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New Attack Targets Syrian Army Troops In Daraa As Protests Continue (Videos)

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Late on May 14, a new attack targeted Syrian Arab Army (SAA) personnel in the governorate of Daraa in the country’s southern region.

According to local sources, an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded near a checkpoint of the army in the district of al-Abaseya in Daraa’s city center. Six service members were injured in the attack.

A day earlier, three Syrian service members and a civilian were killed in two separate attacks in the eastern countryside of Daraa. ISIS claimed responsibility for one of the attacks.

These attacks came amid ongoing preparations by the SAA to launch a large security operation in Daraa’s countryside. Large reinforcements, including elite units and battle tanks, were deployed in the governorate.

Local radicals and their supporters took at the streets for the second day in a row to protest against military buildup in Daraa. Protests were held in the towns of Sahem El Golan, al-Karak al-Sharqi and Tafas.

The protesters chanted against “Iranian forces,” in spite of the fact that Iranian groups withdrew from Syria’s southern region around two years ago. The upcoming operation in Daraa will be carried out by the SAA and local security forces only.

The SAA security operation will likely begin in the upcoming few days. The operation will target only wanted criminals and radicals.


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“The protesters chanted against “Iranian forces,” in spite of the fact that Iranian groups withdrew from Syria’s southern region around two years ago. The upcoming operation in Daraa will be carried out by the SAA and local security forces only.”

What’s that SF? are we lying now too? Iranian militias including Hezbollah have never left the area, they also ignored the 80KM agreement between Israel and Russia. The IDF will not let them entrench themselves around the Golan, or let them create new infrastructures to be used against us. This is a national security threat for us, and we will act accordingly.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They’ve had heaps of infrastructure in Daraa and Quneitra for the last 2 years though, and that’s just been growing, and they do have regular Iranian soldiers here, even if Hezbollah hasn’t been operational in a military sense.
And since there’s been at least 2 dozen assassinations of Hezbollah and Iranian agents operating in Darra and Quneitra during the last 3 or 4 months, I think it’s a bit rich for SF to claim there haven’t been any Hezbollah and Iranian regulars operating here.
But since Iranian and Hezbollah agents have been dying like flies in Deir ez Zor and Aleppo for the last 2 years now, I’m assuming it’s something SF don’t consider newsworthy or relevent.

I can remember when the Iranians got caught out, it was back in 2018 just after Assad launched the campaign to take back Daraa and Quneitra. Putin brokered a reconciliation agreement with the locals who didn’t want to fight and also got Israelis to agree to stay out of the fighting. Israel agreed on 2 conditions, 1, the Druze enclaves had to be protected, and 2, the Iranians had to stay 60 km away from the border [you said 80 but I think it was 60km], and within just the first 2 weeks of fighting, Israel produced photos showing regular Iranian troops wearing SAA uniforms and fighting on the front lines, and instead of using it as an excuse to break the already broken agreement, Netanyahu just laughed it off saying the Iranians were really stupid to do it.
And even though I had a much tougher stance against Israel back then than I do now, I still kept thinking the Israelis actually did the right thing and the Iranians did the wrong thing, and I was right, and sadly they’re still doing the wrong thing 2 years later.
Maybe your guys should’ve bombed them back then, I would’ve, they didn’t need to join the fighting to help the SAA, the Russians and SAA had everything under control, it only took one more week and the war was over anyway, so the Iranians nearly spoiled that operation for Assad too.


I like what you wrote, but it was 80KM as this article proves:
Thing is, even Russia lies about it when it’s good for them.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I stand corrected, it was 80 km.

Jens Holm

I agree. The Iranians are there and over the line made by Russia and Israel.

Some 30 days ago Druse were mentioned as criminals with the Jews too.

So who make those facts about things are calm or facts telling things are not calm at all?

Do the sun go down in east or west. I tryed to describe some of it right here. It was deleted.

