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New Attacks In Daraa Claim Lives Of More Syrian Service Members

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Amid reports about a nearing security operation in Daraa, two new attacks targeted Syrian service members in the southern governorate on May 14.

In the first attack, unidentified gunmen killed two service members of the Military Intelligence Directorate (MID) as they were heading to their checkpoint on Saida-al-Taebah road in the eastern countryside of Daraa. Pro-government sources identified the victims as Mohamad Rihan and Mohamad Hood.

New Attacks In Daraa Claim Lives Of More Syrian Service Members

Mohamad Rihan and Mohamad Hood.

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) service member Ayham Mohamad Ali al-Omar al-Fadel and his 14 years old civilian brother, Ali, were killed in the second attack. Unidentified gunmen shot and killed the two brothers on a road linking the towns of al-Musayfrah and Eastern Ghariyah, also in the eastern Daraa countryside.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, so far. Nevertheless, cells of ISIS are known to be active in eastern Daraa.

In order to put an end to these attacks, the SAA and security forces are preparing to launch a large security operation in Daraa countryside.

Over the last two weeks, the army has amassed a large strike force in Daraa. The operation will likely begin in the upcoming few days. According to the available information, the first phase will target the towns of Tafas and Muzayrib in the northern countryside.


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Terrorist insist on waking up sleeping SAA cells.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Obviously not their real names for the first 2 victims so most likely pro Iranian and probably traitors to Syria, but that’s just a guess.

“In order to put an end to these attacks, the SAA and security forces are preparing to launch a large security operation in Daraa countryside.
Over the last two weeks, the army has amassed a large strike force in Daraa. The operation will likely begin in the upcoming few days.”

So if there’s no conflicting interests between Russia and Iran in Syria, then why are the Iranians sending in the Iranian supported [and loyal to Iran] 4th division nearly 3 weeks after the Russians sent in units from the [loyal to Syria and Russia] 5th army corps, why do they think they can do a better job than the Russians did.
There were no mass protests when the Russian backed 5th army corps arrived, I even suspect some of the locals were relieved to see the Russian backed forces arrive in their towns, but they’re not happy anymore, now they’re filling the streets with protests as the 4th division and Hezbollah arrive, that’s a big difference in the welcoming response.
Come on Assad, the way you’ve won back all the territories you have since 2018 is the way you should be winning back the residents of Daraa and Quneitra, don’t do what the Iranians want you to do, forcing a square plug into a round hole won’t ever work, and you don’t have to completely change the shape of the plug or the hole to make things work, just modify both the plug and the hole just a little, then they’ll both fit together, even if it’s not perfectly.

As Assad’s turning his attention away from Idlib and concentrating on Daraa I wonder what’s happening up there, nothing good I’d suspect.

Jens Holm

I fully agree in Your reflexions. More troops might make more disputes amomng them too.

The needs are reforms, so people after having lost to Assads can see at least some hope and “go back to their farms”.

And yes. Assads seemes to have lack of troops and police even to posses Syria in military mode. Many here seemes to forget the number of Assads troops actually are maximized and many of them are “war tired and traumatized”.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You didn’t understand what I was saying though.
Assad doesn’t really need any troops here, not even the Russians, what he needs to do is pull all the troops out, especially the Iranians and Hezbollah, and then just leave his police force there, that’s what he has to do to stop the violence getting worse.
The anti Assad Sunnis that belong to the defeated FSA aren’t the real threat to Assad, the people who signed that reconciliation agreement with Assad back in 2017 are the real threat now, they don’t want Iran building ballistic missile silos next to their backyards, or to negligently provoke a war with Israel, because they’ll be the ones paying the price for it, and their children.
Assad has to tell Iran to pack up and leave, pull up all it’s infrastructure and move it back to Iran, then the residents of Daraa, Quneitra and As Suwayda won’t have a reason to complain.


100% correct, I hope the situation will change fast before it’s too late/

Jens Holm

Thanks for making me read once again. Yes, the Iranians and Hesbollah dont keep the distance to Golan as Russia has agreed with Israel.

For the peace I hope You are right about FSAs and it can be reduced to the police only need to handle normal police matters.

