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New Attack Kills, Injures Three Syrian Soldiers In Daraa

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New Attack Kills, Injures Three Syrian Soldiers In Daraa

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On April 19 morning, a new attack targeted Syrian Arab Army (SAA) service members in the southern governorate of Daraa.

According to pro-government sources, a vehicle of the army was struck with an improvised explosive device (IED) on a road between the villages of Kharaba and Jbeb in the eastern Daraa countryside.

As a result of the attack, a Syrian soldier was killed and two others were slightly injured. The casualty was identified as 31-year old Munjid Munir Arej from al-Suwada. He was reportedly serving in the ranks of the SAA’s 15th Division.

New Attack Kills, Injures Three Syrian Soldiers In Daraa

Munjid Munir Arej, source: Facebook

The last few days witnessed a series of attacks on SAA service members in northern and eastern Daraa. In the most recent attack, two high-ranking officers, Brig. Gen. Hamed Makhlouf and Col. Mahmoud Habib, were ambushed and killed near the town of al-Hrak.

The IED attack was likely carried out by ISIS cells. The terrorist group claimed responsibility for most of the previous attacks in Daraa.

ISIS cells in Daraa appear to be working to establish a foothold for the terrorist group in Syria’s southern region.


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The SAA should end out small units of special forces acting on intel as to where those rats are,then liquidate them,also get some combat choppers in the air escorting any convoys.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes


Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

nowhere to comment on the 120 LNA captured article so will post comment here. i think that it is probably bullshit if the clashes are still ongoing. just a propaganda attempt to demoralise opposition

klove and light


since 2018 sinve fucking 2018…i wrote DOZENS of Posts on These ridiculous Agreements…call them deescaltion Agreements or as in darra´s case “Reconciliation Agreements” DRIVEN and SUPPORTED by PUTIN……

how many now of These “Reconciliation agrements” just in Daraa now??????????? there have been 3 now in just 18 months…the latest as i recall was just weeks ago as SAA surrounded Daraa and dozens signed the “Reconciliation” and other dozens were evacuated to Idlib……

when SAA moves out,..same bs Story from Starters…the brainless Zionist brainwashed sunni terrorists attacking SAA day in adn day out…….

again….one cannot reconcile with brainwashed Zionist sunni Monkeys……it wont work!!period!

then again….fuck this bs here..who cares…..the 99% cock sucking Zionist puitn Lovers here??? moronic degenerate Donkeys….yeah yeah i hear you Folks…..” Putin is our saviour our light..he is the “good guy” Russia is the “good Nation”…..ask the russians how they feel About the Mandatory Control cycle in Russia due to the Fake Zionist corona pandemic…..CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL

dumm donks


Our future on this planet isn’t looking rosy all of a sudden, eh? Bill Hates smiling posing as a Savior and calling for the “ID2020” Mark Of The Beast vaccination of 7 billion people.. “Don’t Worry People, The New ID2020 Vaccine is A Blessing!!!”–will-be-streaming-from-Orwellian-Radio-Loudspeakers convincing Robotic Sheeple Authoritarian Followers…. this vaccine together with your credit card suddenly transformed into a Satanic VISA=666 Quantum Devil Tattoo on your Forehead or on your Right Hand. Some satanic religious detail here probably.. You will either accept or … no food, you won’t be able to buy anything, no travel, conscious objectors can accept to die. or… I don’t see any other way than SAA is currently doing grabbing guns and dealing with the US Deep State bastards. But everybody will be forced to accept The Mark. I can’t see me accepting, I would rather Go Soleimani.

Pave Way IV

Best anti-headchopper forces in the area? The Druze. In different circumstances, Syria could have armed the Druze to the teeth with medium and heavy weapons, recognized them as a legitimate Syrian militia and had them run rat patrols for headchoppers in southeast Syria. They would have been happy to do so if properly armed. Today, the Druze are still wary of any marginal defense support from Damascus and the feeling is probably mutual. The impoverished and marginalized Druze do what they can with small arms today to protect their villages, but that’s about it. Too bad – the Druze were known as Houthi-level warriors in the distant past. Nobody f’ked with them.

