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New Attack Targets Syrian Army Troops In Daraa As Protests Continue (Videos)


Late on May 14, a new attack targeted Syrian Arab Army (SAA) personnel in the governorate of Daraa in the country’s southern region.

According to local sources, an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded near a checkpoint of the army in the district of al-Abaseya in Daraa’s city center. Six service members were injured in the attack.

A day earlier, three Syrian service members and a civilian were killed in two separate attacks in the eastern countryside of Daraa. ISIS claimed responsibility for one of the attacks.

These attacks came amid ongoing preparations by the SAA to launch a large security operation in Daraa’s countryside. Large reinforcements, including elite units and battle tanks, were deployed in the governorate.

Local radicals and their supporters took at the streets for the second day in a row to protest against military buildup in Daraa. Protests were held in the towns of Sahem El Golan, al-Karak al-Sharqi and Tafas.

The protesters chanted against “Iranian forces,” in spite of the fact that Iranian groups withdrew from Syria’s southern region around two years ago. The upcoming operation in Daraa will be carried out by the SAA and local security forces only.

The SAA security operation will likely begin in the upcoming few days. The operation will target only wanted criminals and radicals.




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