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JUNE 2023

Arabian Peninsula’s New Cold War Is Coming

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Arabian Peninsula’s New Cold War Is Coming

On August 29, the United Arab Emirates carried out a series of airstrikes on forces loyal to the Saudi-backed government of Yemen. The strikes reportedly killed or wounded over 300 people. The UAE said that the targets were some “terrorist militias”. However, the Saudi-backed government claimed that the UAE targeted its troops in Aden and Zinjibar supporting forces of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council. This incident became the first time when the UAE provided STC units with a direct military support in their clashes with Saudi-backed forces.

An intense fighting between UAE- and Saudi-backed forces were ongoing across southern Yemen, especially in the city of Aden, almost entire August. In the first half of September, the intensity of clashes decreased. Nonetheless, the conflict within the Saudi-UAE-led coalition remains unresolved.

Essentially, the UAE and forces it backs are shifting focus from fighting against the Houthis, to fighting against the Saudi-backed government, further widening the rift. Taking into account that STC units are the most military capable part of coalition-backed troops, this undermines the already low chances of the coalition to achieve a military victory over the Houthis.

Interests and vision of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East have been in conflict for a long time. Nonetheless, this tendency became especially obvious in 2019. The decline of influence of the House of Saud in the region and inside Saudi Arabia itself led to logical attempts of other regional players to gain a leading position in the Arabian Peninsula. The main challenger is the UAE and the House of Maktoum.

Contradictions between Saudi Arabia and the UAE turned into an open military confrontation between their proxies in Yemen. Since August 29, Saudi Arabia has provided no symmetric answer to the UAE military action against its proxies. It seems that the Saudi leadership has no will or distinct political vision of how it should react in this situation. Additionally, the Saudi military is bogged in a bloody conflict in Yemen and struggles to defend its own borders from Houthi attacks.

The UAE already gained an upper hand in the standoff with Saudi Arabia in the economic field. This motivates it for further actions to expand its influence in the region.

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Tiresia Branding

Count down to the backstabbing of Saudis by their “friends” US/Israhell started another little tile https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/fbi-finally-agrees-name-saudi-official-who-helped-911-attackers

You can call me Al

LOL, I read that article and suddenly realised I was hunched and shaking my head in sorrow – 1 minute of my lost on tosh.

Tommy Jensen

The root to all this bs is the British Royals and their invention of whipping boys. As Royal children were perfect and couldn’t make failures, rich peoples children were employed as whipping boys to take the guilt and punishment when Royal children made something wrong.

This seems to be copied by the Elite today, as 9/11 was done by CIA/M16 with Mossad as subcontractor, and Saudi as whipping boy and funder.

Yemen war is also CIA/M16 with Saudi as whipping boy and funder. All strategies, Intelligence and “leadership behind” the Yemen war is US^UK.


Root of the bs is the west case closed. Open secret for centuries starting to unwind…

Icarus Tanović

It is MI6, not M 16, that’s a riffle.

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, kill each others you Wahhabi sotonistic scum. Show your real ugly faces, so everybody can see how monstrous you are, and how great cowards you are. This is not by American liking, America doesn’t likes this resolving of the situation. Two biggest ME military in forces can’t stand a chance against Yemen, and now they have started to fihht each others. How great is that! I wish Yemenis send somw cruise missiles to Dar Al Burj fucking abomination of the world. Wahhabis are abominations of the World.


Don’t forget to count the west into that pot.

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, depends, but it is usually like that. So all they together can’t win. They are ridiculous. So, who’s behind Wahhabis? Self explanatory word: America and CIA, British politics.


Arabian / middle east is in real turmoil, the only factor that held all hell from breaks loose is the “Muslim” who are blind and in deep sleep. When I mean Muslim I meant Muslim around the world. The glittering grip of this world is too strong to let loose, shame really.


The Saudis are done for. Their economy needs loads of money to transition to the new age where oil is no longer king, the oil income isn’t going to be enough for that and they have nothing else to sell except influence in the region which they can only sell to Israel and the US. By doing that they will destroy that influence in a very short time.


guess mohammed bin salman, of fake leonardo da vinci purchase fame, is most likely threatened by cousins and siblings that would like his head on a spike, if you consider the mess he managed to construe in no time at all – almost as bad as the mess dunny the dunce managed to cause single-handed from the white house.


ain’t nothing cold about it when 1/2 of your daily oil production is burning. seems like the sow-dees are finally going to get their ticket punched.

what’s the smart money saying 100/barrel?, more?

Joseph Scott

Finally, the beginning of the end for the House of Saud.


UAE leaders seems to be smarter than Wahhabi Saudi scum, UAE negotiated with IRAN at some point something back, remember when an UAE rep went to IRAN a couple months ago when gulf tankers mini war started ? Guess we are seeing the results, probably even UAE lended their bases for the Drones to be used, still they are attacking SA proxies and withdrawing from direct battle with houthis ? Strangely suspicious.

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