Furkan Sahin

Daraa is control by jihadist


The Daraa area has a Sunni and a Druze populations, they said NO to iran and Hezbollah. Yet, Iran’s goal is to provoke Israel at all cost and threaten our security, they will fail Furkan.

Icarus Tanović

This is utter stupidity, top of all of your idiotisms.


You bastards need threatening.


Not a good idea, but you will see it for youself. IRGC terrorists will go back home in bodybags, that’s a promise.


You sound hysterical,do you sleep with the light on scared those big bad Hezbollah guys are coming for you?


Not at all, they can come here anytime they want and die.


Just US and Zionist desperate propaganda to destabilize Syria. SF has accurately reported that there are Iranian “troops” or Hezbollah warriors in the region. Since the Zionist regime has been checkmated in Syria, they use their US taxdollars to rent a few children in Syria who can not even spell properly, much like the hasbara playstation armchair “warriors” here. This is definitely a slow news day.

Jens Holm

And Assads send tanks against those childcrusaders or what ???

Furkan Sahin

no they is jihadist family i Daraa

Icarus Tanović

They’ve found some illiterate kids to chant some stupid slogans.
Just remember: Ne bis in idem…

Ashok Varma

The Syrian government has won the war against US and Zionist instigated terrorism and that is irking its pitiful enemies who had pledged to “dislodge Iran” from Syria in 2018, and now two years later the Iranian flag is flying high all over the region along with Hezbollah’s gravitas.

klove and light

Hafiz al-Assad where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?????

The Zionist pricks under the umbrella of the Zionist created moselm brotherhood, TRIED the same bullshit in

1982 in HAMA.

ONLY, hafiz al-assad (the Father of the current syrian presdient for the Dummies), did not Play BALL.

He gave them 48 Hours to cut the shit out. Well them Zionist slaves decided to try hafiz.

BAD idea. very bad.lolol

SAA went on full blown attack. No bullshit. No Reconciliation.No ceasefire.No evacuation. NO MERCY.

Them Zionist Moslem brotherhoos slaves GOT EXACTLY what they wanted. DEATH and DESTRUCTION. 40,000+ dead.

Baschar….should have learnt from his dad.Then again, Baschar was in London in the 1980´s….having a ball.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If Assad sends in the 4th, 5th, 9th, and 15th divisions he might end up doing exactly what his father did, hopefully it’s the 5th army corps instead.
And Jordan and the Saudis back the biggest groups down here so the Muslim Brotherhood’s not a big threat here at all, they’re totally anti Muslim brotherhood and the only support the brotherhood gets down here is from the ex FSA and HTS supporters, oh and Isis.
The Southern front alliance was 50,000 strong and there were another 2 big Saudi backed Arab militias as well, so about 60,000 in all, and they’re all anti Brotherhood, well most of them.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So Hezbollah and the Iranians aren’t allowed to participate on the operations but the 4th division can, but they’re half the problem, how’s that going to work out, the same way it did back in march when they took control of the Naseem crossing point into Jordan, way to go Assad, more petrol on the fire.
The Russians have elements of the 5th army corps here so I hope they’re the ones in charge of the upcoming operations, at least they have some officers who do come from the Sunni opposition groups protesting in Daraa now, so they won’t be running over women and children with their new T-90 battle tanks, and yes, don’t choke, some of the fighters that actually make up the very loyal 5th army corps are from the same group of people telling Iran to get out of Daraa and Quneitra.
And the Russians must think they’re pretty loyal too, they give them the new T-90 battle tanks and let Assad and Iran’s 4th division use the crappy old T-72’s.
I’m not Russian but I do know the Russians are very loyal to their own country, and I also know they don’t respect people who aren’t loyal to their own countries, and that make a lot of sense when you’re fighting a war, you can’t divide your loyalties between 2 different countries, and it’s not just the Syrian opposition that has divided loyalties in Syria, half the Syrian army itself has divided loyalties.
What a sham, or do I mean shame.

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