I think I am a little more pessimistic about it then You, but thats allowed.

klove and light

Putins Reconciliation Agreement works fabulous.lol..

i still remember 1 year ago…when i wrote how tremendous idiotic this Reconciliation Agreement is by Zionist pig Putin….and i also explained why…. i will try again with the exact same wording

for the Zionist brainwashed 99%

Imagine…… you and others are Living in daraa or elsewhere,……jihadi pricks start raping your sister, your mum, chopping off the heads of your dad, torturing your 16 year old brother to death.
I come along….Iam a russian General….. and iam telling you to reconcile with those Folks, and start Living with them again as neighbors.

Your answer is gonna be what?????????????????

if you just have 1% of character andf truthfullness in you, the answer is gonna be plain ovbvious….


ps. for those that still dont understand……. imagine.. after the nazis invaded Russia and went all the way to 10km before Moskau, and in the south to Stalingrad and on their way killing 20 Million + russians, …what would the russians have said , if before they invaded Germany to kill those fuckers, someone told the russians to RECONCILE with the nazis, and start Living again as Nation neighbors and just Forget what happend.As forrest Gump said ( shit happens- sarcasm for the Dummies)

so go fuck yourself you Zionist bbrainwashed Putin cock suckers here

Jens Holm

There bad love and dark light puts in jews again. I see no jews in that.

Its also ignored, that the Assad part is to make people feel well and at least not be enemies of Assads.

I have seen no sign of that.

Much like love and no light prefare Syrians killed down to be 5 millions, whcih are the max supporters for not even a single reforms for decades.

But that will never happen. More then 5 millon Syrians has left the no country regime and will do almost anything to go anywhere else.

Jens Holm

Russians sold the Nazis the equipment for the invasion themselves. Stalin did the best he could to destroy the Red Army and the rest and even ordered them toleave their fortification and 10 other bad things.

Numbers of Yours in this also are very disputed. Much like many was killed by Stalin and that includes millions in Finland, Baltics & Poland.

I allow me to see the faked reconciling BEFORE as important.

I also see and after reconsiling AFTER by Americans giving so many countries a lot of help to regain.

It make no sense to compare with Russia as well as all Russians are not the same.

You are not totally incorrect but many data are.

I am sure pigs are more clever then You and under the right conditions are more clean in both ends.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

But the locals aren’t complaining about,

” jihadi pricks start raping your sister, your mum, chopping off the heads of your dad, torturing your 16 year old brother to death”,

And they’re not complaining about the reconciliation agreement King Abdullah brokered back in late 2017, or the one Putin brokered back in june 2018, or the one Assad made with the FSA back in august 2018, they’re actually complaining about Iran and Hezbollah, no one else.
They don’t like Iran building missile bases that threaten Israel right in their backyards, they want Iran to stop, but Iran won’t listen to them, Iran stupidly thinks the local don’t love their own children enough to protect them, but they will, they’ll fight to the death to protect them, just like most sane parents do.
Half the people in Daraa if not more than half of them, would be very happy to see Iran beat Israel in a war, but they’re not happy to have their own kids stuck right in the middle of the new warzone, that’s the simple truth everyone seems to ignore, and so is Assad for some unfathomable reason.

Jens Holm

As right wings say here: As long as they kill each other, they wont come here. “WE might even sponsor it harder”.

Stalin helped Hitler a lot to defeat Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and even English troops.

They even divided Europe better then Lausanne and Hats Away. Here Turks even got a small leftover from the Turkish Petroleum Company.


Imagine what will happen when Isael intervenes to stop the 4th Division’s Iranian proxies from operating near our border.

Lazy Gamer

We’ll see how it plays out. Israel is bent on any excuse to support ISIS and keep Syria fragmented. Syria has telegraphed its intention to allow Iran or Hezbollah to operate in Syria and near Israel. There’s a certain madness in Iran wanting to poke the US and Israel while keeping its fights offshore. The Kurds love to break away from Syria. Everybody is hurting from low oil prices, covid 19 and economic depression. All sides are sliding towards it so lets watch stupidity unfold.


If Iran and Hezbollah leave the area things can calm down, but we both know they won’t. Expect us to act, I’m sure Russia would understand.

King Cliff

The spstnaz need to go there and clear things out,sivilance the area with drones at night since that’s when most planners would carried they sabotage or should I said put in place mines and track they locations and destroy them or if they can grab them and secure them and get intells out of them

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