn’t sue USA for war crimes ?????


Are you serious? The above story is not real, and yet you believed it!

John Mason

Here is an article from The Duran that may put your mind at ease:- http://theduran.com/vladimir-putin-outlines-road-map-syrian-peace-settlement/

Laura Green

Go rush, F…. yourself .


AL Jazeera has an article about East Ghouta: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/12/unravelling-syria-eastern-ghouta-161204082727105.html

Very likely the focus of the Syrian army will focus there soon. The article notes that the rebel held area has more inhabitants than East Aleppo (435,000) and also more rebel fighters (10,000).

Ole Johansen

Who cares what they do or dont? If they let the main interest of this war “slip” and that was to prove the foreign interfering, then what is left to talk about?

The Eye

Foreign interfering is quite obvious to everybody that can see. For the ones that can’t see will not matter anyways.

Haywood Longview

I thought you said you were all done with this war. Evidently you still care. ;-) This is not a John Wayne movie. War is “politics by other means.” The lives of the slain were not wasted. Syria is surviving and the Empire has been stopped in a historic battle. It’s just not happening all at once, and those who long for vengeance are disappointed. But the balance of forces doesn’t shift in an instant.

Gabriel Hollows

Why would they do this? Those advisers could’ve served as a bargaining chip, like those marines captured by Iran.


I forget the name of the famous NY Sports Anchorman but he always said : LET’S GO TO THE VIDEOTAPE !! Foreign Military Advisors need to be shown !! If it was so, it will be splendis for the cause of civilization !! The Mongols must be shown and shamed in front of the cameras !! As far as I’m concern, reading this in New York, all this could be a “plant” to degrade trust in Southfont and the Russians and Syrians !!

Ole Johansen

They betrayed civilization for sure. This tells me there is no war. Just a game.


British 16 French 21 Israeli 7 Turkish 62

Now! What do French people think about Bataclan and all other terrorist attacks in France? I’m really curious to find out what they think…

Ole Johansen

How would they know? this is just a number that children can write.

21 French.

Cerys Davis

21,000 French troops were killed by Russia bombs in Aleppo

Cerys Davis

see I just made up a new newstory

Tommy Jensen

This is called fake news.

Laura Green

Those real terrorists were captured. Can you count up to 200 terrorists ?


Imho they would just say they were there to help the moderates, not Al Nusra & Co..


Does obeying orders count as a defense in France? -)

Aldric V

Well you want to know, i’m here. The fact that the terror attacks were just false flag is just for me a confirmation that we have a corrupted gov since Sarkozy. All are zionists or pro zionists, endorse muslim brotherhoods and love to be corrupted by Saoudi dollars. Hope all of this mess with blow up to their face in the next months. Just the fact that I am here to read the news puts me apart of many french people who just think about tomorrow and does not care OR don’t believe in conspiracy theories even if they are real and proven facts. Don’t forget that USA invades us like they did with germany after WW2. The propaganda pro USA is amazing. It gets into low school where teachers tell young children that USA is the best things we have on earth. Just to imagine, the WW2 is reached as a USA congratulation. It up to you to fact check that Russian did the most part of the job in the annihilation of the nazism. Since childhood we are being driven into the skull what the US wants us to know. The critical spirit is very little developed, the television turns completely on games or programs that make completely morons. The government is working hard on disinformation to prevent the awakening from happening … Not to mention the intellectual level of our politicians who touches the bottom. When I see how Francois Hollande treats Russia while we have more common history with this immense country than with the US I am really ashamed. I advocate that we leave Europe because it only destroys under the cover of the US all the culture and the specificity of each country that composes it. Because basically it is about this, those who manipulate the controllers aim to destroy all the culture of the countries, impoverish them. But I do not despair, a year ago I never imagined writing this text with this point of view, the spirits awake and I work there. Good luck to all ;)

duke oflilywhite

“Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return. . .” galatians 6-7

Tommy Jensen

Why only men? Women can get away with everything.


There should be more question marks on map above. I am sure that foreign advisers where trapped in E Aleppo and allowed to board the green buses, as per agreement. They where not captured, so how does this site have info on their nationality and numbers???

