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New Data About Fate Of Pilot Of Syrian SU-22 Downed By US Warplane

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According to pro-government sources, Ali Fahed, a pilot of the Syrian Su-22 warplane downed by the US-led collation on June 18 has not been rescued yet.

Al-Mayadeen TV network – one of the biggest Arabian news networks – claimed that the pilot was rescued by a special force from the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces.

However, hours later Al-Mayadeen TV reported that the early claim was false and the pilot is still missing.

New Data About Fate Of Pilot Of Syrian SU-22 Downed By US Warplane

According to pro-government activists, sources close to the Ali family claimed that he had been captured by the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF).

Other sources from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) also said that Ali was captured by a group linked to the SDF south of Tabqah and that negotiations are now underway between the group and the SAA to release him as soon as possible.

However, none of these reports can be officially confirmed now. No official source from the Syrian government or the SDF has announced anything related to the fate of the missing pilot.

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Tragedy and Sad Story.
Hoping Ali Fahed will be saved.

Gue Bjuen

one of the war crimes kurds committed. the aftermath from the fall of the Menagh airbase.
you can watch it archive.org titled The final assault on Menagh airbase.


the link is not available

Abc Xyz

Gue Bjuen is a Turk and the link was a defamation of the Kurds.

Leon Auguste

May I humbly suggest that you’re certain of the facts before posting… To save us from emotional rollercoasting! I wish the pilot the best of luck…

Daniel Castro

Do you really get emotional for this type of news at this point?

This is war, pilots are soldiers, there are dozens of SAA soldiers dying every day.

Leon Auguste

I must confess NO.. but there was some joy when I heard the news he’d been rescued

Jim Dean

Leon, It is what we call a moving story. “Reports” are being reported, and we all know that they will be either confirmed or shown to be rumors being passed along, often with good intentions, and sometimes not.


This is even worse then death… I mean being captured by SDF. What a horrible fate


US wishes to create problems between SAA and SDF.
And this is all you speak. How is the weather in Langley ?
comment image

Joe Doe

Assad should really get S-400 and Pantsir Air Defence System and VERDA MANPAT for SAA and control by SAA. Assad is not protecting his troop by delaying obtain those military assets. He can’t count on Russia, as americans don’t attacking Russia military, therefore Russia is limited what can do

Real Anti-Racist Action

Assad has gone above and beyond, however Russia is typical fashion never delivers, like they have done to Iran also and others in the past like Vietnam and Korea a long time ago.
Assad even contracted Russia to build Syria a very advanced Spy Satellite like 12 years ago. It was suppose to be launched in like 2011…? Still nothing ha ha.
With the spy satellite Syria would have been able to isolate all ISIS movements in the very beginning of the war, and spot Israel reading Jet bombers every time before they struck Syrian people.
The advanced Russian satellite would have changed everything, but of course Israel makes backroom deals to buy off Russians or bully them, so Israel can in turn bully Syrians and others.
Israel gets there way, Syrians suffer, and Russia bows to the master-Jewish-race.

John Whitehot

keep burying yourself in ridiculous.

Alex Black

I disagree. At this juncture engaging the US air assets would be a mistake. Should an altercation take place, Russians should do it, as they are best equipped for the job. I think the best solution is to broadly disperse russian personal in the front-line Syrian troops. This would force the ball back in the Pentagon court, and test their resolve to escalate. If they kill a russian pilot or soldier, Russia will be in a better position to justify its retaliatory measures.


No, there is no need risk the lives of Russians.

After all, it would be better for Russians to get to the same tune as the Americans and invoke the right of collective self-defence, as per the previous U.S. nonsense, which had no legal basis, unlike the Russian and Syrian alliance.

Alex Black

All soldiers are cannon fodder. It is a sad ‘real politik.’ You may say why disperse the Russians? To Increase the CAS potential of the Syrian army and start hitting both the Kurds and Isis with real weapons, hyperbaric bombs from fans and missiles recently used in daraa. The secondary effect, of force protection provable. Americans realize that they are one bad move from being dead in Syria, when you play chicken you have to take risks otherwise Russian soldiers should be home, where they are safest.

John Whitehot

another one telling Assad what he should do.


Negotiations are difficult. The sdf will entertain offers from Saudi Arabia who will love to get their hands on him.


IMO his already death. He was allegedly bombing SDF fighters and then ended up in their hands. They should rather negotiate getting the body back


You are hopping that this brave Syrian pilot is dead.
Perhaps you are just a foul mouthed mountain troll.
comment image

Concrete Mike

According to an earlier article, the Syrian plane had just took off, and didnt even drop its ordinance. If that is the case its à greasy ambush like the su-24 incident years ago.

Wahid Algiers

Encircle some SDF-pussies nearby the frontline in a quick operation and take them as hostages. A good argument to get the comrade.


Shame on the Western Pilots for following these orders.

Wahid Algiers

The kurds will see what to come. Kurds are no fighters. They
are not able to use modern weapons and therefore they get light weapons
of the world criminal USA. When the SAA or Republican Guard marches the
Kurds will be running under the skirts of their mothers and crying like
babies. You will see when Syria crunches the Kurds from one side and
Turkey from the other. And why? Kurdistan does not exist. They should stop
claiming land which is not theirs. And give back the pilot, otherwise they directly conduct in many problems, earlier as expected.

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