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New Daraa Attack Claims Lives Of Several Syrian Service Members

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On May 6, two Syrian service members were killed and three others were injured in an attack on their check point in the southern governorate of Daraa.

According to pro-government sources, the attack targeted a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoint in the town of Mleihat Gharbiyyeh‏ in the eastern Daraa countryside.

New Daraa Attack Claims Lives Of Several Syrian Service Members

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The attack was the second largest in Daraa this week. Two days ago, gunmen attacked and killed nine policemen in the town of Muzayrib in northwest Daraa. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, yet.

In response to the recent wave of attacks, the SAA placed its forces in Daraa on high-alert. Large reinforcements were also dispatched to different parts of the southern governorate, according to opposition sources.

Dozens of Syrian service members, including intelligence personnel, were killed in Daraa over the last few weeks. The SAA and security forces may be preparing to launch a series of operations in order to secure the governorate.


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klove and light

i told u morons in 2019!!!! i wrote About the Zionist Putin deescaaltion and Reconciliation Agreements between Putin and his Zionist controleld jihadi Friends….. exactly i was spot on…..and i remeber very well as u 99% assholes were soooooooo smart telling me how smart and good Putin is..

fuck u People Zionist brainwashed idiots

PUTIN is a treacherous Zionist controlled pig u dum fucks

u Folks are tremendous idiots, so easy too Control.

so Keep on sucking on Zionist Putins cock


It ain’t over till it’s over. Don’t count your testes till it’s birthed, or whatever the saying.

Of all the world leaders, I’m willing to give Putin the 333D chess pass.

klove and light

PS. use your fucking brain just ONCE

dozens of INTELLIGENCE personal were murdered/assassinated……. where do y<ou think, the jihadis got the NAMES and ADRESSES and PHOTOS of INTELLIGENCE personal??????????
use your brain u dumb fucks!!!!!!

from whom?????

those assassinated were intelligence operatives!!!!! this means that the assassinations were INTELLIGENCE Operations!!!!

and only 1 Nation is close enough (exept for hezbollah and Iran) to the syrian intelligence community.


It was Putin who gave the Intelligance Information to his Zionist Brothers in Israel.And Israel carried out theser intelligence assasinations with their jihadi controlled personal!!!!

Putin is atreacherous Zionist bibi cock sucking pig.

wake up u 99% dum fucks and use your brain.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Stop please with this BS.

Israel carried out these intelligence assassinations thanks to Jordan, a puppet country, a vassal state of United Snakes and Israhell. Both Jordan and Saudis control the terrorists in Daraa.

Free man

Stop please the two of you with the BC. Each one with his obsession. Neither Putin nor Israel control every Syrian . There are many former rebels who are unhappy with the reconciliation process.
The easy solution is to blame an outside party so a fool doesn’t have to deal with the real problems.

cechas vodobenikov

the decayed amerikan empire is near collapse—soon they will not be able to fund their ISIS/israeli comrades,,,and Syria will return to prosperity

Free man

And pigs can fly.


Turko-Paki pilots violating the Greek FIR running with tails in their ass once again, as always !

Greece must stop giving Turko-Pakis these free flight lessons…


Karen Bartlett

God protect the SAA!

Icarus Tanović

God bless SAA.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Russian backed 5th army corps was sent in a week ago to try and sort out the mess here but that’s turned out to be a pointless exercise, because now the Iranians have just done the same thing too and sent in some of their guys as well.
Many of you think this will make it easier to sort out the mess in Daraa and Quneitra but it won’t, it’ll just make it a hell of a lot harder.
And Russia is under pressure closer to home too, because apart from the problems they have in Deir ez Zor, Aleppo, and recently Daraa and Quneitra, it now seems Latakia is catching on fire too.
Rami Makhlouf and his forces are now becoming the focus of Assad’s ire, disloyalty to Syria is no longer being tolerated, the Russians are finally starting to put their foot down and hopefully Assad and Syria will reap the benefits.
I wonder what the Iranians will say if Rami ends up in jail, that port they want to establish in Latakia may be put on the backburner if he gets himself locked up, which will probably make the Russians very happy indeed, but the Iranians won’t be.
Come on South Front, it’s time for a political exposay on the real situation in Syria, we need a comprehensive breakdown of the political and economic agendas that all the different players have, tell SF readers what all the different parties are trying to achieve, not just what their common goals are, we already know that.

Some reports are saying Assad’s wife Asma is the person really going after Rami, they’re saying it’s not really the Russians or Assad leading the charge, and at first I wondered why they were saying that, what the hell could Assad’s wife do to help solve Syria’s economic mismanagement and political disloyalty problems, but then I looked up her profile and I can see why some reports are saying that.

After graduating from King’s College London, she started work as an economics analyst at Deutsche Bank Group in the hedge fund management division with clients in Europe and East Asia.[7][8] In 1998, she joined the investment banking division of J.P. Morgan where she worked on a team that specialised in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.[11][12] She credits her banking experience with giving her “analytical thinking” and an ability to “[understand] the business side of running a company”.

Beautiful and smart, Assad’s a very lucky man.

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