Cerys Davis

TOW and Manpads would be gamechanger for the rebellion. syria would need Russian ground forces

The battle for aleppo was a four year battle….ISIS is still rampant in its areas….the big question is will Syria pursue ISIS now or just let the Americans/French bomb them for the next century


Attn South Front: this story is complete bull/propaganda. Noticed that the list is missing 97 Saudis!


I don’t understand. Syria is attacked by an international force but Syria doesn’t sue them. To me, it’s just unbeleivable. How will the west stop without paying ????? Just tell me why will the west stop if the west will never pay for their crimes. Just tell me.

It’s like saying that someone always steal the money of another one named James but James always give the money and never go to the poilce to put the other in jail and asked for compensation. James will be robbed forever.

That’s not serious at all. The west always know the force? If you keep letting them attacked you and never ask compensation, why will they stop ????

Piet Saman


hunter og

Why Russia and Syria didn’t show to the world Thier capture to proof that foreign ppl are fighting Syria western n terrorist then let them go, now they can still say we never been there That would be big blow to the west and thier proxy war

Temístocles Delgado

Es entendible y comprensible. Lo que busca Rusia en este caso es la preservación de Siria. Retener a esos mecenarios que han sido enviados por los gobiernos terroristas de esos países sería llamar a una confronación abierta y directa que es lo que precisamente quiere la otan que no sabe cómo se mete en Siria ahora que sus terroristas han sido derrotados. Generariase un conflicto en el cual Siria no saldría bien librada. Aunque se sabe que el poder nuclear de Rusia es suficientemente fuerte tratase precisamente de no llegar a tal límite, y ni tampoco en el convencional porque serían muchos países a los que Rusia tendría que enfrentar. De qualquier forma es más prudente evitar que tener que remediar.


It seems to me that all of this is part of Lavrov-Kerry agreement. It is incredible that Palmyra fell at the same time that Allepo fell ¿ don’t you think ? Isn’t it courious that Russia has never used S-300 or S-400 against USA-air or Israel attack to syrian army ? why so many useless cease fires ? why is Turky invasion to Syria ignored by Russia ? If everybody knows that USA-NATO-Israel are the creators of ISIS and soft terrorists, and that the idea of their creation is to destroy Syria, Iran, and Russia (via “supporting opposition”), what else is required to prove ? Syria is totally destroyed right now, so, Israel must be happy, but the next step is to destroy Iran somehow.

John Brown

Syria is winning you can’t argue with success. China and Russia can rebuild Syria and there have been huge new oil and natural gas discoveries in Syria.

A rebuilt Syria strengthened by coming through this trial of satanic Jewish fire will be much stronger and more unified than ever before and as a result will be more of a threat to Israel and Saudi then the old Syria ever was. Just think of Hezbollah in Lebanon after the Israeli invasion there.


Just let them go after they aided terrorists who used mustard gas? Fine. Let them go, but arrest them just before they get on the bus for jaywalking.


Imprisoning these clowns or putting them on trial would have generated an excuse to ramp up anti Russian rhetoric. There is a bigger and longer game.

John Brown

No give the Americans to Trump for free covered by the word media to make Trump look good and Obama look bad.

Give the Turkish ones back to Turkey in secret, so Turkey can save face if they play ball with Russia. For Britain and France public trials and then they pay 100 million for each unless Nigel Farage takes over in the UK and or Lepen in France then they get them for free.

Any Saudi or Qatari etc public trials and 300 millions for each one.

For the so called superior, supremacist, chosen, master, race, the Israeli prisoners cost 600 million each.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The so called ISIS were never the “Real” terrorist all along. Just puppets. It was these Jews and English and French and Turks and Americans all along. So Russia in the end wont kill or capture a terrorist, only a pawn. Funny how Adolf defended his home lands from the Jewish-Marxism. And Russia would not let him escape his own country. But these Jewish terrorist are in another peoples lands, inside of a Russia alleys land, and Russia bends over backwards to make sure they all survive. Russia is just another piece of the Zionist-Mason puzzle. Russia is not out to do any real good, just content with simply playing their Zionist part as the “bad guy’ but not really. So so lame. Russia is now on the same level to me as is England, Norway, Israel and France and Saudi Arabia. They are all shit heads. One day Israel will nuke Moscow, and I will simply reply “you danced with the Devil, and now the Devil kissed you goodnight, serves you right you fools of Zionism” http://en.farsnews.com/Default.aspx http://www.dailystormer.com/

Love One Another M

Russia is showing the west, she has a human face and a great soul. The likes of Obama, Holande, Merkel and etc. pro terrorists/rebel forces will take that as a weakness. Now in US there is a huge push to demonize Russia. Russia and Syria are playing human beings while the satanists are ignoring every single gesture of kindness. If those foreign officers were arrested, Syria and Russia could have had more bargaining power. Imagine they were lined up against the cameras and shown all over the world?

