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New Batch Of Syrian Militants Moved To Turkey. What Is The Next Stop?

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New Batch Of Syrian Militants Moved To Turkey. What Is The Next Stop?

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A batch of Syrian militants has arrived in Turkey in preparation for a possible deployment in Libya or other countries, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on April 3.

According to the London-based monitoring group, around 380 militants were taken to Turkey in the last few days. Libya is the most likely end destination.

Despite recent reports of a US-Turkish agreement to pull out all Syrian mercenaries from Libya, the withdrawal is yet to happen. Thousands of mercenaries are still in the country.

The SOHR said that the withdrawal of Syrian militants from Libya has been on halt for a while. The militants are upset for several reasons. Meanwhile Turkey is not providing any explanation.

“The Turkish side is still dodging and maneuvering with the withdrawal file, amid continued dissatisfaction by the fighters present there, especially since their conditions are very bad in terms of not getting their salaries and their strong desire to return,” the group said in a report.

Turkey has deployed more than 18,000 militants in Libya since 2019 in order to support the now-dissolved Government of National Accord.

Despite the recent progress in the intra-Libyan peace talks and the formation of a new unified government, Turkey is yet to back down. Ankara is reportedly planning to keep its forces in the war-torn country for the long term. This will hinder the peace process.



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Reports – that the last Turkish bakery in Afrin was destroyed – have been greatly exaggerated.


The Turkish Baker’s Union today filed a complaint with the UN Committee on Hueman Rites that ‘Remove Kebab’ may be permanently deleted from the internut as “hate speech”…. coincidence?

johnny rotten

The turkey by force to play with the fire will receive a back fire, it will be released with a burning feathers.


It wouldn’t be the first time that NATO Zioterrorists and proxies, including Ziowahhabi jihadis, are deployed to Ukraine either. Putin should celebrate if that’s the case, more chances for negotiation, business and partnership with the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists.

Proud Hindu

100 muslims k*illed in Somalia in fighting between al Shabbat and army 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Proud Hindu

Several Russians sent to h€ll while fighting brave Ukrainians


the turkish terrorist entity seeks to invade south armenia in 2 months and iraq in 5 or so months


If they do anything of the sort, Iran will get involved in one second.

Mustafa Mehmet

And what Iranian gay mullah will do.?


Gulag you back home to the East Torkestan of Xinjiang.

Shia man

Yes very true. I heard about this I still believe turkey is bitting off more then it could chew the only impressive performance they had was against the Kurds in Syria but as soon as SAA was involved they were stopped in their tracks the little battle that the resistance axis had with turkey in Syria ended very quickly the resistance axis didn’t even get to show a third of their capabilities before erdogan asked for a ceasefire. I really can’t understand erdogan Iran and Russia saved your life from a military coup made by the cia and then you backstab them And go back to the people who plan to overthrow you and kill you. Is their even a word to describe erdogans behavior. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FEsrOn082Uc


This mongol is an enemy which we need to deal with decisively. They will continue to create jihadi problems for us. We need to cut them out from their roots and gulag them to Xinjiang. Hand them over to the Chinese for reeducation. There is no other way.

Mustafa Mehmet

Cockroaches take it easy with tequila


Your time is up, you hear that?…….We will dismantle you lower caste asiatic guppu moghal….you just watch what we do to you.

Mustafa Mehmet

guppu moghal ananın amina koyar pust ibne cocuk


lol…..yeah, you’d mumble that from a cage in Xinjiang soon. Nice asiatic language you got there……lol


if all hell breakes lose, the middle east forces must make certain that the jewsin palestine are taken care of, finally and for good. after that, they can do whatever they like but I suspect they will be quite pleased that the jews are gone and that it’s time to celebrate their demise!


in armenia they want both iran cut from armenia aswell as azerbaijan imposter republic being connected to turkey so they hope that neither iran nor russia will take notice of their plans of starting a war in 2 months because either russian or iranian forces getting involved will not just mean the end of this plan but possibly the end of azerbaijan imposter republic all together


i repeat turkey is going to launch a war against armenia aswell as iraq and both will turn out completely different than turkey would have expected because neither russia nor iran are ready to allow turkey to continue play neo ottoman conquerers in asia

WW Conkright

Russia will eventually invade and finish off Turkey… They remember 1453. It is a matter of timing.


Kebab jihad.

Hadi Heidary

well syrian mercenaries already had their tour on caucasus and africa…. could the next stop be Europe?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They will be the diversity troops the Yanks love so much.

WW Conkright

They will send them to occupied DC to guard communist BIDEN and his criminal gang who stole the election from the American People. Lock him up…. these guys future is in the ground, buried. dead Hope they each get issued a body bag… SAA and Russians will chew them up.



cechas vodobenikov

Turkish employment agency=ISIS HTS=amerikan employment agency their own populations leading in obesity and poverty will learn to flip burgers at macdonalds

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