Rhodium 10

Druze have fight along these years…with 124 RG brigade( Druze comander Issam Zahredine) in Deir Ezzor…defending Sweida…fighting in Damascus and Dara…

Pave Way IV

I wasn’t implying that they’re not already fighting in the SAA in all of Syria, Rhodium. But the Jabal Druze (As Suwayda) population mostly supported the Syrian government in the revolt because the only alternative – the rebel movement emanating from Daraa – were primarily headchoppers aligned with al Qaeda or whatever other Wahhabi fanatic cult dropped by. Still, there was at least one small battalion of Jabal Druze formed under the FSA that fought against Syrian troops in As Suwayda but were quickly wiped out if I recall. Some Druze clerics were pushing neutrality in the rebellion rather than direct support for the Syrian army and were encouraging Druze soldiers to desert and return to the Jabal (few did).

Jabal Druze had their complaints about the Assad administration, but nothing that warranted armed revolt. Still, the Druze areas, like the other religious/ethnic minorities in Syria, were marginalized by the Alawites in Damascus and saw little real development except what they did for themselves. No decent roads and no irrigation canals, few government services. The Jabal Druze had some help arming their home protection militias during the revolt because they supported the SAA, but that was just small arms and a few RPGs.

Syria can’t just mobilze an armored division of the SAA every six months to roll down to Daraa and clean out the latest batch of headchoppers trying to take it over. Locals like the Druze are plenty motivated to defend themselves, but sending them box of AK-47s and some RPGs is a f’king joke. That won’t cut it in the Jabal or anywhere else any more – the headchoppers get better arms.

If the Syrian government won’t trust the Druze enough to arm and train their militias properly (fearing a revolt or whatever) then someone else with other motives is going to step in and do it. That’s exactly how Syria lost whatever little support they might have had from the Kurds.

That’s all in the past now. The Syrian government can’t do much of anything with headchoppers still running amok and the US/Saudis/israel waging an economic war against the Syrian government. This is all just wishful thinking about how the Syrian government will hopefully transform itself given the opportunity. Who knows? Bashar al-Assad is not the king of Syria and doesn’t run it by himself. If the same self-serving cronies are going to run Syria just like they did before the rebellion, then Syria is still f’ked, even without the headchoppers.

Rhodium 10

You forgot that Druze population in occupy Golan supported Al Assad vs FSA(Israeli tool)….

Pave Way IV

No, I didn’t forget. Druze in Occupied Golan on the southern slopes of Mt. Hermon (maybe 20K today) are another population of Druze distinct from the Jabal Druze. Different clans, different religious and political leaders. Different circumstances and political considerations. At the very least, they see the Syrian government as a far better option then their Israeli occupiers.

Al Nusra slaughtered a lot of Golan Druze in 2015 not because they supported Assad, but because they wouldn’t join and support the headchoppers. Just like the Jabal Druze though, there was no uniform opinion among the Mt. Hermon Druze during the manufactured rebellion. Some strongly supported the government in Damascus during the revolt and left to join the SAA. Others (a minority) were uncommitted and just wanted to remain neutral and not be involved in either side, seeing no ultimate benefit to them either way.

The only distinct and strong uniform opinion I recall among all the Durze was that many recognized the planned ‘rebellion’ as a US/Israeli plot to divide and weaken Syria. They repeatedly said this starting in 2011, well before the bullets were flying. Nobody listened, of course.


I think I’ll meet the same fate as this Syrian hero, when Gestapolice arrives and their henchmen force Bill Hates AntiChrist’s Satanic ID2020 Quantum vaccine on me. Except they won’t have to vaccinate me at all after they shoot me dead..

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