New Munition of the US Air Force Revealed! (Video)


3 humvees low miles, brand new tires, new paint, only dropped once

This week at U.S. Army Garrison Hohenfels in Germany, the 173rd Airborne Brigade forgot how to Airborne…

3 Humvees hit the ground before someone even asked the question “Do we need to call it up?”

At least 2 others landed with only 1 parachute canopy. It’s likely they aren’t operationable more too.



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  • Below I provided the pictures of the modern USSA military, the way the Zionists have always envisioned it to become. “An Empire that stands for everyone, stands for no one” -P.D.

    • what do these pictures have to do with parachutes not opening? absolutely nothing.

      • Parachutes do not para themselves haha. It is the people behind the task that declares whether a task will fail or succeed. “guns don’t kill people. People kill people” philosophy.
        These are the people who are behind incompetence, war-crimes, and failures.
        To blame the Parachutes is to be bigoted against parachutes everywhere lol.

  • Daniel Rich

    Idiots laughing at idiocy. You are what you laugh at.

  • RedBaron9495

    Well it’s hardly the Russian Air-borne divisions VDV…..what do you expect?