John Brown

Yes it was stupid and a sisn of weakness to let them go for nothing., Keep the American ones until Trump gets into office then use them to make a deal with him and hand them over publicly. Trump looks good Obama like a trader. Keep the Turkish ones to make a deal with turkey which can be private. Keep the Israeli, Saudi, British, French, Qatari etc ones for public trials so it would be difficult for the Zionist ISIS and AL CIA DA to recruit to continue this Satanic Jewish war as ISIS and AL CIA DA, would be seen as instruments of satanic Israel, in the Muslim world . Then only hand these ones over in exchange for war reparations in the billions.

Laura Green

Do not worry . Everything is under a very good Russian control .They were not just given passage to Idlib . Russia said , ” you want them alive and free ? Let’s talk , and make concessions .


One would hope that these 100 foreign officers were traded at a high value . But like Ole Johansen , I question why they were released without seeing the fruit of their trade value . American words are not known to be matched with deeds . Just look at the trade of the Christian villagers in Ilibd for jihadists . It is not OK , that the departing jihadists , are holding some SAA hostages . The Russians appear too eager to please the Americans, and give up their high cards for little gain . Still judgement without knowing the facts is foolish , so we wish for the best ….We do know by putting the two reports together , who are the real enemies attacking Syria . 7 Israeli 8 Saudi

16 British 21 French 22 US 62 Turkish 1 Jordanian That’s at least 138 foreign officers .

1 Moroccan My grandfather was shot down over France in WW1 , he spent the rest of the war in a Prisoner of War camp . Why would these men rate better ?


Where do you read that the 100 foreign officers were released? I read that they were “allowed to Leave Aleppo” and that is not “released”. Better shoot them in the street of Aleppo? Don`t worry, they will be tapped…


In summery of your comments (61) so far: the populous needs bread and a show. This is not: “Ave Ceaser, moritari te salutant!” ( Salut,Ceaser, those who will die for you, greet you!- the greeting of the gladiators before a game in which they were going to die).I mean, this is not a game for entertainment. It is a war, for God’s sake, don’t you get it? Don’t you remember that there was an agreement for a safe passage for the terrorists (including usa, uk, saudi, izraeli, french and all other)? Plus, what’s new? We all know that the “moderate opposition” is made of foreign mercenaries.


I am skeptical about this report. Southfront citing VeteransToday citing Southfront isn’t credible sourcing. In the first report (of 14) most were Saudi. In this second report none. And there isn’t any supporting evidence in the form of pictures or testimonies.


Veterans Today is hardly some reliable source, perhaps SF is unaware of Gordon Duff admitting his site puts out up to 40% disinformation:


Ronald Thomas West (nom de guerre penucquem)


There are just a few observations to be made, other then those already made or just supporting those :

For western advisors to be amongst the moderate extremists of Aleppo is a disgrace, the more so as most of them either are, are affiliated to or cooperate with Al Qaeda.

Second is that those advisors were stupid not to go to Sjeikh Maqsud, the kurds, when East Aleppo collapsed.

Thirdly that reporting of both western and non western media was atrocious. Non western media disregarding crime by Assad, western media disregaring crimes by the rebels, both sides attacking civilians.

Aleppo is a stain on all involved parties and on international politics.


The headline should be changed from “New Data” to “New BS”. Come on, wake up people.

Hannu Yli-Karjanmaa

Sorry, but Veterans Today is not a reliable source. There’s no evidence to back this scoop up.

Robin Morritt

Check your sources, Southfront. Compare the Facebook accounts “Faris Shihabi” and “Fares Shehabi”.

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