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JUNE 2021

New Ceasefire In Eastern Ghouta Fails As Militants Reject To Implement It

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On January 27, the Ahrar al-Sham Movement and its allies announced in an official statement that they had rejected the ceasefire agreement in Eastern Ghouta that was reached during the Vienna talks on January 26. In its statement, Ahara al-Sham also revealed that it was not a part of the agreement in the first place and stressed that it will never accept to be part of any negotiations with the Damascus government what so ever.

New Ceasefire In Eastern Ghouta Fails As Militants Reject To Implement It

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Meanwhile, spokesman for the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group Faylaq al-Rahman Wael Alwan told the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi that the group is in contact with the Syrian opposition delegation in Vienna. However, Alwan stressed that Faylaq al-Rahman has not yet accepted the ceasefire agreement.

From its side, Yasser Delwan the head of the political office of Jaysh al-Islam also stressed that the group will not accept the new ceasefire agreement unless the Damascus government and Russia allow humanitarian aid to enter its areas in Eastern Ghouta.

The district of Harasta in the northern part of Eastern Ghouta witnessed clashes and exchange of shelling between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Ahrar al-Sham Movement on January 27. So, the new ceasefire agreement likely failed before it even had a chance to be implemented. However, Syrian opposition sources suggested that Harasta might not be part of the agreement.

While most opposition militants in Eastern Ghouta appear to be willing to accept the new ceasefire soon, the position of Ahrar al-Sham Movement poses a real threat to the entire effort. This situation also shows that the Syrian opposition delegation in Vienna has limited influence on “opposition fighters” on the ground.

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Richard M

Where will the Green Buses take them now anyway? Idlibstan is history!


Its a ceasefire not a relocation .

Anyway , these proxies will not be allowed to have ceasefire for sure.
SAA no choice but to finish the job


To turkey then to afrin or back to the jordan or golan heights. There’s also possibilities they’re sent to SDF.


Cynical but true As. ‘Many a true word is said in jest’ :)

Solomon Krupacek

judea, samaria

You can call me Al


leon mc pilibin

All terrorists without exception, will either lay down their arms,or be destroyed. No amount of bribery or encouragement from their Zionist bosses will help,when the Syrian people decide on liberating every inch of their land from the head chopping savages .The Zionists think they have control of Syrian oil and other Syrian resources,but they are mistaken. They will pay dearly for their thieving and lies.


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You can call me Al

I like the other girls more than you ging; so p1ss off please.


They’re visibly dwindling both in supplies and manpower. This is a result of combined strong ground forces and air support.


If what you are saying is true they would have accepted the ceasefire but that is not the case…

and happy wishful thinking to you

Rüdiger Preiss

They are psychotic individuals and on drugs, what do you expect. They are brainwashed that dying for their jihad will send them into paradise. Those who go to Vienna are the Zionist masterminds who use those drugged creatures. They understand that a ceasefire is needed to re-supply and feed their zombies, but those zombies are dreaming so much about their paradise they wouldn’t have it.

You can call me Al

Your brothers are dying because they are US whores, live with it.


Ain’t nobody is my brother out there I can safely inform you this. But it seems like they don’t give a fuck about who dies or who lives anyways.

As A matter of fact they seem to be the ones who don’t give a flying rat shit about anything…

Death itself don’t hold any meaning nowadays in syria. It’s a formality you see..

The only US servant I see is the Iraqi government and the SDF

That Guy

This pocket is too close for comfort, it should be the next target after the Idlib campaign. This pocket needs more manpower and firepower to be eliminated. Surveillance should be stricter on any potential supply line, and a purge on soldiers who take bribes to pass supply trucks should begin as well.

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