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New Anti-Iranian Sanctions Imposed By U.S. Undermining Efforts Taken Thanks To Iranian Deal

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The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement slamming the US decision to impose a new wave of large-scale sanctions on Iran (source):

The new wave of anti-Iran sanctions announced by Washington is aimed at undermining the consistent efforts taken by the signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear programme to preserve this agreement.

The course pursued by Washington to demolish international legal instruments of nuclear non-proliferation and arms control is cause for deep disappointment and increasing concern. The situation in the area of global security is deteriorating. The United States has now dealt another powerful blow to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, bringing it closer to collapse while hypocritically talking about the need to strengthen it.

We reject any unilateral sanctions bypassing UNSC decisions, especially when they are applied extra-territorially and concern the interests of third countries, as is the case with US restrictions against Iran. If Washington, as it claims, is indeed interested in negotiations with Tehran, the policy of sanctions pressure aimed at diminishing Iran’s economic and defence potential as well as undermining the internal political situation there must be revised immediately. Many years of experience show that it will be impossible to reach concessions with Iran by using pressure.

The JCPOA fully justifies itself. It has proved to be effective. The IAEA regularly confirms that Iran strictly complies with its obligations. The verification and control measures provided for in the Action Plan are applied in full. This in itself is reliable proof of the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear programme.

The international community must not allow such a significant achievement of international diplomacy to collapse at the whim of just one nation, which openly violates the norms of international law. We are confident that the JCPOA, unanimously approved by the UNSC Resolution 2231 (2015), has a sufficient margin of strength. The agreement’s participants are absolutely capable of overcoming any emerging issues.

We will do everything necessary to preserve and expand international trade and economic and financial cooperation with Iran despite the US sanctions.

We resolutely condemn the new destructive actions of the United States.

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Iran shouldn’t complain too hard or the US and the EU will get together again.


They never separated for them to “get together again”


Guess someone missed the news for the last 12 months.


Just because they make some public statements, doesn’t mean that’s their real intention or ability. Despite all the talk, ALL of the major European companies have left Iran and have stopped purchasing Iranian oil. Europe is occupied territory. “European” companies are independent of European governments.

Feudalism Victory

As long as germany is militarily occupied(it is NOT sovereign) europe will heed american demands. The only question mark is Nord stream. Im waiting for that to have an accident. Probably an ecologically destructive one so the companies running it get fined to death.

Luke Hemmming

Hear hear!! Very good statement. Love this part “The international community must not allow such a significant achievement of international diplomacy to collapse at the whim of JUST ONE NATION (emphasis added) which openly violates the norms of international law.”

Tommy Jensen

You will all do what we Americans are telling you to do. All of you will do it………………………………LOL.

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